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Stossel: Alabama Cop Fired For Recording His Sgt. Ordering Ticket Quota "The Police State" 8/15/2013

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This is amazing

A cop can kill a person and keep his job, but Oh you question the ticketing process and your fired, pathetic, this guy needs to run for Sheriff definitely.

the former cop should run for

the former cop should run for county sherrif. I would vote for him if I could and I think many others would too.

I couldn't agree more

He would make a great sheriff!

Don't like Stossel anymore, but

This is a great interview.

How can anyone on the dp not

How can anyone on the dp not like stossel? The man is right next to the judge as being the best people on fox news/ business.

Devil's Advocate

Stossel often pretends to take the other side of the argument. He does it almost every time. He knows you can't just let the guest make statements unchallenged and expect to win over people to their point of view.

Which isn't to say he's "pure" -- but then, who is?

What do you think?

NSA surveillance

Being okay with NSA surveillance without the proper warrants, violated the 4th amendment of all citizens, that is from a Libertarian stand point unforgivable.