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Do not let this man walk into office - George P. Bush Tx Gen Land Commissioner


Some Texans may already be aware but I want to bring forward the fact that George P. Bush, W's nephew, Jeb's oldest son, is running for Texas Land Commissioner and already has $2 million in fundraising even though no rep or dem challenger has emerged. Yes, $2 million. Say no to nepotism, so no to corruption.

Vote for Watts instead:

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Ft Bend Rep Pete Olson plugs for Bush


Older link (August) at Fort Bend GOP BBQ, Pete Olson sang the virtues of establishment nepot G. Prescott Bush.

Southern Agrarian

He is not as concerning as Ted Cruz

Cruz is a Bush guy. Look it up people. A wolf in sheeps clothing like Obama to the progressives

This little motherfucker needs to be nipped in the bud.

How these crooks are allowed to walk free in this country is beyond comprehension.

What would the Founders do?



David Watts is the Liberty guy running for Land Commish also.

“First and foremost, liberty belongs to the people. I fundamentally trust the liberty of individuals more than the authority of government. Whatever government does, it must respect that the people have fundamental rights and liberties. Liberty is granted by God, not government. Second, in all things, we must champion conservative solutions to our challenges. Conservative solutions are those which uphold a limited role of government and elevate individual liberty. Third, within these principles, we must boldly champion conservative solutions for tomorrow’s Texas. In fact, that’s our campaign theme: Bold Leadership for Tomorrow’s Texas.”

Southern Agrarian



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix