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Is there a reason why I am being blocked from viewing or posting comments?

Is there a reason why I am being blocked from viewing and/or making comments?

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she is referring to fact that dailypaul is extremely slow

since this morning site loads like molasses.

the sidebar "recent topics/active topics" and comments do not load for like 30 seconds or longer.

this gives the appearance that those options are unavailable.

firefox seems slightly faster for some reason

after i posted this it seemed to speed up back to normal

however using browser back button often gets caught in an advertisement window that won't allow you to back up.

said another way, i suspect a new advertising source was recently implimented that is causing problems unbeknowest to the admins.


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Not that I'm aware of

There is no such function here, so it must be some kind of bug.

Can you explain more about the problem?

Can you see comments when you're logged out?
What do you see when you're logged in? Do you see the "Add new comment" bar / button at all?

Can you try a different browser?
If it works in a different browser, can you tell us which browser is not working?
How long has the issue been in effect?

Is anyone else having the same issue?


Before I logged in, I could read the OPs, but not the comments. I noticed that in "recent comments" section, my name was posted about 6 times, as if I had made posts.. so I logged in, and the "recent comments" changed.. I had thought that someone was posting as me.

Since I logged in everything is normal.

Before I logged in, all there was topic posts, no comments, no votes, no active forum topics, just recent comments, with the majority being my name.

I seem to be in now... I have

I seem to be in now... I have foxfire. and the delay was interminable...like the posted page it was stuck with blank page. The slowness was indefinite...and the little circle just kept turning like it was stuck. (do you like my techie terminology?) I would get a flash of my comment on the comment page before it was immediately screened out!!!

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i was having the same issue

i was having the same issue but it's gone now.

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I was also but now it is

I was also but now it is gone.