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The Guardian: David Miranda WINS Partial Court VICTORY Over Data Seized By Police - VIDEO

The Guardian: David Miranda WINS Partial Court VICTORY Over Data Seized By Police - VIDEO

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• Court restricts authorities 'inspecting, copying or sharing' data
• Met launches criminal inquiry after analysing data

theguardian.com, Thursday 22 August 2013 11.21 EDT

David Miranda has been granted a limited injunction at the high court to stop the government and police "inspecting, copying or sharing" data seized from him during his detention at Heathrow airport – but examination by the police for national security purposes is allowed.

Miranda had taken the government to court to try and get the data returned, but judges ruled that the police would be able to make limited use of what had been taken during his nine-hour detention on Sunday. He is the partner of Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian reporter who has exposed mass digital surveillance by US and UK spy agencies.

The court ruled the authorities must not inspect the data nor distribute it domestically or to any foreign government or agency unless it is for the purpose of ensuring the protection national security or for investigating whether Miranda is himself involved in the commission, instigation or preparation of an act of terrorism.

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This is a "partial VICTORY"??

This is a "partial VICTORY"?? I dont get it - ...

they probably shared it 4 days ago.


Letting the world know that

Letting the world know that the UK is helping the NSA spy on the free citizens of the world is a "threat to national security"