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Channeling Ayn Rand

Strive to always do what is in your own Rational Self-interest and you will be fine. Never consciously do evil, that which you know to be wrong, but most importantly live Your life for you. You cannot live it for someone else and nobody is going to live it for you.

Only you can decide what is in your own rational self interest and only you can enjoy the rewards or suffer the consequences of your own decisions.
Happiness is the purpose of life, it is not given to man. Man must create happiness. Happiness is not some temporary satisfaction of an instinctual whim, happiness is the result of conscious effort to uncontradictory satisfaction. That is, happiness can not be had at the expense of one's values, but rather in pursuit of those values through practicing the virtues required to attain them. Each individual is responsible for their own existence and therefore their own happiness. If one values another as a source of happiness then one must practice the virtues necessary to trade value for value with the source of their happiness.
To do what is in your own rational self interest requires you to be rational first and moral as a result of one's rationality. To be moral is to identify what is good from what is bad. The good is whatever enhances one's life, the bad is whatever destroys or rots it.

Everyone must be their own judge of every situation and must take the full content of their own knowledge into consideration when they make a moral judgement. When one volitionally chooses to not make a conscious judgement they make one unconsciously and the decision is evident in the action they take. This willful decision to not acknowledge the bad as the bad or the good as the good does nothing to change the fact that the untrue cannot also be true, that the wrong cannot also be the right if only we refuse to identify it as wrong.
Honesty is the refusal to subvert your own reality to the stupidity of others. It is the Acceptence and acknowledgement of one's own truth.

Never forget that your own life is your highest value, that your happiness is your life's purpose and that sticking to your own truth and rationality are the virtues required to attain the happiness for which you live.

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