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A Miscarriage of Justice of Police Gone Wild? A 10 year old Texas Girl charged with sexual assault

Thank you Issiah Carey for covering this story.I find this story very strange with red flags everywhere in this case. The girl who was nine years old at the time was accused of touching a four year old boy playing doctor in the court yard of an Apartment complex. The Houston PD close to four months later after the alleged incident decided to investigate the complaint. I have some serious questions that needs to be asked.

Click link below to read blog and watch the video. This is outrageous. Please read and watch video on my webpage:


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Sounds like crazy parents to

Sounds like crazy parents to me with police caught in the middle. I guarantee you the police don't like being the servants of busy bodies and political correctness, but it is what it is. They either follow procedure or lose their job. They have an obligation to investigate. When I was a young kid, like around 9, I had a neighborhood friend who would tell me about how his brother and his girlfriend slept with him. I told my mom about this, she called CPS. And being a kid I didn't understand what was going on, but my friends brother and his girlfriend were having sex right there in bed next to him. Unquestionably child abuse. So from the perspective of the parents of the 4-year-old, I'm sure they are asking themselves why is the 9-year-old acting this way? Perhaps acting out something seen or experienced at home? It's a sick world we live in. CPS is sadly a necessary evil.

and what is the cost of evil?

In a sting against 130 or so child prostitution arrests a few weeks ago by the FBI, it was found that 63% of all girls rescued were placed there by CPS or through some CPS involvement.

Evil is never, ever, nessesary. This issue is something the two parents could have dealt with, but they, once again, refused to do their job, and left it in the hands of the state, who is now trying a 10yo for sexual assault.

This sickens me so much, that parents are so inept, that they would rather condem a 10yo to prison than talk to them about what's right and wrong.

CPS isn't evil. I'm guessing

CPS isn't evil. I'm guessing you haven't spent much time doing community service in your area? I spend a lot of time working through my church doing service and missionary type work. There is some pretty dark stuff out there, and it's commonplace. I met one family and knew something was up as soon as I approached the house and was greeted by 20 dogs. I go inside and am hit with the overpowering smell of urine. After several interactions with this family I'm having a conversation with the mom and we were talking about her daughter, and she's telling me how she's been acting funny since they started breeding her again. I do a double take and I'm totally confused, not at all understanding what she just said. BREEDING??? So it turns out, yes, she meant breeding. The father was having sex with the daughter and they were using the kids to get government benefits. And she explained this to me like it was the most innocent and common thing in the world, doesn't everybody breed their children? CPS has a hard job, and an organization like them definitely is necessary. It's unfortunate that situations exist in which the state should physically separate parents from their children, but that's just how it is. I recognize that there are some bad CPS workers out there, there are also bad preachers out there. You can find bad people in every field. Social workers have one of the hardest jobs there is. They are exposed to the dregs of society day in and day out. That wears on you and gets in your head.

I'm just talking about a principle here. I don't have all the details of this particular case you're talking about. Obviously, trying a 10-year-old in court is silly. If a 10-year-old is sexually assaulting another child though, something does need to be done by someone.

Here's a question for you

First I would like to say, yes, I am very well versed in community service, but let me ask you a question...

What gives you the right to interfere with someone else's life via force? While I don't agree with "breeding" a daughter, it's not uncommon in some cultures, especially one where bloodlines are important to remain pure.

You abuse power, under the guise of "protection." While I agree something's CPS can be used for good, like any government agency, they can't help but become corrupt as soon as the opportunity arises.

God will judge those, so it's not my place, but think about the reprocussions of your actions in the long run.

Well here's a question for

Well here's a question for you. Do you consider child molestation a crime? Child rape? Child pornography?

If your answer is no, I call you morally bankrupt. If your answer is yes, then we agree, and we're just talking about where to place the goal posts.

Is it a crime to rape someone else's child? But not your own?

There are clear forms of abuse, which should be regarded criminal. This is for each society to decide on their own. CPS is a state-level institution. I'm not advocating that we go overseas and butt into another nation's cultural practices.

"You can't save her"

This is the first thing I was ever told about women.

That was my first experience ever, I tried anyway, as a Christian I knew I had to "help." However afterwards this young girl broke up with her one boyfriend she lost her virginity to, the one person she had ever been with to try and "fix herself," ended up feeling alone and started sleeping with any and everyone to make that feeling go away...then into drugs and so on, far worse than if I had just left it alone.

What have your actions caused in the long run?

It's not a Christians job to interfere, it's our job to teach what moral and right by Gods sight, not our own. Instead of bringing her to The Lord, she could end up seeing you as the devil who took her daddy away from her, forever scourning Christians, and while I dont agree with her choice, what if it was HER idea to "breed." It is their choice to make, including children. It is not our place, it's one thing with human trafficking, it another to remove hem from their own home...

It's not anyone's place to "save" anyone who doesn't want to be saved.

Government is not eloquence, it is not reason, it is force...
-George Washington

I have a good friend who was

I have a good friend who was taken away from his mother as a child, his life is better. His mother was a prostitute, his dad her pimp. He ended up in foster care, had some bad institutional experiences, but ultimately ended up with a great family and was the better for it. Served in the military, graduated from college, and has a nice family himself now.

I lean much, much more heavily towards not interfering. It takes something reaaaaaalllly extreme to warrant interference, but such cases do clearly exist.

Let him who is without [this] sin......

be the judge.

I think who would ever attempt to charge this girl would need to PROVE they are not guilty of the same.

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What would the Founders do?

Absolutely nuts. What is the

Absolutely nuts. What is the world coming to?



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