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Louis Farrakhan warns white people

I was rather surprised when I saw this video this morning, and I'm wondering what you folk think of it.

Is he right? Is he wrong? Does it matter?

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My point is that race did not

My point is that race did not get this country into the mess it's in -- bad decision after bad decision did. It was a delusion that one's "superior" race would protect one from his own self-destructive tendency.

You are partially

You are partially right.
Except, who is claiming "superiority"?

Doesn't everybody feel he's superior, deep down?

Whites feel they're superior. Blacks feel they're superior. Asians feel they're superior. La Raza feels they're superior. Everybody thinks that because he's superior, his decisions will be superior ones. We're in a whole lotta mess in America today, and we didn't get here overnight. It was a long chain of bad decisions by ourselves and our parents and our grandparents that got us here today. Our color did not get us here. Our bad decisions did.

I think many people do--

I know I don't--

I feel a lot of shame for the suffering of people that my ancestors or I, unknowingly, may have caused.

But I'm guilt prone.

Not everyone is.

I think only people who hurt for other people should be allowed to have anything to do with making decisions that affect other people, but generally speaking psychopaths or sociopaths have better skills at convincing others that they know what they are talking about.

People who spend a lot of time asking themselves if they are doing the right thing--

are often not trusted, because they aren't aggressive enough.

It's a contrary world.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Bad decisions did get us here.

But, nobody is saying we should flood Asia with millions of non-Asians to assimilate and create a homogeneous society.

Nobody is saying we should flood Mexico with millions of non-Mexicans to assimilate and create a homogeneous society.

Nobody is saying we should flood Africa with millions of non-Africans to assimilate and create a homogeneous society.

This is ONLY happening in White countries.
ONLY White children are affected by this.
ONLY White leaders promote this.

Asia for the Asians. Africa for the Africans. White countries for everyone...Everybody knows

Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White.

White countries tend to have white people running them

It's the white politicians who are saying we should flood America with millions of illegal aliens. It's the white politicians who want to deliberately destroy America. The Chuck Shumers, Diane Feinsteins, Barbara Boxers, John McCains, Lindsey Grahams, Marco Rubios, and dare I say, Rand Pauls. Open borders is the lily white "Austrian School" way to so-called "prosperity". Prosperity for the globalists, not for Americans.


People who look like me, but have no loyalty to me.

Did we elect White people? Or

Did we elect White people?

Or Pink pretenders campaigning on platforms of lies?

So statists aren't

"true" white people? Saying that is like calling a conservative black man an "oreo" for opposing affirmative action.

To make it a little more

To make it a little more clear, using your term, an "oreo" generally opposes Affirmative Action because he believes it is BAD for his group. But, he has loyalty to his group. A "Pink" does not have this loyalty.

The vast majority of people, of all races,

who oppose affirmative action do so out of principle, not self-interest.

In this context "pink" refers

In this context "pink" refers to the Western Elites who are basically White/European and have designed Social Engineering Programs with a stated goal being the destruction of all European Children.

The Soviet System was billed as a Workers Paradise. However, this Workers Paradise had to have guards at the border with machine guns to keep people from leaving. The present Politically Correct System that currently reigns in the West is terribly similar conceptually. This present system that governs the West is based on all these wonderful feel good universal concepts like multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance and immigration. However all these wonderful universal concepts are for White Countries and ONLY White Countries. And under International Law this amounts to Genocide.

White on white genocide

And although the powerful elite destroy the white race by design, this powerful elite is itself all white. Look at the monarchies in Europe. Why do we need this remnant from the Dark Ages that one family's gene pool is superior to the rest? Look at who attends Bilderberg. There might be a few token people of color invited in this year or that, but they are only invited to carry out the genocidal agenda of the powerful elite. Look at the banks. What people of color own the banks? Gaddafi dared to own a bank. Look what they did to him. In order to exorcise this genocidal threat to humanity, we must end monarchies, end secret societies, and end the banking cartels which have imprisoned the planet.

So, is the Genocide of the

So, is the Genocide of the White race acceptable to you?


No race should be destroyed. At the Tower of Babel, we were all one race and one language. But because we united to defy our Creator, our Creator separated us into different races and different languages so we could no longer unite easily again. But we must unite, to rectify our misdeeds at the Tower of Babel.

So becuase mankind defied our Creator

we should now defy Him further in order to rectify that trespass? I hope you don't have too much influence on your friends and family.

Unite for the Creator, not the hater

How does uniting the races to honor the Creator defy the will of the Creator? You sound like a hater.

I hate that racist phrase.

Not to mention the ignorance of its use.

Let me tell you something about color and we will keep it black and white. White contains all the colors of the spectrum whereas black is the absence of color.

So not only is the phrase "people of color" ignorant but the attempted use of it to single out and exclude "white" people only goes to show the ignorance of those who would try to do so. Not to mention the obviously racist mindset behind it.

I am a man, not a color

I do not like when somebody refers to me by my color. Likewise, I do not expect others to like it either. I was using color for effect, because it is widely thrown around in modern American discourse. I do not like hyphenated names, like African-American. So, if I can't use black, and I can't use African-American, what term should I use? I used "people of color". Is "colored people" more to your liking? How 'bout "niggra"? Maybe we should check the Ron Paul newsletters for the preferred terminology.

Also I don't give a rat's butt

what terminology Ron Paul uses concerning race. He is not god, at least he isn't mine.

Don't give me that crap.

You use the term "people of color" for the sole purpose of excluding "white" people from the rest of humanity. To use the term colored people is just as stupid and is used by equally stupid people.

It is the engrained and accepted racism that you exhibit that is the problem in this country.

What do YOU call "those people"?

So, tell me, Mr. self-proclaimed non-racist, what do you call Minister Farakkhan and people who look like him? If you don't see color, what color neighborhoods do you avoid?

Ah, a physics student! lol

So, Klaus, are you justifying the Genocide of the White race?

No genocide

Although, genocide limited to royal families is tempting.

Chris Christie just keeps growing and growing and growing

When people say, "I will support the nominee of my party", no matter what, this is the result.


Absolutely agree 100%.

I hope my children are good people

I don't really care if they are white people.

But the video itself is just fear mongering. White people aren't going anywhere. I live in a city that is 80% hispanic and the anglos aren't being bred out.

When you go to the school to

When you go to the school to pick up your children, you don't "hate" every kid there except your own. But, you don't bring them all home and feed them either. I don't wish harm on anyone. Everyone has priorities.

MOOchelle Obama beautiful?

MOOchelle Obama beautiful? lmao....

MOOve on

She was made in the image of your Creator. You calling Him ugly?