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Disturbing "Deviant Philosopher" calls himself a libertarian


I read this a week ago and I am surprised it did not hit DP. When we are done with reigning in government we need to go after those who aid and abet.

This is basically bayesian technology on steroids. LE has been using this technology for years to look at patterns. Who is talking to who, who is participating, who is the boss, who is calling the shots. Think about trying to analyze the structure of a drug cartel.

Read between the lines and this technology and data is being shared or even being passed to this company to come up with graphical maps of all communications. All an NSA analyst has to do is browse this map that looks like a spider web of all communications, they find a node interesting they just have to click on the node or anyone in the node and with the recently revealed NSA data collection they will have instant access to phone, text, email, chat, and web traffic detail for that individual. It is like browsing the web. Everything is a click away and there are no constraints on how far you can dig.

I found this article so disturbing mostly because this guy calls himself a libertarian.

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The only way I would believe he is a libertarian

Is if he started a website what he didnt publish he uploaded to Wikileaks. I believe that a libertarian could be a total disclosure nut. But if you are going to try and make the case that people dont have a right to privacy and that all actions are public and available for total disclosure, you had better not claim the government can hide and keep secrets. If they can know my internet habits, I want to open my virtual paper and know where Warren Buffet is eating breakfast and where Barbara Boxer invests her money.

They were going to be paid

They were going to be paid (or partly were?) over $3,500,000 to "disrupt" Glenn Greenwald's reporting by maliciously attack him. This was part of the whole HBGary fiasco vs Wikileaks. The power that HBGary had and companies like Endgame Systems is truly frightening. Potential to hack any company, any system and install impossible to detect spying tools -- which they sell access to governments, contractors etc.

As a whole, I don't think Palantir is that terrible, and the owners are libertarians.

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That's fine with me.

That's fine with me.

Anyone can feel free to prostitute themselves, even with governments as customers, if they so wish.

They can always try to recycle themselves some day, after the peoples have got more clues about what their "business values" consisted in.

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Fortunately the US Government

Fortunately the US Government is virtually bankrupt and ES damage revaluations amounts to trillions of dollars.

Shamless bump

Bumping as this falls right into what is going on with Snowden and the NSA.