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Police taser a man off a roof, choke, drag him face-down on stairs, killing him

The use of a stun gun on a person who is in danger of falling is not allowed to be used in Phoenix, Arizona. But that didn’t stop officers from extricating a man from his roof by giving him a thorough tasering, followed by a choke drag face-down in order to “rescue him.” The father of the victim was a former detective who believes the police went too far.


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I Watched The Video

This is murder. These uniformed people (not officers, because they acted outside the law) tortured an unarmed man until he was unconscious, then murdered him, then brutalized his lifeless body. I can't understand... why? What hope is there when laws are enforced by evil criminals?

Police = domestic terrorists.

Are we at the point where vigilante justice is necessary? What will it take to remedy our dire situation: homicidal cops / domestic terrorists like these ending up in body bags? "Law enforcement" organizations operate like rogue gangs and cannot be trusted to police their own. Worse still, they are actively waging a brutal, one-sided war against the very citizens who pay their salaries and whom they are sworn to protect. I fear the moment may be close at hand when preemptive strikes against domestic terrorists such as these murderous cops, carried out by responsible and capable citizens, may not only be justified but entirely necessary to secure the safety of the People.

What would the Founders do?

"pre-emptive strikes", lol, are a litte ways off, I think...

But proper defensive counter measures may be in order.

Police across the country have proven they can too often be reckless killers, with little to no respect for the law itself.

How do you know when you are going to cross one of these maniacs with a license to kill?

If it comes down to being brutally killed by a gang of hyenas in blue uniform for so much as nothing, and having to cross a social stigma to keep from being another statistic of a corrupt system, I'll do what I need to do to protect my life, and my constitutional rights.

There is actually legal precedent for defending oneself from physical arm, & unlawful arrest, even if it is a police officer.

See John Bad Elk vs. U.S. ...and a boat load of other cases...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

there is only one way left


Guys, I am looking for a realistic solution to this cop problem.

But I am not seeing one. Not a non-violent one at least.

What I am seeing is a very swift, but gradual enough, complete and utter fall into total authoritarian tyranny.

Looks just like early or pre- Nazi Germany.

How the hell do we effectively reverse this before it consumes this nation, without a violent revolution, &/or social collapse?

We are stuck between a rock & hard place. Can we start looking for solutions?

Will it be as simple as forcibly standing up for our constitutional rights, and forcing the government to respect the individual, who just might flip his or her $hit and smoke some fool cop who thinks he's above the law? Maybe a corrupt Judge or two, here or there, I'm wondering? Maybe we need to put teeth into the constitution again? Make the government respect the people. Water the old Tree of Liberty.

Please, tell me I'm wrong.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


I went looking for a solution to this problem at my local hunting store, they told me they were out of solutions, i'll keep looking.

Forbid cops from policing

Forbid cops from policing certain types of crimes. Devote 75% of the police force to policing rape, robbery, murder, assault and the most heinous crimes only. Devote the other 25% of the force to policing white collar crime, traffic violations, and lower level crimes.

Something like that.

Eliminating the 'war on drugs', yes, that's a good start...

We are seeing success on the marijuana front. That makes up a huge percentage of unjust arrests in America. We need to continue to push until marijuana is legal again. Then keep at it.

But now, we are seeing them take out their rage on often, even more helpless individuals, "guilty" of seemingly even less benign behavior.

That tells me something really bad is being done. We should all remember the *Child, *Old Man, and *Pregnant Woman, shooting targets that police departments around the country were buying up, and training the officers with. We should all know about DHS, and why they're buying 1.6 BILLION rds. of hollow point ammo, and buying B.E.A.R.C.A.T.s for local small towns to put down non-violent protesters.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

end the war on drugs, hmm NOT

end the war on drugs, hmm NOT ON RANDS AGENDA YOU WANT.

Ron Paul 2016

The solution is simple.

Give cops one job and only one job: To apprehend an individual that has infringed upon another individual's life liberty or property. I literally see no other need or use for police in a free society.

Ok. But that's an idea, not a realistic solution.

How could we go about accomplishing that goal?

I don't think we even need police for that. That is something a well regulated militia can handle, or a few deputized citizens / militiamen by the locally elected sheriff.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I don't understand what you

I don't understand what you mean by 'realistic solution'?!?

If police weren't given immunity from being held accountable for initiating infringement upon an individual(that has not harmed another)'s life, liberty, or property then there were be no problems with police.

So just always advocate for police to be held accountable for their crimes and hope enough others will agree with you.

It's like asking what's the solution to murder? There is no 'solution' that would eradicate all murder. Anyone could go out and murder someone anytime they wanted to like some bored Oklahoma boys. What can be done is to apprehend and hold the offending individuals accountable to dissuade other criminals. And just like those boys will be held accountable(even though they won't likely be held accountable enough in my eyes) police should also be held accountable for initiation of violence.

I mean how can that be made into reality!?

You might as well say, "let's get every cop to be really nice."

Wasn't that your point when you said "It's like asking what's the solution to murder?"

Your idea is just that, an idea. I'm talking about an actual step by step plan, that you as an individual can begin to implement.

How do we go about "getting cops to only focus on major crimes"?

HOW? Do we petition? Do we protest? What can the individual citizen do, tomorrow, today, to do something about this cop problem?!!!

See what I'm saying?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

No good Solution.


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

So where are the "good cops" again in that department?

Why hasn't their boss fired their asses and turned them over to the DA for prosecution?

Because there are no good cops. That's why.

If there were any, you wouldn't see this type of behavior, because the good ones wouldn't tolerate it.

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing, but then again, if they did nothing in the face of evil, they really aren't good men are they? Being "good" is useless if you do nothing.

They are picking us off

one at a time and getting away with it.When will people get fed up enough to do something about it.

Low Hanging Fruit Cops

Police suffer from "Low Hanging Fruit Cop Syndrome".

A large number of low level legal violations have been written, so cops have a tendency to go after the easy busts and don't focus on the more heinous criminal acts. This puts the prosecution focus on the general law abiding population rather than the hard criminal element.

Thank you for posting this

I just hope someone is keeping track of these Sub humans.

Can't wait to hear the

Can't wait to hear the regular DP authority apologists explain to us how the cops were just doing their job and this dude deserved to die.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Will they FINALLY begin to wake up, as "one of their own" begin

taking their own loved ones, too?? "They," being the FORMER 'enforcer class.'

Here's a local news coverage of the murder committed by the State thugs:

Police taser man to get him off a roof, choke & drag him face-down across a staircase, killing him

Published on Aug 20, 2013


Man dies after being taken into custody in Phoenix

PHOENIX, AZ — A 44-year-old man climbed onto the roof of his apartment and began acting strangely. Police arrived to help him down, but instead ended up killing him.


Michael Angel Ruiz had a history of drug addiction. On July 28, for reasons unknown, he climbed onto the roof of his apartment. Witnesses called the police to protect his safety. This turned out to have been a fatal decision.

First they tased him several times on the roof. He finally complied and hopped down. Cops immediately swarmed him and put him in a choke-hold.

Witness Gary Carthen said that Ruiz was "getting choked out and tased at the same time." He remained in a choke-hold for at least three minutes.

The most disturbing moments were to come. Michael Ruiz, now fully restrained, was dragged down the concrete stairs on his face. As deputies held his arms behind his back, they allowed his head to dangle and thump against every stair. At this point Ruiz may have already lost consciousness, and was making no attempt to lift his head. Video shows him lifelessly suffering head trauma on the descent down the stair case.

"I just felt sick to my stomach," said Richard Erickson, a retired police detective. "I'd never seen anything like this before, even when I was with the police department."


Unfortunately, this poor man's surviving father will not be the only "former cop," who will begin to find out that EVERY SINGLE TYRANNY that they have enacted against the citizenry, previously, as a cop on the beat, WILL 100% come back to bite them, either by 'one of their own,' or post Nuremberg 2.0.

Fate of History spares no one.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

They also need to be wise to remember what happend just prior to

Nuremburg 1 and what it took to even get to that point.

Very few "foot soldiers" who were "just following orders" were tried.

Most were killed in the war.