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Assaulted Ron Paul Delegate Runs for Congress

You may remember Henry Herford from the primary race. He was the Louisiana delegate who had his hip dislocated by the LAGOP at their state convention. Louisiana has a special election for their 5th district congressman and Mr. Herford is running as a Libertarian candidate!

Below is the press release that will be sent out tomorrow announcing his campaign:

Franklin Parish resident and Libertarian Henry Herford will seek the congressional seat resigned by Republican Rodney Alexander. He will qualify Aug. 20.

Herford decided to run after seeing what he called a decline in D.C. He doesn't think the GOP or the Democratic Party are interested in representing their constituents but serve, rather, their own special interests.

“It's 'tweedle dee' and 'tweedle dum.' Nobody is getting anything done. Neither party is better than the other.”

The Libertarian Party candidate said he's not a career politician. He was a school teacher for more than 20 years before retiring to go into real estate. He taught Agriculture at Delhi.

“I'm not a career politician, and it seems like everyone of them [his opponents] is using their current job as a stepping stone.”

Herford said he's not interested in passing legislation, really.

“Instead of passing more laws, I'd like to see more laws repealed. I'd like to shrink the government,” he said. “If it's not constitutional, it doesn't need to be.”

He vows to vote to cut down and stop domestic spying programs by the NSA, something which Alexander voted to continue just before resigning.

“We have to remember what Ben Franklin said: we cannot give up essential liberty for the sake of security,” Herford said.


The official campaign website will be at http://HerfordForCongress.com
Facebook page may be found at https://www.facebook.com/HenryHerfordCD5

To my knowledge, this is the biggest race this fall with a Libertarian candidate and we could definitely use some help!

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Campaign theme song - You Can't Keep A Good Man Down...


Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

This press release is very

This press release is very poorly written. That said, I wish Mr. Herford godspeed.

Sorry but third party wont work

too many people are lazy and just vote straight ticket.

His donation page is up

His donation page is up

Southern Agrarian

Yet another person relegates himself to oblivion

Switching to Libertarian Party to run for congress makes NO sense, especially when there's already a Libertarian Party candidate in the race. If you're already registered Republican, run as a Republican.

In the Louisiana primary, where every party's candidates are on the same ballot and there's a top two runoff if no one gets over 50% the first time, you have a chance, but not if you do something that nearly guarantees that every media outlet has an excuse to ignore you or call you a "disgruntled" Republican, etc.

But please try to evaluate the electoral scenario, too.

Best case is that you get the other Libertarian to drop out (I'd like to see you try convincing him that you're "more libertarian" or "more electable" than him), consolidate the liberty vote, and end up in the runoff with one of the Republicans (or a Democrat, which is much less likely in Louisiana). This puts you in the same situation as many other congressional races in the past few elections, in many states, and it has always resulted in the Libertarian losing.

Stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Liberty candidates in the Republican party have gotten elected to congress, including US senators, and are making real gains toward turning back the tide of statism. That is more successful than any Libertarian Party candidate has been, ever. That is how Ron Paul kept the fire going and that's how the movement has been growing in the past 4 years.

Even in legislative races, Libertarian Party candidates have lost every time for many years now. Only in New England in the 1990s did Libertarians get elected to the legislature in meaningful numbers, where there's hundreds of tiny districts in Maine and New Hampshire. The Libertarian Party's inability to get elected to the federal or state-wide level stopped their growth and they can't even win those tiny state house districts any more.

Stop relegating yourselves to political oblivion by joining the Libertarian Party. People may say that they "root for the underdog", but when the vote is on the line, most people will always go with a top dog. Stop listening to what people say and start seeing what people DO.

For a Republican to run as a Libertarian Party candidate ONLY promotes that political party, it does not grow the movement and make real gains for liberty.

C_T_CZ's picture

Agreed completely...

We are making significant inroads being Liberty-Republicans within the GOP. Many of us have taken positions as precinct delegates, county, district, or state committee seats, as well as state Representatives and congressional Representatives. Michigan is a prime example of where we have consistent progress in each of these areas, all across the state, all at once.

I can't say for anyone else, but for me it sure is better than the Libertarian Party (my former association) where you don't even have a level playing field and are always fighting for ballot access. Sure in the GOP you need to fight the establishment, but hey pick your poison. I'd rather fight to inject Liberty into one of the two major parties, than take on the near-impossible mission of winning a political seat somewhere via a 3rd party.

If you are into continuing the rEVOLution, look up Campaign for Liberty in your neck of the woods. C4L can help you organize locally to maximize your political voice within the party - we're doing it here in Michigan and are having all kinds of fun at the same time :)

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Keith - a few requests for the landing page on his site:

#1 - please do not require JS to click the social media links. It really isn't necessary. Not everyone browses with it turned on, and having to turn it on just to click a link is not only frustrating, but might be seen as suspicious by some. Certainly, most people interested in his campaign are not going to be your average potted plant surfing the web. Using graphics as links is really easy with CSS, no JS needed.

#2 - His Facebook page that is linked should be public, yet when I click it, I'm forced to log-in to view it. So for now, if I'm not a FB user, and I'm interested in his campaign, I'm limited to following him on Twitter or viewing his Google+ page. (which has very little info about him up there)

Otherwise, I like the style so far and hope the full site looks just as good.

Thank you

for the useful feedback! I've updated the links to be simple styled 'a' tags. The only reason they were using JS was because it was slightly faster for me to code them that way. It was just a result of trying to rush the website.

Regarding the Facebook page - does it still do that? I tried viewing it without logging in and it worked fine for me. I'm a bit Facebook ignorant, though. I'll have someone else look at the privacy settings for it.

Knowing La

Seems to me, he was offered money for his hip, OR, he could tripple that, by running as a libertarian spoiler, get the Ron Paul Republicans out of the GOP, and make way for a UN Agenda.

I don't blame people who have families and health issues and need to look out for themselves. He probably had a lot of time to think about his injury.. no one from the campaign did anything.. people talk about him but, no one did anything, least we forget Kent Snyder, who many here have NO clue who Kent Snyder was.. he was THE MAN who was Ron's campaign manager in 07.. he died complications of phnemonia.. there was a money bomb for him.. he had no insurance, his hospital bill was nearly half a million, and I think the bomb collected about $35K.

You can see how grateful people for those who sacrificed their lives.

Clueless much aren't you. No one is paying him to do anything.

Heck, he had to be "worked" on for quite some time by the LP to make the switch much less run. The GOP wants nothing to do with him.

There's no 'spoiler' effect here. The field is chock full of Democrats and Republicans (4 & 5 respectively) along with another Libertarian candidate (S.B.A. Zaitoon who still holds the party record for highest percentage in a state-wide race) one Green Party candidate, and two "other" party candidates. (in LA, if your party is not officially recognized, you are listed as "other" - this is disctinct from "no party" voters/candidates)

Certainly, no one needed Henry in the race as a 'spoiler.' The field is crowded enough as it is.

And the Snyder thing has nothing to do with this race - leave the extraneous issues (some people call them "strawmen") out of it.

nonsense, anyone who does

nonsense, anyone who does anything you don't like is paid to do it by someone else you don't like. get with it.

Well no wonder

He sued the LAGOP. If it was me, and I'm glad it wasn't, I would have sued the person who hurt me.

Now the GOP will team up against him politically. So how good is that?

The actual officer

is included in the suit. But since the chairman of the LAGOP expressly ordered the assault and watched in glee as it happened along with many of their SCC members, they're just as much to blame.


If it was me, and I'm glad that it was not, I would have sued the person who touched me.. they can sue the person who told them to hurt me. He has a solid case for damages against the person who hurt him. God luck to him with his case none the less.

I can assure you

that he was not bribed by the GOP into being a spoiler. I know Mr. Herford and sit on the SCC of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana.

In fact, Mr. Herford is currently involved in litigation against the LAGOP and their Chairman for the assault he sustained at the GOP convention last year (which I attended as a Ron Paul supporter).

Bribed by you then?

I was still in the LP when I was an undergrad at ULaLa, and I recall our meetings, which had very few people, and the big question was: "Who's the narc?" I doubt the LP has progressed, just as there was, as usual, a REPUBLICAN in the innitials of GJ (who appears to be ready to run as a LP again) take another LP nomination. Seems if there is any change, the LP has moved hard LEFT, nary a conservative minded person standing.

I have made it very clear here on DP that I find the Libertarian Party guilty of taking Ron Paul message for their agenda to spoil his rEVOLution, in the name of a Liberty Movement. A Liberty Movment, that has more in common with a globalist agenda than restoring the Republic. Rather than actually support Ron Paul and take the GOP, which was a fight for everyone who joined, those who would not be warriors for peace, voted for another Republican in a party that has never gone anywhere (and why there was such an exodous when Nader ran to open ballot access and debates).

Political laws are changing, HUGE. For those of us who remain in the GOP, the amount of materials and information is no less than amazing. While we struggle to understand, we have the onous responsibility to educate our committees. And if this was not difficult enough, to see Ron Paul supporters bail in the arena (GOP) that Ron Paul and Rand Paul have made a stand, is worse than sad, because what you stand for, is doing what the likes of Karl Rove could not do without you, but undermine our work, with fluff, because you will NOT win, you will only empower Rove (and Clinton), while you hurt those who did not quit, like you did, and Mr. Herford has.

Why didn't Mr Hereford sue the person who injured him? Why make it a LAGOP?

I hope to hear more about that, and what you and Mr. Hereford are doing now that you have abandoned the rEVOLution to embark on a Liberty Movement, promoting another Republican.

Thank you for your post and I sincerely hope, Mr Hereford has healed well and is feeling better than ever.

The LP didn't steal Ron Paul's message. As you might recall, it

was Ron who came to the LP because his beliefs matched theirs. No one "owns" the message of Liberty. Get off it.

The LP doesn't have a globalist agenda. That's just beyond being a stupid statement, it's not even in the same universe.

Political parties support THEIR nominee. You won't see the GOP supporting an LP nominee ever, no matter how strong the LP ever gets and no matter how weak the GOP ever becomes. Otherwise, what's the point of having the party in the first place?

Herford and others aren't "bailing" on the GOP. The GOP is kicking them out and making it clear they are not wanted. Why hang around anyway? Why not go to a party that you agree with more and wants to have you? Why not step into a party and build something rather than have to tear something down first and beat your head against a brick wall?

Look, you and I will never agree on which strategy to take to achieve liberty with respect to political party affiliation.

That's okay.

I can do things my way, and you can do them yours.

If you can get liberty candidates to run in the GOP more power to you.

If someone else can get them running in the Democrat party, more power to them as well.

The more liberty candidates in a race - the better. Eventually, we'll crowd out the statists and they'll be the also-rans once again.

As I recall

Since I was registered as a Libertarian since 1976, I was among many who were not ahppy that Republican Ron Paul was nominated. By 1992, I was OUT of the LP because I was tired of REPUBLICANS taking nominations.. and it hasn't stopped. RP stopd up against the war on drugs. What he should ahve done is stood up in the GOP against the war on drugs.

Election laws are changing.. in CA, LP is done. There's 53 electoral votes you will never get. So why bother?

Why not change the GOP.. won't be done over night.. and yeah, it's a lot of work.. I just finished re-writing oiur By-Laws to abide by the Constitution. Oversight? I don't know, but the committee loves it. So while you and I may not agree, I am accomplishing things and I'm glad there's a guy like Rand..

IMHO, I think the GOP has every intention of folding to give us ONE Party like China. Have you checked out China's politics?


I have read alot of your posts and your language generally sounds self-righteous and combative to anyone that is not on a GOP comittee. For that reason, I have avoided replying to any of your posts but today I feel compelled as I don't think you understand the situation here.

Alexander is stepping down because Bobby Jindal offered him a job that pays more with veteran's affairs. Then he chose the GOP candidate to run in his place through some "shady" dealings...who also happens to be my representation in the state senate, Neil Riser. I have had much correspondence with Neil this year and while he has done much to increase the rights of gun owners in LA, he also sponsored the bill this year that makes it mandatory for clerks of court to report mental health issues to the state supreme court clerk, who in turn then reports the information to the NICS to be used by the ATF...for...guess what...

In other words he is no libertian in the GOP. He is a neocon in my opinion and I vowed to actively campaign against him if he did not withdraw the bill. It passed. Now I intend to do exactly what I said I was going to do.

Now, given that the GOP already had their man and that it could be argued that the plan was simply to get the seat for Neil Riser from the start, how would any of us on a GOP committee changed that? Maybe I'm missing something.

How does supporting a libertarian candidate equal abandoning the rEVOLution?

I am still GOP. I will support anyone who follows the principles of liberty no matter what letter they have by their name. The way I see it he needs all the help he can get because I know in my area, Neil Riser has lots of backing and is well liked. I voted for him twice. The truth is, he's been a very good senator for the most part until this last session when I decided we needed to part ways...and he will likely win this election. That's the simple truth of it.

So, How is Herford running as a libertarian hurting the rEVOLution? I just don't get it. Explain to me why I should not help him. This is MY representation in the house and I'm convinced that though Neil Riser would likely be a little better than Rodney Alexander, Mr. Herford is more in line with my beliefs.

No kidding

My language is self confident. I know who I am. I am not for sale. I work very hard because I believe in myself, and I am fighting for Liberty for myself. If that helps others, GREAT! If not, then maybe they should work as hard as I did and get on the committee and do it themselves? This is a FIGHT FOR Liberty not a Old Boys Club membership (no matter what party).

Ron Paul worked with Neocons. Why can't you guys? Rand Paul works with Neocons, they OWN the GOP, and we were NEVER welcomed by them. Ron Paul invited me into the GOP, not them. See what they did to Ron Paul? Sure you do, and you know, it's been a FIGHT for us. Now, no one is offering me anything (they have but I'm not going there) I shut it down.. I'm not interested in perks, I'm not interested in being an Old Boy.. I'm interested in understanding the campaign and election laws, the rules, the platform, the By-Laws, which I just re-wrote mine.. CONSTITUTION BASED.. I have a Liberty Committee, and I work WITH Neocons in other counties, not for them. I am NO different on DP then at a meeting. I know ROOs, and I play ball.. they want to play hard ball, they are on. I'm not going to walk. They are not going to push me off or out.

I WAS a Libertarian and it was the BIGGEST POLITICAL WASTE OF MY LIFE. When it comes to Libertarian concepts, as in, do for yourself and let others do what they want.. I'm there. Do what you want. I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm telling you what I'm doing and what works for me.

Committes vet candidates and issues.. recently a committee in another county passed a vote to support an issue that the state voted for to the delight of conservatives, but to pander to their liberal majority county (which I also live in), they made a statement, that opposed conservative values, which my committee rebuked them.. We wrote back, and we hit them hard. They did not expect that. Now they know, they are not going to get support from us.. not on that issue. Right now, we are vetting local candidates and issues,, what will get on the ballot.. that's what committees do.

The rEVOLution was an invitation to take the GOP.. my county for example had 20 open seats.. My county is not alone.. now I'm in a positon to appoint people. People do not see this great opportunity, they get all, MSM infuenced, "Oh the GOP is this and that" The GOP is what WE make it, because there'e ONE Karl Rove, and many of these guys (Pery, Newt, Snatorum, etc) are BOUGHT.. They are easy to knock down when you have people who show up. We should all be getting in these leadership circles and not stopping, but MOVING AHEAD, instead of acting like rats and running away when they don't play our way. They're NOT going to play our way. We need to take cues from Rand.

I suggest you follow your heart and use your brains.. I'm going to OCCUPY the GOP.. Ron paul said, showing up is HALF THE BATTLE. TRUE TRUE TRUE.

The UN Agenda is taking affect.. campaign and election laws are changing.. here in CA, there's NO way a third party or Indy will be in debates or have ballot access, and if the GOP, which is folding, does than, there will be a domino affect across the nation because we have 53 electoral votes. So to me, Libertarian is a tide pool. It's fine on a city council.. but defeat is in the cards nationally, because CA is going to eliminate them.. so why not get in the BIG BOYS GAME?

In the big picture I encourage you to do what you want. I am doing what I want, which is to STAND FOR LIBERTY where it has a chance, however slim, it is the only chance here in CA, and knowing La, which CA had a very close relationship with La since the Spanish American War, Texas has worked HARD to replace that relationship.. TX GOP is one of the hardest working GOPs in the South.. so here, we can look to Ron Paul. He's from TX and he worked with Neocons, he brought home the bacon to his assembly.. that did not stop him from standing for the Constitution, even as it changed.

Finally, I am a friend, not a friendly. I'm not here to sell you anything. I'm going to tell it as I see it, and when I'm wrong, I'll admit it and be grateful for the correction. You can count on a friend. You can't count of friendlies. Politics is FULL of friendlies.. I will help when you need help. I will not abandon you, or my seat, or my district unles you try to manipulate and control me, dictate to me.. I don't buy that, some things are close to my heart,, don't hurt my heart, I'm not hurting your heart. When things look dim, I take stock and look for enforcements. I do not shirk my responsibility.

You can ask anyone on my committee.. I'm not nice, but if you need to bank on someone.. I'm the person.. NO, I don't make it easy. I'm not wanting to waste my time or anyones. I don't feel I need to motivate and encourage.. either you get the picture YOU WANT LIBERTY, YOU ARE WILLING and WANTING TO FIGHT FOR IT.. or you have other ideas.. that's ok. I'm here for those who need help..

Right now and for the next 6 weeks I'm in training (because I see the campaign and election changes) So I'm all signed up for seminars with the state, these folks are lawyers, law students, judges.. what a great time to get in.. I'm doing this to protect myself and my committee. Others are walking away. In a few years, I should be at the top of the game in CA. Where will they be? My guess, looking for a new Ron Paul?

Whatever you do, May you be happy!!


You are definitely confident too and I'm glad you're out there working for the cause. I still vote for neocons when necessary. I also still agree that the libertarian party will never go anywhere. That doesn't mean I shouldn't help one campaign whether I think they'll win or not.

I know who I am as well. I'm hard on folks when I have to be and have been called a dick more than once if you know what I mean. I just think that here on the DP we should all at least see each other as on the same team and attempt to be cordial. Some people just cannot handle criticism unless it's sugar coated and I'm not one for that but sometimes it's necessary. I'm just suggesting that you round it off a bit. Not everyone sees things the way you do or are willing to put themselves out there as much as you are. Some are not confident.

Finally, I'm not a libertarian. I'm not a republican. I'm not a democrat. I'm not anything that subscribes to a system that assumes that government authority is necessary, or even exists. This whole belief system is insane to me, but this insanity is what we have so this is what I must work with...and it's very hard for me to participate at all. For now I do what I must only to hopefully avoid a much more miserable outcome that will take place if we don't start seeing some serious changes in our "rulers'" policies. I'm just doing my best to help when and where I can.

Thanks for the reply. May you be happy as well.

Great post! TY

I never thought I would join a major party, but I'm glad I did. It's nothing like I thought it would be. I think it's a great opportunity and can lead to more opportunity, and for that, it's worth it, especially when I have someone like Rand to take cues.

I have learned a lot, and there's tons more to learn. So if you like learning, can appreciate a wide diversity of people, are not afraid to get in the game.. I hope you got for it. It's NOT for everybody.. but for those who like politics, like people.. it's an experience worth the time.. like hang, gliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing all at once.

I have always had a tendendcy to be popular, and I really don't mean to be callous, it's self preservation. I like my time, doing my thing, my way, and sometimes being popular becomes hard, very hard, because people tend to claim you and your time and become possessive, and clingy, and needy.. and it becomes very hard to say, "I gotta move on".. when my Christmas card list his over 400 and was taking months to fill out.. at that point, and a couple of things happened.. I told myself.. you can't be a friend to everyone. You can't afford this. You're going to have to change.. and it made me a little hard.. but because it's self preservation, I don't regret it. I need my time for myself..

I give a lot I'm a big time volunteer..and while I don't have as many friends as I did.. the quality of friends is much better.

I hope you consider going to GOP meeting. I hope you can get involved.. seems to me you have a personality that can take you places.. nothing wrong with that as long as it's where you want to go, and who knows where that could be.. up to you.

Thank you for the kind words and thoughts.

Peace be with you!

You're welcome.

Thank You!

I'm glad you guys are playing into the establishments hands

and running as libertarian, we have to become the party to change. Did you even listen to anything Dr. Paul said? 3rd party won't work, the game is rigged.

I don't care what he runs as.

He was a Ron Paul delegate. Rodney Alexander sucked. I don't know why he's running libertarian and don't care. I agree he'd do much better as a republican but that's not what he's running as. I'll support him either way.

how do I help?

My name is patrick marron , 5058149334 and yes im willing to travel

how do I help?

My name is patrick marron , 5058149334 and yes im willing to travel


Awesome! I'll put you in contact with someone. I copied your info down so you may edit it out if you want annoy the NSA and make them update their records of this page. =)

He can't

edit it out once you responded.


Well, hopefully the NSA is too busy with the other threads here to take down his number. =)