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Genocide trial against the State of Israel adjourned

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal
Global Research
Wed, 21 Aug 2013 17:31 CDT

War Crimes Tribunal
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Kuala Lumpur - The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, which commenced today to hear war crimes and genocide charges against the State of Israel and Amos Yaron, a retired Israeli army general hit a snag.

To begin with, the Prosecution made an application that, to preserve the sanctity of the tribunal, Judge Eric David be recused for his alleged possible connection with the Mossad, the intelligence agency of Israel.

There have been allegations including from US officials that the Peoples Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) is supported by Mossad. The PMOI is listed as a terrorist organisation that has carried out terrorist activities against Iran. According to the prosecution, Judge Eric David had written a legal opinion that the PMOI be removed from the list of terrorist organisations.

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I had heard nothing about this--

nothing specific about *who* made the charges?

(*should read more carefully*)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--