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A Day at Edgefield Prison Camp-A Current Political Prisoner Speaks Out

A Day at Edgefield Prison Camp "The Hole In the Fence"

What a strange place this is! I shake my head in disbelief many times each week over things I see and hear in here, but today ...well, let me try to

Yesterday, about 9 A.M., the staff called for everyone to go back in the dorm. (Our housing unit is described in the Nov. 3, 2009, Knee-Mail on www.
cseblogs.com "Dear Joyce.") Apparently, they had discovered that someone had cut a hole in the 10' fence that surrounds our camp's approximately ten
acres. Most camps don't have any fence. They assume d (probably correctly) that someone had cut the hole to bring in some "contraband" which is typically cigarettes or cell phones. These two items seem to
drive the staff ballistic so, after searching the yard, they ordered everyone out of the dorms for a "shake-down" to find whatever was brought in the night before.

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I also like his thoughts on the school systems. I dont think he has a list to fix the school system though.


what a mess--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--