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Wake the f up America! Impeach the power hungry parasites!

Im getting tired of President Barak W. Clinton Sr.; damn guys been president for my whole life. Terrorizing the world with our military which should be for our defense, getting rid of the rights that the government is supposed to protect(life, privacy, property and pursuit o happiness), consolidating power within the executive branch, waging economic warfare on the whole world including his own citizens, rigging elections, defying the constitution, giving america the image of world bully, brainwashing the sheeple, assassinating US citizens without due process, creating war propaganda, selling weapons to our undeclared yet targeted enemies, making people dependent on government handouts.

Its about time we try something new and get this criminal out of office and make sure he stay out for good, while we're at it we need to get rid of most of his buddies in congress (both the crips and bloods) and in the overgrown bureaucracies.

Wake the f up America. Let's make this the land of the free again. The sooner we do it the sooner it will mean something to be proud to be American.

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I feel your pain

I hear what you're saying but I'm of the belief that the root solution lies not in the politicians but in the money.

Sure, the argument can be made that politicians have the ultimate power to stop the madness via legislation but I contend that our system is so compartmentalized and strung out that money always has power to corrupt regardless of the check and balances.

And oversight? Ha, money has continually bought the right to stop that.

And voting? Ha ha, money flat out owns that process, top to bottom.

So, if I'm right and we do have to stop the money, let's discuss how to turn every industry into a local based, free market, prosperity inducing endeavor. That way, the people can keep their money in their communities and the money changers will die off due to over-leveraged bets going south.