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HIV = AIDS Fact or Fraud? (Documentary)

So I stumbled upon this documentary and it is very disturbing to say the least. I do not know much about this subject, so if anyone has researched this I'd love to hear from you, especially if you find the info presented here to be incorrect (I really hope somehow this isn't true).


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Consider this ...

... what illness or disease can you think of that affects people differently depending on where they live?

Every disease or illness affects humans the same, biologically. Sure, some will have more damaging effects and some will be more ill. But the illness affects the individual based on biology, not based on geographic location.

Not so with "AIDS." In North America and Western Europe, the people who "get AIDS" are homosexual men and intravenous drug users. But in Africa, the people who "get AIDS" are heterosexuals (both men and women, equally) and the poor (barely enough to eat, they have no access to expensive drugs).

Why is this? Why would a disease or illness affect different people in different parts of the world?

It's because "AIDS" is a scam. It does not exist at all.

In North America and Western Europe, people have money to buy hardcore drugs. These drugs are extremely toxic to humans. They will eventually break down the immune system and these people become more susceptible to various diseases and illnesses. In addition, homosexual men use nitrate poppers in order to have anal sex (an unnatural act), and these poppers are extremely toxic drugs.

Plus, the wealthier countries are where AZT and other "anti-AIDS" drugs have been used, and these are also very toxic. AZT, far from being something to heal, actually cases death.

Magic Johnson "got AIDS" in 1994 or so. He started using AZT or other drugs and his health got worse. He suddenly stopped without explanation. He quit all drugs (rumor has it an alternative health doctor told him they were toxic). He is alive and well today, 20 years later.

People who use these "anti-AIDS" drugs die from the drugs, not their diseases (or, in addition to their diseases). People who quit these drugs generally survive.

A few years ago, BBC or some other British journalists (I forget) went to Africa to talk to AIDS patients. Guess what? They couldn't find any! They found tons of people who claimed they knew someone with AIDS, but they could not find any actual people. They went to hospitals where people were being treated for AIDS, but when they asked doctors, they found that none of the doctors had actually tested these people because they didn't have the resources to do so. They also did not keep any accurate records.

In Africa, it is not toxic drugs that damage the immune system. It is the general poor health conditions related to extreme poverty, plus there are no serious medical records kept or testing done because of a lack of resources (so, they really have no idea if these people "have AIDS" or not -- they make it up to get foreign money).

This is why American AIDS patients are homosexual men and IV drug users, while African AIDS patients are men and women who are poor. This is why "AIDS" affects different people differently in different parts of the world.

AIDS does not exist. It is a made-up scam to make money. No doubt, there are people involved in solving it that really believe it is real, but they are mistaken. There is no such thing as AIDS by itself. It ALWAYS is diagnosed along with a disease or illness (certain cancers, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc.) If the person lives in Africa, they will have one of the poverty diseases. If they live elsewhere, they will usually have something else. But they will never have "just AIDS" because it is not AIDS but the disease/illness itself that they have, and they got it because of a weak immune system, which was probably caused by drugs or the conditions of poverty.

HIV is a harmless retrovirus. It does not "cause AIDS," and even the man who first made that claim later admitted he never had any evidence for his theory.

The AIDS scare started when Reagan had a bunch of hard-core Christians in his administration who had power to put resources into anti-gay or anti-sex anything. Since then, it has become a cottage industry that is just a scam.

Duesberg is right

AIDS is a scam. It is a definition - if you have one of about 25 old diseases and are HIV positive, it's called AIDS. If you just have the old disease, it's called the old disease. There is nothing new here.

And the only thing HIV has ever been proved to cause is fundraisers.

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House of Numbers is another

House of Numbers is another great documentary about AIDS. I think it's still available on Netflix.

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Don't have time to watch the video

But can contribute from personal experience that "treating" diseases is much more profitable for medical specialists (not doctors anymore) than actually finding the cause behind the symptoms.

Thank you for posting.

wishful thinking - denial - danger!

I have studied the subject intensely since 1989. I do not believe half of what doctors or big pharma says.

But I can assure you to ignore the fatal potential of the HIV virus can only be based on desperate wishful thinking a.k.a. denial when first confronted with the shock of diagnosis.

That was me and it nearly cost my life. Only close to death was I willing to accept the truth.

90% of people will die from HIV within 12 years of infection.

If you need a conspiracy look into the origin of HIV. The race for a polio vaccine in Africa using monkey kidneys - horrible - Robert Gallo...

Gerald Mangold

I wish folks like you would

I wish folks like you would spend more time providing actual proof for HIV being an exogenous virus that causes people to fall ill to any number of many old diseases. Show us the proof. It does not exist, and in fact, there is more evidence that AIDS is a disease of oxidative stress.

Pictures of the virus aren't good enough for you?

And sequencing the genome and structure aren't good enough for you?

You are an excellent example of how cults form. No matter how wacky and unscientific the claims of a person or small group of people are, there are people like AtlantaIconoclast who will believe them with unwavwring blind faith.

What proof do you want that the HIV virus exists (in a few serotyopes)? If you only believe what you choose to believe then you are a waste of everyone's time.

I never said HIV does not

I never said HIV does not exist. All I said was that it is not an exogenous virus. From the available evidence, HIV, whatever it is, seems to be an exosome, created from within stressed cells. The Perth Group does not say it does not exist. They just say there is no proof of existence as an exogenous retrovirus. And that it does not cause AIDS.

Regardless, there is still no proof that it has been isolated, which would prove its existence. Why don't YOU look up the standard definition of viral isolation. See for yourself that HIV has never been isolated. What that electron micrograph picture shows is simply something budding from a cell. To date, there has never been any picture of HIV isolated, meaning no proof of infectious virus. I have more to say, with references, but I have to get back to work. More later.

3rd time I ask. Why don't

3rd time I ask. Why don't you explain what HIV and AIDS is?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

You have no clue what the

You have no clue what the pictures are off.. In fact, no one does. They are just picture of cellular debris.

BTW, hint. There are ZERO pictures of HIV, because they haven't found it yet. They have found certain anti-bodies they believe is in response to a "virus called HIV."

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Hog wash. I know people that

Hog wash. I know people that don't accept the HIV=AIDS theory that were diagnosed with "HIV" over 20 years ago that never took meds and are still alive...

The whole thing is a fraud...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

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So disgusting that people can't wrap their heads around it

"Disease treatment" is what we're getting.

Say bye-bye to cures, no money to be made there.

Unfortunate, but true.

When it happens to your kid, you'll know.

Do you know people or did you watch the Other Side of Aids?

I have a hunch that it is the latter.

What do you think "I know

What do you think "I know people" means?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

If you're interested, see "Aliveandwell.org"

This website has a wealth of information on the problems with the HIV/AIDS theory.

Fact that HIV causes AIDS. We live in the year 2013, not 1996.

Duesberg and the others raised legitimate concerns regarding HIV in the late 1980's and 1990's. They have since been debunked.


Cherry picking outdated science is a favorite tactic for contrarians and conspiracy theorists.

Also, Dueberg hypothesis about recreational drug use and homosexuality is only outdone in ridiculous implausibility by the Perth Group, a group of antiscientists so wacky that they even embarrass Duesberg.

Another favorite tactic for antiscience conspiracy theorists is to use scientific terms in incorrect ways in an attempt to sound legimate. The Perth Group does this with "oxidative damage." Epigenetics is another misused concept.

So tired of idiots like you

So tired of idiots like you marginalizing AIDS dissidence without offering any actual evidence. The Perth Group has more intelligence in their anal hairs than you do.

What's wacky is what you just

What's wacky is what you just wrote.... and nothing has been "debunked."" But you can of course show how it has been debunked... I welcome it...

Only conspiracy theorists are people that buy that hoax called HIV=AIDS...

You don't even know what HIV is... or what AIDS is for that matter to make those statements...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


You are so confident that it is a hoax that "HIV causes AIDS" (not equals AIDS as you dishonestly wrote it) that everyone else is a conspiracy theorist?

Oh my god you are so delusional that I am seriously impressed.

I'm sure talking to you about science is a waste of time, as scientific evidence is irrelevant to others like you, but perhaps you should know that the structure and genome of the HIV virus is now known. Even Peter Duesberg gave the Perth Group undeniable evidence to prove that the HIV virus exists.

But please, don't let these facts get in the way of your conspiracy beliefs.

No he did not. The Perth

No he did not. The Perth Group is correct. Show us how they are wrong.

What is so funny? And what

What is so funny?

And what are the "facts" Why don't you explain what HIV and AIDS is.

Lanke and others have disproven Duesberg "finding" of the virus. In fact I believe there is $100K reward for anyone to isolate the virus. Buy I digress.

Again, why don't you explain what HIV and AIDS is.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Not sure which documentary

Not sure which documentary this is, but I agree that HIV does not cause AIDS. However, I don't think Peter Duesberg has the best theory about AIDS. He is the man in the image of the video above. I think a group of scientists named "the Perth Group" has the most cogent model for AIDS. Unlike Duesberg and the mainstream, this groups presents a multi-factorial model of oxidative stress induced AIDS. HIV is thus a common effect rather than the cause of AIDS. HIV in their view, is an exosome, endogenously created within cells after being oxidized by any of many different oxidizing agents.

not that you asked but... to

not that you asked but... to give you the short version, in this doc they say HIV is a virus that has existed in humans for thousands of years and has never caused AIDS.... and that a spike in drug use (such as heroin and cocaine) is more likely to be responsible for the immunity problems that started cropping up in the 80s along with the rise in the use of these drugs. They further assert that the toxic medication used to combat the disease is what ultimately kills the patient. They discus a toxic medication called AZT, which is basically a super strong chemotherapy drug which was banned from use on cancer patients.

I'm no stranger to the unholy alliance between the medical establishment and the GOV, but this is still pretty tough to take in if this is true. It means the millions of people 'infected with HIV' are completely curable (or have nothing wrong with them at all), and we (through insurance premiums and taxation) are financing the systematic killing of our own people.

After all I have learned in the last several years, I still don't want to believe this is who we are.

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I believe that is part of the

I believe that is part of the explanation among some AIDS patients, but not in all. I knew too many who weren't drug addicts, but who were highly promiscuous in their practice of receptive and unprotected anal sex. Part of the problem could be chronic and high level anal exposure to semen from unhealthy men or men with poor diets and or drug use.

"After all I have learned in

"After all I have learned in the last several years, I still don't want to believe this is who we are."

Believe it...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Someone posted on this topic

Someone posted on this topic a while back and someone posted in it who seemed like they knew quite a bit on explaining how things worked without a virus existing. I never looked much further than that, but I am sure those who know much will stop by if they see this.

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