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Feds say Marijuana as deadly as Alcohol...No confirmed Marijuana deaths...

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Smoking cannabis sometimes

Smoking cannabis sometimes causes psychotic reactions in people who have not smoked it.

And like they said a few posts down, "But alcohol is legal!"

My 15+ Years of Smoking Marijuana says Otherwise

No health issues, no unpaid bills, no broken relationships with family or friends, no psychosis, no losing my job I've had for 9 years, no violent behaviour, no laziness, etc.

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Unscientific cop-out.

Unscientific cop-out. "individuals in different circumstances have different risk" - with the death count alone we can draw some conclusions..."marijuana is about 100 times safer than cocaine" this number is from someone's ass too. Smoke 10000 joints and tell me how you feel then do 100 lines and we'll do an autopsy.

Or for that matter, take 15

Or for that matter, take 15 aspirin at once and see what happens. And that stuff is in every bathroom cabinet in America.

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whats wrong with this picture

Feds say Marijuana is as deadly as alcohol

But Alcohol is legal!