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Smear Campaign Against Ron Paul Continues

Southern Poverty Law Center makes millions peddling 'hate' and Ron Paul should sue them for libel.


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same reason why after initial release cycle about the newsletters and the terms they were all INTENTIONALLY trying to tie to the good doc, I stopped posting links, unless there were some virtual proxy options.

besides, I always assumed that most alert r3VOL were savvy enough to look up any "ron paul" related news by date on google news search, and if really had a need, they'd find all those hitpiece links, on their own.

though, must admit, during the height of each of the last two POTUS cycles, it was damn near impossible to NOT check, damn near every day, almost EVERY single blog and/or MSM posts about the Good Doc, be it fair-ish, or outright hitpieces; made the trade off of giving them web-traffic, while doing a whole bunch of drive-by commentaries, sowing some Red Pill seeds, and p0wnzage, as time allowed.D

it's kinda sad though, what RawStory.com has turned into; during GWB yrs, they were the one of the handful truly 'liberal,' mainly fairish, news aggregators around. But in oBUSHma-era, its co-founder and a RABIDLY bigoted hetero-phobe, militant, gay activist Mike Rogers took more direct day to day control over its operations, it's de facto become the online arm of The Advocate magazine!

There's ALREADY the Advocate mag; wholly pathetic that MAJORITY of 'big' blurbs on RawStory.com is now basically wall to wall 'gay marriage'-this, 'anyone not on board with oBUSHma or MSDNC are bigoted racists'-that, etc.

Sure, why the fcuk not? It's like what's more important than LGBT issues? You know, so what? police brutality? govt policestate and warcrimes, etc.? Pfft, whoTF cares! weeeeeeee!

RawStory truly has become a mere caricature of its former self.

Oddly enough, Larisa Alexdranova, the 'Editor-at-Large' at the Raw Story is the uber libertarian activist Scott Horton's wife! That said, Larissa used to write regularly, not sure if she's still there (even though WiKi still cites as if she is), her work's completely absent and frankly since it became evident that they practically stopped posting her writings altogether, that's precisely when the shift in the direction of RS began, in earnest. Plus their resident Austinite blogger Stepehn C. Webster is a closet 9/11 Truther who's not a MIHOP or LIHOP but actually still deludes moronically in the govt's official conspiracy fairytale. That said, it wasn't till the oBUSHma yrs that Webster started calling AJ a "conspiracy theorist" and began smearing anything and everything AJ, Ron and Rand Paul and libertarianism as a whole.

Considering an apparent and overt shift, there's only one person that's responsible for the RawStory's drastic change in direction and focus: Mike Rogers.

Rogers is a truly despicable POS, whom actually, coincidentally made a living exposing closeted homosexual Republicans who were publicly hostile to the gays.


That said, if 'sexual identity integrity'/exposing hypocrisy were such an important guiding principle to him, why does he hold that over them/blackmail them, until it's needed? Obviously, he only uses that card, as a politically expedient necessity.

Mike Rogers is one despicable motherfcuker who is indicative of EVERYTHING that's wrong about American politics. Illegal wars? Torture? Bankster induced bankruptcies and theft? 9/11 coverup? Benghazi? All of oBUSHma's crimes? What's that, as long as a closet homo is outed?? Gee... wonder why he hasn't exposed Lindsey Graham, yet. Isn't that in fact the most telling part, the fact that he exposed and threatens to expose, constantly those whom he deems a threat to his gay politics and 'progressive' statist politics, yet, he sees nothing wrong with Graham.

It's like at certain point, doesn't he even realize that there will be no future? More apropos of his particular politics, WTF good is 'gay politics' now, if you don't even live in a country where your fundamental rights aren't even protected to the point that for him, he won't even be able to dicker over gay politics, as at current trajectory, he won't even have a country TO dicker over gay politics, in??

The fact is, Mike Rogers the douchebag smears the Pauls every chance he gets now!

Now, if Rogers had any sane logical bone in his body, and were able to objectively gauge the political reality, coldly, the ONLY ones who would promote and instill policies that would be the most favorable toward gays, along with any and all minorities of ANY type, not to mention EVERY American, hell, the entire world, would be the Pauls!!

Yet, he broke, spat on, and burnt every single olive branch the libertarians/paleocons/Constitutinalists offered his way.

To scumfcuks like Mike Rogers, it's like the abortion/pro-life industrial complex; they actually NEED the division, and each other; if ever these issues were truly resolved or dealt at individual, or at worst, at State govt levels, these monkeys would absolutely have ZERO political capital. Which, makes all this shiit so despicably disgusting, and frankly pointless.

Allow me to be intentionally, wholly politically-incorrect; it truly can only be called one thing: asshole-politics.

That, is exactly what all that is, literally, and figuratively!

Seriously, the world going to shiit, yet to them, all they want to dicker over is gays and abortion. Gays and Abortion! Gays and Abortion! Gays and Abortion! Gays and Abortion! Gays and Abortion!

Like shiit, WTF did the humanity do with itself before those two factions came along??

As if either side actually understand the very definition of what a natural right is, let alone truly 100% pro-life in all areas. It's like you dumb monkeys, you're NOT gonna have a world to dicker over your particular politics if you don't get rid of the War-pire and policestate! Like, does that compute, primates??


Soapbox, completed. LOL .0)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Very nice rant.

What is so cool about people that respect the truth, they dig into areas of THEIR OWN calling to expose liers, cheats, and thieves.

And share it with others. Since 1997 I've been focused on the monetary system.

Truth is making progress.