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Whitehouse.gov petition ideas

- Obama pardon Bradley Manning on his last day in office in Jan. 2016 (asap of course, but don't think that's likely)
- arrest + file charges against Clapper for perjury
- award Edward Snowden presidential medal of freedom

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How about this?

Admit Whitehouse.gov petitions are absolutely meaningless.

In the attempt to make the United States government appear more transparent and to promote an emotional feeling that U.S. Persons have a voice in government, Whitehouse.gov petitions were created. Since their inception it has become clear that they mean nothing and are simply a clever public relations scheme.

In the sprit of true transparency we petition the Obama administration admit Whitehouse.gov petitions are absolutely meaningless and in effect are simply a forum for the weak and impoverish to beg the despots of society.

The could lower the required number of signatures threshold from

250,000 to, oh I don't know, 1. Yeah, 1 signature. That sounds about right.

I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by pandas starving hysterical naked

-Allen Ginsberg


we should make a petition to make Whitehouse.gov petitions mean something. LOL!!!