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Epitome of the works I bequeath to you all - re-post as unpublished!

Someone holds their reconcile as wax and wick and flame
whether the gesture is for God I am not told,
but it bears semblance to a point in my childhood,
a man his name behold...

I still at this day refuse a name for you,
it was not for the book, chapter or verses I sought you,
the sparrow and the finch sung out clearer for me,
your Majesty in their praise-song...

Someday our discrepancies will be the nuisance we abate,
and we will long again the crickets and the sloughs,
lest our fate be bound a solemn gathering,
midst thicket and thorn to flame will borne our unsounded plea,
we sounded ingenuous in all our time.

We held our reconcile up as all religious artifact,
whether the gesture was for God I was not told,
but it was a time for repentance and barter,
and the gates of small flooded with many,
but on their heels many were held back,
to rebuild a place of new faith,
a place of higher dimension for love.

Justin D Klinkebiel

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