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Freedom VS Security: Dangerous Words

So what have we learned from history? I've learned to never give up my Liberty for a little bit of temporary security. I'm sure most of the people here may agree. Well then why is it that we let people in public office get away with starting a debate and even talking about how we need to find the balance between security and freedom? Don't believe me? Want some proof?

"In meeting those threats, we have to strike the right balance between protecting or security and preserving our freedoms." - President Obama

How, in 2013 can this be the debate? How have we forgot thousands of years of history? How can we allow aggressive war by the state compromise our Liberties? How have we lost the way of peace, prosperity and Liberty? Is this going to be the debate that enslaves our children and grandchildren to the state? Is this how our generation wants to be remembered in the history books?

The state does not care about you, instead it cares about its own power. The promise of security is always the excuse to strip the people of Liberty. War, whether created by the state or a foreign threat, is the health of the state by the consent of the people.

We as humans must not be fooled again nor give consent. Liberty is as vital as breath and once lost will not return. This is not a political argument, this is a humanity argument. If Liberty is lost, you wont be able to have a political argument. If you think what the IRS did is bad, just think if the police did political persecution. That would be deadly. Think for yourself!

(Obama quote at 18 seconds)


Also, listen to this on the phone by calling 1-855-873-8244 press 1 then press 3.

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We won the first Gulf War

We won the first Gulf War against the entire country of Iraq in less than 100 days. Not much of a threat to our national security. How is a bunch of bearded men in bath robes playing on jungle gyms a major threat to US national security?

Technically there is no

Technically there is no threat to national security from Al-Qaeda terrorists. They don't own any Battle Ships or Fighter Jets. There's more of a threat from China and Israel because they own nuclear weapons.

This is why there is no compromising when it comes to the 4th Amendment. Because our government employees argument and rationalizations hold no water.