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A Syrian's perspective on Syria

Last night I stopped by a local Syrian restaurant I found on Yelp. It was run by some 1st gen immigrants and the place reminded me of my brief but enjoyable time in the Middle East.

While waiting for my order I started to chat with the guy at the counter. I ended up asking him his perspective of the war in Syria. He said that it was terrible over there. His family are Christians and his cousin was just executed by the "freedom fighters" for being an infidel. He was pretty distraught as his father and sister are still out there. He said they are trying to get their visa's to come to the US but they keep getting denied. He also said that he doesn't like Assad but that at least Assad wasn't murdering his family. I felt horrible for the guy.

I found out later that at the same time, his mother who can't speak a lick of English, was pouring her heart out to my wife outside. The lady was crying pretty heavily when I walked out with our order. My wife couldn't understand what she was saying but was able to figure it out.

I sure hope his dad and sister don't end up being casualties of the chemical bomb that went off over there last night. The whole thing just makes me fill sick inside.

Apparently our government is cool with giving aid to terrorists in other countries they don't really want to deal with the refugee's that those terrorists create.

The guys name is Firas. If you think about it, keep him and his family in your prayers.

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