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Apple Is Creating New Technology To Help Cops Hide Police Brutality

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Then carry a normal camera on you as well. Solved.

Apple is rotting from its core ever since Steve Jobs passed away. It's becoming a typical American corporation.

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Oh please

Nothing has changed. Steve Jobs was working in no more capacity than contributing ideas for over a year before his death. Everyone knew people would make these claims after he died no matter what. Why join the crowd of people who ignore facts and assume?

This story was most likely fabricated and Apple hasn't changed at all. They weren't entirely innocent before either.

Exactly the right answer.

Exactly the right answer. These fools think they can stop the ingenuity of Americans. They are sadly mistaken. When that fails, they will tell us that they are now going to be EMPing an area so that no electronics will work. Then, we will go back to old hand-crank cameras. Then what?

Notwithstanding whether this is true or not...

My company has given me an iPhone this year. Don't own a smartphone of my own. In IOS Settings there is a Privacy section, and in that panel you will find Location Services. You can turn on/off the location services for applications that use it. I have phone and camera turned off.

Of course that does not mean that Apple cannot work around that setting as the manufacturer.

Steve Jobs passing has meant a lot of things to Apple. There is little doubt in my mind why Apple was the last major technology company to submit to such participation: Steve Jobs.

Apple is many things... some good, some not so good.

Its going to get harder and harder to be free of such controls. Even when you avoid the "big boys" and go with a smaller lesser known product (say Skype), the big boys just buy the company (Microsoft). I suppose any sufficiently popular application that skirts the desired state of "manageability", they will surely be targeted for purchase and "normalization" to prevent this new technology from being disruptive. Sad to say. Skype is the perfect example.

First off they used the

First off they used the system to their benefit excessively long before Steve Jobs passed.

They have the largest cash reserve too. One of the biggest contributors to the situation we're in. But they can't be blamed entirely for that, they are a company, their goal is to make money, and that works really well when the government is set up right and drives competition, but the government wasn't set up right, and allowed them to become monolithic. In a free market no companies would be as large as Microsoft or Apple, but the products would be better.

I think there is a complete and total lack of evidence that anything has changed since Jobs left. People are interpreting every move they make as reason that they were only good because of him. Just like, when he was around, everyone interpreted every single move they made as proof he'd lost his mojo.

Sure Apple has grown and now feeds and feeds off the "system"

People seem to have short memories about Apple. About how almost every article pre 2000 would talke about "beleaguered Apple Computer, Inc." and how this or that would put one more nail in the coffin. Apple products were always better (and more expensive) but to the press PRICE was everything.

Apple overcame all that... despite price...

At this point, there isn't anything that Apple has done that is new since Jobs departed (RIP). The iPad was the last Jobs collaboration. So far, we have only had upgrades since then. Nothing new. Hopefully his knack for choosing "what's next" will live on... if not. Apple will just become a me too company.

Yeah and it's been what? A

Yeah and it's been what? A year? The baseless speculation will never end.....

So check out the Google/Motorola Moto X

Priced at US$199 with a contract on the top five carriers in the US, and arguably less complicated but just as powerful and (perhaps more) useful as the HTC One or Galaxy S4, the Moto X has a good shot of becoming the Android phone to beat for the rest of the year.



Apple's held a patent for technology to do this for more than two years now. Its intent was to provide a way for live concerts and the like to prohibit recording. Of course, one could see this same technology used for more nefarious purposes. The fact that Apple holds the patent and has held it this long without using it hopefully means they understand the potential ramifications and are thus sitting on it. If so, that's a good thing. It prevents others from using it.

Now, others may come up with ways to do it differently, and this is in fact likely to happen, but I somehow doubt such technology's use by police and others would hold up in court... at least for now.

Still Like Your Ipad and Iphone???

I love Apple products. But this may be a good reason not to use them.

There is always Plan B

There are very small wearable body cameras for around 40-50 FRNs. The kind of technology that you are talking about doesn't affect regular video cameras, Just smart phones. Something like this: http://amzn.com/B0029631VI

Smart phones make it look obvious that you are recording them. So don't be obvious.

Also, there are some not too expensive dash cams out there as well. The Russians love them. See some very funny footage on YouTube (Russian dash Cams)

I have an APP on my iPhone that turns it into a Dash Cam called "Witness"

There are others as well (iSymDVR, Camcorder, etc.) YouTube has several demos of these type of apps.

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Fake Billionaire Sellouts - Boycott them all

Another toy will help destroy the elder race of man...

Face it, these are fake billionaires that took the bribe for their fake billionaire lifestyle that amounts to nothing more than social engineering, or in other words, a smoke and mirrors for society to fall in line in all sheeplike fashion.

I don't care if it is GOOGLE, YAHOO, MICROSOFT, APPLE, AT&T, VERIZON, COMCAST, or FACEBOOK or even the computer manufacturers that allow for cameras and mikes to turn on with a hack, these are all companies that do not deserve further revenue stream. Seek alternatives now, boycott the obvious companies now, and send a clear message to the employees that are involved with ill gotten gains that the fake billionaires and their policies and bribes will cost them all with a sudden impact, that of the power of the boycott.

You want your freedom back? Send a chill their way and boycott the companies, spread the word, protest these companies on top of freeways, force the issue, bring the fake billionaires to their knees and may their stock options render them penniless for what they have done. And then just remember there will always be a lowlife that will take the paycheck or the bribe, as this is humanity. And then don't buy their product.

Be Your Own Media!!!

Girl makes a lot of really good points....

And, cops are NOT deserving of the pubic trust.



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Faith in God will prevail all things!

All valid points, yes, but

All valid points, yes, but it's pure baseless wild speculation that this is happening at all. There's no patent or anything. It's a rumor that was either a leak or a pure fabrication, but regardless there is absolutely no supporting evidence.