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Lead Developer for HPV Vaccine Admits it is Useless, Likely Dangerous

Lead Developer for HPV Vaccine Admits it is Useless, Likely Dangerous

Mike Barrett
August 22, 2013

The two vaccines currently available to ‘treat’ human papillomavirus (HPV), Gardasil, distributed by Merck & Co., and Cervarix, distributed by GlaxoSmithKline, are ‘useless and dangerous’ according to one of the lead researchers involved in their development.

Back in 2009, Dr. Diane Harper, admitted that the vaccines were likely more dangerous than the disease they were trying to prevent, that is, until Big Pharma companies persuaded her to change her tune.

Dr. Harper is a practicing OBGYN, and she has said that “approximately 70% of women who contract HPV are going to clear that all by themselves within the first year, with no help from anyone,” which includes the interference of GlaxoSmithKline and Merck & Co.
Furthermore, within 2-years, she says that 90% of those infections are going to clear all by themselves.

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Our daughter's nursing

instructors 'advised' their students not to get it. Of course, we already made that decision years ago for our sweet girl.

Now those involved want to give the drug to little boys as well as little girls (think of the money!).

Don't let that garbage near your children and teach them the practice of chastity (gasp!) until marriage. Problem solved.

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Excellent Report