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How Low Will Obama Go?: HHS Offering Cash Prizes in Video Contest to Sell the Obamacare Lie the Best.

Is this another pathetic attempt to sucker and trick the people to support Obamacare? Has Washington DC ran out of spin doctors and professional liars? The propaganda machine has failed. The Social engineers are not doing to well getting people to support this bad law. They could not get the NFL to go along encouraging them to support this bad law. It seems the Obama Administration does not get it. No one wants his healthcare system. No one wants to be under this socialized system that has failed over and over again in other countries.

Still it proves when this video contest offering cash prizes is another boondoggle because we have the thinkers and they have the stinkers. How can you sell a program that will rip people off. Put you out of business and make you go broke just keeping up with the premiums. How can you sell a program that will send people to the poorhouse?

How will they sell the loss of privacy with you medical records being shared without your consent. How will they sell home inspection without a warrant or probable cause? It seems Washington DC has ran out of creative liars and good PR Firms to sell Obamacare. SO they are turning to the young people who are still naive enough to believe Obamacare will save them. My Prediction is for every one of these videos trying to sell Obamacare comes out. There will be a ten parodies mocking the Obamanoids telling the truth the Obama Zombie commercial left out.

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