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Video Update: Glenn Greenwald and partner giving awesome interview on AC360

They are still talking if you flip to it now. He is about to tell how orders came from Washington to detain his partner.



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I think I know why they detained Greenwald's partner...

I think it was to make it known that Glenn is gay. I was not aware of it until this story. I believe they just intended to smear Glenn by outing his sexuality.

A bit of reflection here.

I wasn't aware of this before but I remember Glen being asked what he thought of Snowden going to Russia to protect his human rights given Russia's record on human rights. They didn't bring up fentanyl used in raids or Gulags, they brought up anti-gay laws. In retrospect, it looks like they were bating him back then too, but to no avail. Glen's way too pro for that. All the more reason why I think Greenwald is awesome.

seems true

i also did not know that.
its s subtle smear campaign.
and i hope CNN is paying Toobin a lot - its hard work to rationalize and justify all those broken and bent laws !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

He has always been open about it. Reason for him moving to

Rio was because of the marriage laws here in the states.

Another libertarian, Justin Raimondo from antiwar.com is also openly gay.

Are they ..

wearing the same suits? Is that a gay thing?

wikipedia had the information

that Mr Greenwald lived with his partner David Miranda in Rio.
It is old news, and not very important.
While you are obsessing with Mr Greenwalds "gayness", did you know that Obombers Red Line has been crossed with the gassing deaths of hundreds of civilians in Syria?


How do you consider my comment to be "obsessing on gayness?"

But on a lighter note, I may have been focussing on gayness in other parts of my life.


most already knew that.. it was to let everyone know, NSA was done because it's gone GSA Global.. Heathrow just proved that.

I agree with Toobin

UK and USA are friends (to say the least about the relationship), it's international news that Greenwald has accepted classified documents from Snowden, that the USA wants to see what Greenwald has DUH!!, the laws in England are different, the USA does not feel it needs to protect Greenwald AT ALL, Greenwald is working for The Guardian, not the WSJ or an American paper.. how does Greenwald know it was the USA, maybe it was someone who was jealous at the Gaurdian who tipped off Healthrow about Miranda's flight? I'm SURE Grenwald KNOWS he's being watched and that Miranda is being watched. Geeze how the hell could he not know that?

So let me make this clear, the USA is NOT NOT happy with Greenwald, and to the USA/NSA, the classified documents Snowden gave to Greenwald ARE STOLEN, and the USA wants them back.

Who does not get that? The WHOLE WORLD KNOWS Who does not get that?

Greenwald is trapped. This is now going to become INTERNATIONAL LAW. which pushes the USA deeper into UN law, which is what I said Greenwald was all about in the first place.

To me, this whole POS has been a Snowjob.. what is Snowden doing now,, exactly what he was doing for NSA in a private company for Russia, which Greenwald admits, Snowden is NOT happy. I bet we have NO idea how unhappy..

the more I see, the more this is all becoming a Muppet movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iwj5hEqZ4Q

Snowden psyop falling apart

How much fail is involved in the latest story about Glenn Greenwald and his partner who had to spend a couple extra hours in an airport yesterday?

Let’s count, shall we?

Fail 1: Someone else’s leaks as Glenn’s weapon!

“I have many documents on England’s spy system. I think they will be sorry for what they did,” Glenn Greenwald, Aug 2013

Glenn Greenwald using someone else’s leaks as a weapon? As a bargaining chip? Is that what “Edward Snowden” wanted? Is that what Greenwald himself said 2 short months ago?

“Snowden himself was vehement from the start that we do engage in that journalistic process and we not gratuitously publish things… “I do know he was vehement about that. He was not trying to harm the U.S. government; he was trying to shine light on it.” Glenn Greenwald, June 2013

According to Glenn himself, “Snowden” just wanted to let the people know what was happening and completely rejected the notion of gratuitously publishing the leaks. But when Glenn’s 28 year-old boyfriend, David Miranda, was reportedly held up in British customs for 9 hours the other day, all bets are off and Glenn says the Brits will be “sorry” for doing that.

Now is that kind of behavior in line with the stated intentions of the person who supposedly sacrificed his life to inform the public?

Using the leaks as a weapon, a means to “get even” or even threaten the British government?

Does that even sound like a whistle-blower or does it sound like someone using information that was meant for the public to their own advantage?

full article - http://willyloman.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/snowden-psyop-con...

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Bless you joe danger,

a sane voice amongst all the madness.
A con job from start to finish.

Toobin is a mule

Toobin is a mule for the government...spewing propaganda.
Toobin say's that Mr. Miranda was carrying classified documents, How does he know?
He states that he's carrying "stolen" property too...Well Mr. Toobin you are right in that assessment...the "property" is data that was "stolen" from many innocent Americans by the NSA.

Thanks for the grin

I appreciated the "grin" on Glenn's face at the 7:00 mark when he made a reference to the data not being the only copy, and that it might be encrypted too.
Looking forward to the release of the treasure trove of data, especially how they planned 9-eleven.
Bush and Cheney...your asses are next.

Is this the REAL picture?

CNN? Syria Danny CNN? Extreme Left Agenda CNN?
Glenn Greenwalds' Hissy Missy to Rachel Meadows" Angry Young Man?
And now we are "Sexing up" Russia?
It would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic!

Are you kidding?

Let me get this straight:

1) You link to a nutty, far-left website.
2) This site claims that the socialist Greenwald has a "radical libertarian agenda".
3) This site points to Greenwald sitting on an "all-white" board of directors.
4) This site is ALL ABOUT defending Obama and other establishment Democrats.

5) And you link to THIS site to support your contention that Snowden and Greenwald are in cahoots with a big-government agenda.

I think you may be coo-coo for cocoa puffs.

So concidering that the UN,

through UN Agenda wants to have control of the globe, just how far left do you think that is?
Every story has two sides...it takes a brave man to look at what he doesn't want to see.
I'm sorry you are not up to the task.

I do not doubt your premise that...

...the UN wants control of the internet.

I just don't see a scintilla of support for that contention on that site, and I can't for the life of me understand why you'd link to such racist, rabid, pro-Obama, *pro-NSA*, anti-Snowden/Greenwald drivel AT ALL, particularly to support a contention of a pro-NSA/anti-privacy conspiracy.

It's not the site

it's the message that is important. Shooting the messenger doesn't change the content of the message.
If an Obomber supporter pointed out to you a field of lush green grass, and said "man that grass is green", what colour is the grass in your eyes? Purple? Pink? Grey?
There is far more behind the slick media campaign of Glenn Greenwald than meets the eye, and I feel that we are being played for fools.
When a story is this big it never hurts to study it from all sides, and somewhere in the middle lies the truth.
And as an aside which Mass Media outlet did Mr Greenwald and his spouse appear on? Think about that.

What *is* the message?

*You* seem to be inferring that Snowden/Greenwald are actually big-government agents, and that their whistle blowing/reporting is actually *not* genuine whistle blowing/reporting, but that they are actually serving Obama/UN/big-government interests to further erode our privacy.

Meanwhile, the message of the piece on the site you link to seems to be that:
1) Greenwald is a racist (despite there being no evidence of such),
2) Greenwald is a radical libertarian (despite there being much evidence to the contrary),
3) the NSA is good,
4) because Greenwald criticizes the NSA, he's bad.

I don't see the correlation between your message and that of the piece on the site.

I will state qite clearly that I think

the Snowden/Greenwald diplomatic calamity is a slickly engineered PR stunt to force collective thinking and to serve as a massive distraction to the up coming catastrophe in the Middle East, with the take down of both Syria and Iran.
I will state quite plainly that I think the people who are surrounding Mr Snowden are but one part of a massive global "shift" to bring a Global Spy net work and internet censorship under the control of the UN.
Glenn Greenwald is a controlled media tool. You are being conned. Big time.

you are so full of shit, you

you are so full of shit, you make granger smell like shitty roses.

Ron Paul 2016


Greenwald is "one part of a massive global "shift" to bring a Global Spy net work and internet censorship under the control of the UN". Could you explain how that would come about? The consequences of the disclosures has raised public support for doing the exact opposite and also fostered a new awareness for spy capabilities. The shift is towards transparency and ending snooping. How does that give UN control over illegal and unwanted spy capabilities that the globalist already controlled in secret prior to the disclosures?

jill booth and granger are

jill booth and granger are just right wing nut jobs.

Ron Paul 2016


but if they have a good explanation, even if it comes from ideological motivations I don't relate to, I'll have to give their opinions some traction. Besides, if they don't have a good explanation, their lack of credibility will be obvious or maybe they will even entertain an alternative perspective.
It's the inclusive nature of positive discussion. No one can lose much and we each have a chance to gain something.

notice the caption is "spouse"

thanks cnn.

now i know what the purpose of this interview really was.

Ya gotta give the powers that be credit

they really know how to f*$# with people by abusing their discretion or jurisdiction within so called legal limits to smear the shit out of someone without actually having to charge them with a crime.

Government troublemaker Glenn Greenwald's sexual orientation put on display before the world. Divide and conquer baby!

How about that muppet expert that says UK was right?

So many people using perverse logic.

Look at this video clip of the insanity.

Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Tool-bin's distinctions

I think Tool-bin must be an expert at Fronthand Backhand:


"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu

Todays daily dose of

Todays daily dose of "education"

Government transparency = terrorism

Remember it folks, repeat it, store it in your pretty little sub concience, dont forget to let it seep in and affect the way you think

That is all!