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Did Ron Paul's Excellence Turn Supporters Into Spoiled Brats?

I've noticed a disturbing trend lately. People are using Ron Paul's political candidacy now as a minimum acceptable benchmark as opposed to a guiding light.

Purists now are rejecting everyone else as not good enough because they're not as good as Ron. Well, who is other than Ron himself?

It's not a healthy or good thing to be a spoiled brat.

One can either be a strict purist or live in reality.

Purism wouldn't work in building a business and hiring people. In that scenario one must hire the best person they can find for each opening. To be purist is to not ever be satisfied with any hiring candidate and missing all the business opportunities.

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Somewhat agree

"We are suppose to spread the Freedom Message to the people, not the politicians - they will follow if there are enough of us."

agree with that part of your statement.

"There are two million of us!"

Not like Ron Paul there aren't...sorry to say. Everyone is an angel until they get into a position of power where they have an opportunity to become corrupted. Ron Paul stood the test of time under those circumstances....many would not.

Excellence Schmexcellence! Brats Schmatz!

Ron Paul Is Still Winning and He'll Be Winning Long After He Leaves this Planet.


I just hate

that there are so many ignoring what the good Dr. said and leaving the republican party or not showing up and letting those who won leadership positions lose them by not showing up to party functions.

All I see on here are a bunch of worthless reposts from Breitbart and Infowars, there is very little actual content about the things that are happenign in Iowa, Maine and Nevada. Very little about the struggle we have in Colorado as well.

Dr. Paul understood that we need to take over the Republican party to be successful. It's sad so many of you didn't even give it a year.

Yes, but i dont think Ron

Yes, but i dont think Ron Paul understood the contempt people hold over the one party system

Precisely why

We need to make the Republican party the second party and take it back from the Neo-Cons

SteveMT's picture

Ron Paul has set the bar at the highest possible level.

Honesty, integrity, consistency, transparency, incorruptibility, and following the Constitution are words that describe ONLY Ron Paul. BTW, have you noticed that these words are seldom used on the Daily Paul? They have fallen out of favor and have essentially become extinct. How quickly people forget the standard set by Ron Paul and how it felt to be involved in a campaign with such high standards. That is reality. That reality is what it took to wake-up a bunch of people. Another word for this is inspiration. People were inspired by someone who held to these seemingly impossible standards, and they in turn were motivated to set very high goals for themselves. These people maximized their donations to Ron Paul, and they willingly took part in a corrupt electoral process fraught with lies and deception for the sake of supporting this idealistic, purest from Texas. In the process, they were mocked, ridiculed, and called fanatics, but they saw this process through to the end knowing that they had done the right thing and for the right reasons.

Now you are saying forget about all of that nonsense. It was just a phase, a dream with Ron Paul, not reality. What we have NOW is reality. I am one of the spoiled brats who refuses to lower what I know to be possible for an elected official to attain. Few of us would be here if Ron Paul had not set that standard. Being a purest is how each of us got here. I will be 80% supportive of any of our present Liberty candidates. However, that missing 20% is the very heart and soul of any campaign. I recognize that my standards are not attainable by anyone else, but I will not be lowering them. That is reality.

Im assuming this is a rand

Im assuming this is a rand thing, << if so >>, your argument falls short, as there are others i do think have potential, who IS NOT ron paul

Ron paul showed the standard, and rand for me keeps jumping back and forth between that standard, its getting to a point where he'll lose complete trust if he continues to do this, as youll never know if you can count on him when its needed

If this is not a rand thing, please disregard


that are going to run for president?

Yes , Others

like Justin Amash, Judge Napolitano, etc,.

Edgar Morgan


they running in 2016?

I will not stop wanting the

I will not stop wanting the best candidate despite its possibility my friend

What i believe you are implying is to continue the lesser of two evils game, im not saying intentionally, but it is what i see you asking of me none the less

That is my stubborn conviction, i will not change to be more maneable to a representative, a representative must do their utmost best to be more maneable to their represented, on an individual level....i dont care for the apparent excuse on how hard that would be, or how hard it USED to be, in the advent of the internet


"That is my stubborn conviction, i will not change to be more maneable to a representative"

That's your right as a citizen.

I just think we've been completely spoiled by Ron. If Rand runs...he will more than likely get my vote. He has a real shot at winning...and it would be an opportunity to actually change things a little in this country. Imagine no signings of NDAA while indefinite detention is allowed...foreign aid squelched...a federal government that would allow us to do what we want with out bodies...reduced drone strikes abroad....an actual shrinking of the federal government.

Lesser of two evils? Not in my opinion....it's an option to actually get the country moving in our direction to me. Is it ron? No....but it's still lightyears from where we are now.

well saidYes, if i had those

well said

Yes, if i had those options, and rand was the only liberty candidate amongst a pack of wolves, then i can also concievably vote for rand, were i to have those options

But as things stand now, if those were my option, ill always be looking for a better candidate, THE perfect candidate, and i dont think for one instance that ron is a one of a kind.......hes, a KIND, deffinatly, but i dont think hes a "one of", if you know what i mean.......i believe in the right time, right place situations showing me that which we seek, morals, kind heart and conviction......and an understanding of history from the "lower class" perpective


"But as things stand now, if those were my option, ill always be looking for a better candidate, THE perfect candidate"


Yeah and while we are at it.

Why don`t we give up a little more of our Constitutional rights and not be such spoiled brats holding out for 100% of our inalienable rights.
There`s a slippery slope out there some where we went down years ago.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

You (OP) don't get it. Many

You (OP) don't get it. Many supporters refused to vote for a "lesser evil" prior to 2008. We were content voting our conscience and "wasting" our vote". Then Ron Paul announced he was running and we got fired up because we FINALLY had a chance to vote our conscience on a candidate who actually had a (very slim) chance of winning, since he wasn't hamstrung by running 3rd party.

Fast forward 5 years and you show up to the party and call us spoiled because Rand doesn't fire us up the was Ron did...

So no, we haven't become spoiled. We're exactly the same as we were before Ron announced. Principled.

no, you don't get it

You're in a cult of personality and not about the message. That is never was Ron was about.

Get back on the message. Ron endorses other candidates. Are you calling him unprincipled for doing so? Then you are a fool.

The two party paradigm,going along to get along, & flip flopping

The two party paradigm,going along to get along, Flip flopping and endless rhetoric has gotten us nowhere. It's long overdue for politicians to behave and vote like Ron Paul did. I know Dr Paul is not a saint and not 100% perfect, but he does represent what is needed to best get this country back on track. Is Rand playing a game that will get him elected, where his fathers game never could? Maybe? But I will also never fully trust Rand's game either and think it's healthy to keep close tabs him, Cruz, Lee etc...

We are smart enough to know for sure that the liberty movement WILL be infiltrated by LINO's/ rHINO's ie...people hand picked and carefully played by TPTB to trick the population with rhetoric and cast some votes in favor issues dear to us but not touch the big ones. And no, i'm not insinuating that Rand is that such person.

At least that's my take.

And you are...


From leaked documents about stratfor and it's predecessor companies...

"Divide activists into four groups: Radicals, Idealists, Realists and Opportunists.

The Opportunists are in it for themselves and can be pulled away for their own self-interest.

The Realists can be convinced that transformative change is not possible and we must settle for what is possible.

Idealists can be convinced they have the facts wrong and pulled to the Realist camp.

Radicals, who see the system as corrupt and needing transformation, need to be isolated and discredited, using false charges to assassinate their character is a common tactic."

Holding politicians accountable is a disturbing trend???

I guess ron was right:

"truth is treason in the empire of lies"
-Ron Paul

You hold the bad ones accountable...

by supporting the good ones like Amash, and Massie who can defeat them.

If you don't and just say OH THEY AREN'T RON PAUL FORGET IT then you let the bad ones win with no accountability

How about we support Ideas

and principles.

Hero worship is counter-productive.

he has a point

Yes politicians should be honoring their oaths. Like someone else said Massie and Amash have. A lot of people still seem to be thinking, "hes not as good as Ron so I can't support him because..." Or they don't support someone like Rand or Cruz because they don't see that they are trying to lay the groundwork and build support from people who oppose/opposed his father.

Rand is walking as fine of a line as he can to stay as close to principle as possible and get those people who didn't support Ron to come to see what we have learned from Ron. Playing politics. So when people see this and don't try to see the bigger picture they start saying, "Rand is a neocon".

We all want to fix the mess in DC but too many want instantaneous changes to the things that took decades to become the way they are now. When more liberty candidates step into the fray we will slowly get our desired changes. There are too many old farts set in their ways that need to retire. Once they start stepping down finally we should hopefully be seeing the changes happen. These coming mid term elections should help illustrate that.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

The author has a point!

Although he is probably talking about a minority of people here. Many Paul supporters won't be happy with anyone that's not Ron Paul. Just go on any comments section and post that you would like to see Gary Johnson in the next round of Presidential debates just so that we can have another candidate talking about liberty. You are guaranteed too get a comment or two telling you just how horrible he is and how he is an Ron Paul wannabe. You will always get this even though he is a better than 90% of our current politicians that currently are in office. Actually that 90% number I threw out is probably low.

Hmmm, alright.

So, basically you're saying that holding staunch principles is equivalent to being a spoiled brat?

What makes you think purism isn't present in the work place? Are there not jobs out there that require their employees to have a 2 or 4 year degree in order to be hired? If that's not purism, I'm not sure what is.

I'll support/not support whomever I damn well please, based on a list of qualifications that I deem important and if that rubs you the wrong way, that's your problem, not mine.

no, you don't get it

Ron has staunch principles and endorses other candidates. But so many here just say oh they aren't as good as Ron not worth my time. That's a cult of personality. Ron wanted it to be about the message

No, I don't think YOU get it.

I don't care who the person is - I care about what they stand for. It's not about a cult personality because I'd never say: All I want is Ron Paul and no one else is good enough for me. The reason I like Ron Paul is because of his opinions and principles - anyone can hold those.

That being said, I refuse to vote or support someone who doesn't uphold my ideals. Do you expect a Democrat to vote for a Republican or a Republican to vote for a Democrat? No, because when you have certain standards and a politician doesn't meet those standards, you don't support them.

It's quite a simple concept - I understand the point you're trying to make, but honestly it seems like you're setting up a trap for people rather than truly trying to be a voice of reason. Some people held their nose and voted Bush Jr., that was a mistake and now you're asking libertarians to do it for so-called "libertarian" politicians.

burn-it-all-down anarchists supported Ron but wanted him to lose

when Rand didn't lose the election, that was his first mortal sin.

positive incrementalism in government runs at stark contrast to violent anarchist. they want it to all burn down.

so, what they do here is demand Rand commit political suicide like his father whilst referring to themselves as the gold-standard on Libertarianism.

Oh, so we are spoiled brats

Oh, so we are spoiled brats for wanting politicians to obey their oath to constitution?

Sheesh, give me a break.


Massie and Amash obeyed their oath. Guess you are one of the spoiled brats, lol