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13 Republican Office Holders from Maine resign from the party and RNC.

Blowback from the rigged primary I suppose. These guys might be prime pickings for the Libertarian Party. Sorry but Huff is the only place I've seen this.

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all that tells me is that the

all that tells me is that the system is broken.....i'd rather not deal in a system that is incompatible with whats right and just.....and if libertarians are those vechicles at the time, then so be it....but its not libertarians ill be following, its whats right and just, is what ill be following.....just so those who claim to fight for those things dont get blind faith should they falter at any point

It will make it easier for the republicrats

It will make it easier for the republicrats to take over... unless they are well organized and can charge ahead.

This may be a very good thing in the long run:

So Goes Maine, So Goes The Nation

It takes only a spark to create tremendous brushfires.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

blowback from the RNC recently

There were 9 resolution, the two that were not heard, grassroots re-instated, and another, the RNC doesn't have them listed on their statis, were not heard, IOW ignored, brushed off. Here's the Bangor article http://agreetodisagree.bangordailynews.com/2013/08/19/maine-...

I've Left The Republican Party, Also !

Why ?

Because I now consider the Republican party as the new and revived "Trotsky" party, and as an American I want no part of this movement.


Uh.. Huffpo article cites

Uh.. Huffpo article cites Paul LePage as one of the reasons the people left, I thought these were part of the Maine Delegates?
So who left, exactly?

Southern Agrarian

There is a link within the

There is a link within the article to Bangor Daily. The names are there. I was on the LP Excomm here in Maine. I'll get in touch with the Chair today to see about reaching out the the 13. I know a few of the names but not all. That would be helpful for us (LP). I am considering a run for state rep in the future.