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Immigration Control vs. Immigrant Liberty Education

I've heard, for a while now, many people in the liberty movement talking about the need for secure borders. When I've asked them about why we need them, it usually comes down to keeping immigrants out so that we don't get an influx of anti-liberty voters.

There is an alternative to this, though. What if we instead we focused our energy to make a concerted effort to reach out to immigrants, even illegals about the benefits of liberty?

Students for liberty has made outreach all over the world and they've been growing rapidly. If they can gain a foothold in virtually every country in the world, I'm sure that we can teach people living in our own country about liberty.

For good measure, we would have to talk about it in terms of a person's home culture so people of similar ethnicity might be best situated to do the evangelizing.

If successful, we could have the advantages of a more open border without the drawbacks of extra anti-liberty voters.

Any thoughts?

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I agree

Agree that we need a much more welcoming immigration policy. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of people in our movement and in allied movements do not.

My intention of this post was to engage the pro-border security crowd in the movement to look at alternative solutions to their concerns.


...And that is what it's all about.

Education. Enlightenment of the ideals and principles of Liberty.

If we can convey them correctly, and show the importance of those principles in obtaining prosperity, then we have won.

I would think, as one poster below commented, that it should be an easy sell, seeing as they have left their native countries, and traveled some distances to get here.

Yes, spread the principles of liberty to everyone and anyone! Especially the immigrants, for they have to know what we have fought for here!

Conveying these moral principles of Liberty that is written within our Constitution, and which was the prevailing spirit at the time of it's creation, is key for the preservation of Liberty!


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"Any thoughts?" Sure, here are my views

Any thoughts?

Sure, here are my views on immigration, FWIW :


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I have long held the notion

that immigrants could be one of the most dependable and most self-sustaining constituencies for liberty. But the "Hispanophobes" in the so called liberty movement have been fear mongering over the borders issue and tend to drown out those on the liberty side of the issue.

Who loves this country more than those who left everything they had in life behind to come here seeking more opportunity and freedom?

It is somewhat ironic that those opposing immigrant liberty label those who support the free market on this issue as "closet liberals", "closet socialists" or even "closet Marxists." These "controllers" should just love Barack Obama's policies, as they have damaged the American economy so badly that the rate of immigration has plummeted, keeping more "undesirables" away from them.

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