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COPS: 'Bored' Black Teens Kill White Baseball Player 'For Fun'...

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but if everyone involved is

but if everyone involved is "black", the story would not make it into the news.

Right, and if they would have

Right, and if they would have been killed in Afghanistan we would not even know their names.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

It got attention because of the international exposure

Australian baseball player killed for fun. Talented guy comes to the USA to pursue his dream and gets killed for amusement. Great, just f***ing wonderful.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

I'm Black..InFinger...I have seen you around here for awhile

talking bout your racist bsheet. I'm mean this really is a major concern of yours that you take the time out to search, sign-on, paste, and stick around, look for comments every 63.3 seconds, and argue with folks. Damn man! We could sit here all day pasting bsheet about a black dude killin a white dude, gay dude, Elvis. Or a white killin a black dude, gay dude, MLK.

Black man dragged to death 200 miles from site of Byrd murder 10 years ago.

"Brandon McClelland, 24, was dragged to death beneath a truck driven by two white men in Paris, Texas last month. McClelland was black. The site of his death is about 200 miles from the location where James Byrd was murdered in a similar manner ten years ago."

See, I just had to do what I just mentioned above and what a pain! We are on the verge of WW3 and this is what you want to post about?

My Tuskegee Airman father, when explaining how he felt about protecting white airmen on combat missions over Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Southern Europe, when upon landing on the ground, they called him niggerbirds and coon's with wings. He said that was before they realized who was protecting them. Afterwards they would come over and bring Italian wines and cheeses and listen to music and it was pretty much integrated on the Black bases, for a time.

I hate to talk about personal stuff but you irritate me. You need to look at whatever happened to you in your past to make you feel this way and deal with it man! But to waste time with your racist, small minded bsheet any more isn't worth the brain power to type it.

You're black, so what. You think we care, we don't!

You get the truth, the whole truth and your feelings are hurt?

We like the WHOLE TRUTH around here. That's why we come here.

If we didn't we'd be watching foxx or cnn.

Grow a pair, and be welcome.

Or whine for another 403 ACCESS DENIED!

Dude! Take a breath

Dude! Take a breath

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

egapele's picture

Ahem, Ricky you missed the point of the post

And please don't use the word "we" as you don't speak for me.

He and me are the we.

I mean do you represent all the we's on the board. Add me in there and we have a we so don't you speak for me and now he and me are a we. See?

You're black, so what. You think we care, we don't!

You get the truth, the whole truth and your feelings are hurt?

Many,but not all, like the WHOLE TRUTH around here.

That's why (many, but not all) come here.

If we didn't we'd be watching foxx or cnn.

Grow a pair, and be welcome.

Or whine for another 403 ACCESS DENIED!

May God still comfort his loved ones for their loss.

Just so we are accurate, it wasn't last month, it was almost 5 years ago. God rest his soul and may God also wrap his tenderness around his loved ones.

No white sane person I know approves of this behavior and let me do what you did not do, I hope the murderers of this young innocent man suffer the ultimate price for taking an innocent life.

So you are saying that

Two wrongs make a right. You are full of it. And the Paris incident in no way resembles this act. And what the hell does it matter that it happened 200 miles from where that other guy was dragged? Absolutely nothing that's what. Your argument is typical of a racist apologist. You say whatever you need to to detract from the fact that these little racist bastards are as usual being treated different because they are black.

The story about your dad has nothing to do with it either and you only mention it as a play for sympathy and to make it seem like you have a higher moral understanding of racism. That also is a false liberal racist ploy.

Most gracious sir...

Most kind sir,

I would first like to thank you for your heartfelt response to a thread that I pulled off of Drudge. I realize it must be painful for you to read so many stories about your fellow kinsman killing White people for no other reason than they were White. But one thing is for sure, RACISM does exist in America but who are the RACIST?

To post the top story on Drudge and have you attack me the way you have says more about you than me. You speak of the "RACISM" your dad went through but if you would like I can tell you about how my wife was gang raped by a groups of blacks. Maybe you might want to stick around for that story. You might want to hear what they said to her while they were laughing and raping her but seeing as your daddy was called names I'm sure the pain my wife went through was nothing compared to that.

Maybe you might want to see how over 35,000 white women a year are raped by blacks, maybe look into why 50,000 white people have been murdered by blacks since the 1960s.

As a boy, my old daddy was a preacher, a Pentecostal Preacher so you can imagine what sort of looks we got when my Daddy had a black church come to our church back in 1971 in Horseshoe Beach FL, Dixie Country was the County we were living in and had a black preacher preach in his church so no I don't believe race was an issue in "my house" when I was younger, having said that, I went to 28 different schools in these here United States and on more occasions than I can count, I faced racism when I was a child. From Phoenix Arizona to Houston TX. to Grenville S.C. To Cincinnati, to Ft.Lauderdale FL to Tampa FL and too many other to count so don't talk to me like you know what racism is, you don't have a clue.

My daddy got to the 7th grade, my mom was married when she was 14, we were so poor back in the 60s that no one in my family had bathrooms or indoor plumbing of any kind, we dug a hole in the ground when we had to go to the bathroom, that's how poor we were. I didn't have shoes in the summertime to wear and I damn sure never went to school with a black kid who was poorer then me so shut your pie hole for a minute and come out of that brainwashing you have been indoctrinated since you were a youth.

If black people are sick of reading about the murder going on toward whites then why don't you open your mouth and say something. Notice how the death of the young boy did not come up in your conversation the first time, why is that I wonder? Maybe your hate that you have been taught is coming out, maybe it is you with the problem.

One Race and one race only seems to not be able to get it together in this Country, why is that? Why is it only your race that seems to come up short? Maybe it is the hate you harbor in your heart because I damn sure don't have any toward you. You need to realize that I have not been socially engineered into feeling helpless against you or any other black for that matter. You see I lived in the Ghetto with your kind, I went to school with your kind and fought your kind to school and from school when I was a kid. I didn't have any choice because of the love that was so prevalent in your neighborhoods.

You may want to use a paradigm shift when you come talking to me about race.

Bring it forth... Let me see just what you're talking about.

"Here is what I have posted since I have been on the daily paul, go to my account and find these racist remarks that you have been following. I'm interested in finding them myself."

Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America

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Most gracious sir...
Those were drudge's words not mine...
Tell me what is really upsetting you...
I wrote this after viewing this thread...it moved me.
Well that is one view point.
Any thoughts on this speech?
Great Article about Alex Jones
That one is for you Bradley.
One day I hope to tell what I know about Medved.
Write Bradley Manning
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He's not the only one...

And they all have multiple accounts.

This is really getting to the point of insanity. Without the mods quickly quelling these people through banning, until they all go away, I am not sure how to eliminate them.

Simply banning threads isn't enough because they just re-post them to come back. I have considered posting the names that I am aware of to the modbox for banning, but that is a serious step that I have never taken before.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Why ban him?

What is wrong with using speech to counter speech others don't like?

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

You have been known to be silly in the past...

You can be so silly sometimes. Let me explain how this works, the mod's can pull up my IP address, they would know if someone had multiple accounts. I think the thing that has got your goat is the posting of "Ben Freedman speech" back in 1961.

Sort of silly but a lot of your post seem to be that way.

Racism is a distraction from the real issue

This story, just like the Trayvon Martin story (and many others, for that matter) is a tragedy. But the real problem in this world is NOT racial differences. TPTB like to use that to divert people's attention from themselves. All of our focus should be on the power elite around the world who, for their own self-interest, cause chaos for honest, moral, hard-working citizens all around the world.

Racism =fear=control

They use racism, fear of racism to control and divert the various discussions. Just look at how the establishment uses it to attack Ron Paul and the liberty movement. If they scream racism they don't have to discuss tyranny. The accusation and witch hunt of racism is really no different compared to the fear McCarthy spewed in the 50s. Simply being called a racist is enough. No proof is required.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Racism is a tool for them to use...infinger falls for the


Thank you for pointing that out to me...

I see, so I'm not as intelligent as you? What was I thinking.

Of the

three the one driving the car and charged as an accessory is white, so what kind of headline is that?

All three were black, drudge was right!

That is a negatory Ghost rider.


What is going

on here?

On YOUR link Michael Jones is black, but on this Fox News link he is white:


What is going on?

Its called................ PROPAGANDA!!!

.......Its used to Control Your Mind.

Drudge's racist report is headlined.

You can editorialize

Free includes debt-free!

Those were drudge's words not mine...

This story was one of the top stories on Drudge. Those were his words not mine so if you want to down vote it then by all means know that those were not my words. I guess I should have done the PC way and just said, "young boys gun down ball player," but that of course is not what happened.I was confused when I saw that there appeared to be a White kid but after further investigation, all three were black.

It doesn't matter in my eyes, all three young men, we all know what that means, knew what they were doing and should have to suffer the consequences.