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Will This New VPN Technology Stop Big Brother and Keep Your ISP From Watching You Online?

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I have been weary of these

I have been weary of these VPNs since they started getting popular. All you are now doing is trusting your private information to another, unknown, private party, giving them money to 'protect your privacy' thats now funneled through their unknown systems in a foreign country that is likely a US satellite or a corrupt bloc nation, neither seems promising, especially since all the big global corporations that control all the major nodes are already hijacked. TOR is hijacked. Lavabit was shut down, how many small companies you think just give in to similiar threats and didnt make a peep?

Using any privacy service will most likely just set off a bunch of red flags. I forsee(if it isnt already) use of a VPN being enough probably cause to have you 'listed', just like posting here on daily paul.

I think VPNs are just an extra illusion of safety/profiteers. You can probably get some benefit from a VPN, but you will still be tracked, and most likely moreso.

Be weary of these VPNs, thoroughly research any service you might consider. consider people are using them for illegal activity, consider your activity could be confused with criminal activity and at the least you could get hit with unforeseen collateral damage like the people who lost all their email logs when lavabit went down.