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Greece - another bailout?


EU leaders are discussing it.

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Troika Wants Greek Homes Repossessed


Who is in the crosshairs and who benefits?

Free includes debt-free!

Bailout equals loan to be repaid with interest.

A loan based on Greek assets used as collateral.

Greek Government will screw up, the loan won't be repaid and the creditor's repo men will come for the people's collateral.

What kind of god protects people from their chosen stupidities?

Free includes debt-free!


Since they no longer have control over their own finances will the repo men come after the troika? ;)


If Greece borrows money will Greece be Greek any more.

Or will they be tenants on collateral government borrowed against.

Government is only good for government officials, not so good for anyone else.

When more than half are government parasites, government is good for nothing.

Free includes debt-free!