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Negotiating Techniques and How They are Used Against You

Roger Dawson, author of Secrets of Power Negotiating is the nation's leading teacher of negotiation skills. Here are some video introductions that everyone can benefit from:


Free articles are available online on the following topics:

Ask for More
Bracketing Your Objective
The Declining Value of Services
What to do when it's time to get it in writing
Good Guy / Bad Guy
Higher Authority
The Importance of Gathering Information
Money Is Not As Important As You Think
Basic Negotiating Principles
Never Say Yes to the First Offer
Setting the Climate for a Non-Confrontational Negotiation
Positioning for Easy Acceptance
Learn to Play the Reluctant Buyer When You're Purchasing
Learn to Play the Reluctant Seller When You're Negotiating
Why it's a Mistake to Offer to Split the Difference
To Win in Negotiations, Learn How to Taper Concessions
To Get a Better Deal, Learn How to Use the Vise Gambit
How Time Pressure Affects the Outcome of a Negotiation
Always Ask for Something in Return
Unethical Negotiating Gambits and How to Protect Against Them
How to Stop People from Grinding on You in Negotiations


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Roger Dawson is an awesome negotiator and teacher...

Please watch these videos.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.