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2016 Theories & Projections

Time to think ahead to 2016 and present your best projections, punditry and prognostications.

I'll start things off with a theory: Joe Biden will run for president, not because he or anyone else thinks he can win, but to act as a minesweeper for Hillary Clinton. Biden will be free to rail against and attack opponents on the right and the left as a form of party "payola" to lay the ground (with Obama's blessings) for a smooth transition to the installation of America's first Iron Lady, Hillary "Rowdy" Rodham Clinton.

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Will we even have an election

Will we even have an election in 2016? Or civil unrest and violent revolution?

1) I highly doubt Rand Paul

1) I highly doubt Rand Paul is running. Granted that the future is always in motion, but he has promised to run for reelection in Kentucky, and he can't run for both per Kentucky law. His wife has nixed a presidential run for Rand, and the usual statements he has made in favor of a POTUS run are facetious ones like "not ruling it out" and "wouldn't mind," and he often admits explicitly that he's just stoking the media speculation so he can present his philosophy to the public with tons of otherwise unreachable coverage (much like his dad).

2) If things change and Rand does run (assuming TPTB don't forcibly stop him), he will win the nomination, and though it's too early to be sure, he will have a massive leg up in the general election. As someone who's interested in politics as a game (like chess), I am amazed every time I hear Rand open his mouth, even when I disagree with him, at how politically adroit he is. He makes Obama and Bill Clinton look like Perry and Biden (skill-wise).

3) Rubio is probably not the GOPE selection (they are purists, after all), but he is NOT damaged goods to conservative voters because of his immigration reform; that's his biggest strength. In fact, he is our biggest threat for now because he has Teaocon creds; while being viewed as a conservative, he can claim the "electability" mantle - especially with the GOP's new best friend: Sr. Latino. "No estamos no el partido del gringos no mas!" If you think conservatives won't forgive his trespass, google Willard Romney, or look at this video of a Republican grassroots strategy meeting.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

The Independents

After the economy comes crashing down in 2014, the liberty movement comes up with a solid plan for greater freedom under a smaller government, finds a big money contributor to help establish its own arm of the media to sell the plan, and runs an Independent ticket of Justin Amash and Judge Andrew Napolitano.


Interesting theory but Biden is such a loose cannon he'd be more likely to hurt the other dem candidates than help. He can't stay on-script. They keep him locked up for good reason.

I think Hillary will run virtually unopposed in the primary. The narrative will be about the first black president followed by the first woman president.

In response the GOP runs Condoleezza Rice.

No not really. But then who? Rand won't win over the neocons in spite of supporting the sanctions against Iran that Ron Paul called "literally an act of war." The GOP PTB won't ever be fully convinced that he's the kind of team player they want, and they'd rather lose with a team player than win with someone they can't control. I can't see Cruz or Christie or Jindal or Rubio or Jeb getting any serious traction, either, for various reasons.

So: Paul Ryan gets the GOP nomination, and picks Nikki Haley for his running mate.

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Sounds pretty likely on all

Sounds pretty likely on all counts. The GOP big wigs/elites wont pick Rand. They know he's not a bankers guy and who his daddy is. Paul Ryan sounds about right, I think it's gonna be Christie, he's from the Northeast, where most of the nominees have come from in both parties, other than the Bushes, and they are old money all the way. The media will call him a "dynamic" speaker, etc etc, the same stuff they did to boost Romney. Or it will be Jeb Bush, someone like that. Rand needs to get re-elected to the Senate, he's doing a good job. I think the 2016 talk is premature, we need to make a certain someone a lame duck next year, and it is possible. Also a bunch of RINO's are being primaried. God I wish Lee Bright could prevail over Graham in SC. Also McConnell is being challenged.

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Of course 2016 talk is

Of course 2016 talk is premature. It's about getting your best/wildest prediction on record early!

Ouch! Paul Ryan and Nikki

Ouch! Paul Ryan and Nikki Haley? LOL... Prepare to suffer under Hillary until 2024? I'm leaving.