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Hacked road sign shows support for Snowden

A portable, electronic road sign that was supposed to alert drivers to delays on a southwest Colorado road got changed to say something completely different.

For roughly a day, it read, "SNOWDEN IS A HERO," referring perhaps to Edward Snowden, who leaked classified documents to reporters. The Telluride Daily Planet received a photo of the sign from a reader.


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nice find op :)

That's cool.

That's cool.

What would be even cooler -

What would be even cooler - because it would be more in tune with the NSA's taps into the internet - would be to hack the remote-controlled traffic notice signs similarly. B-)

(Of course, given those same NSA taps into the internet, doing that and getting away with it might be about as difficult as Snowden's hack, for far less return.)

(By the way: I heard that those traffic advisory signs were paid for by money appropriated for a warning system for the region downwind of a nuclear power plant, in case of a leak. Also that, after the money had been misspent, they went back to congress to fund the warning system again, didn't get the money, and the warning system never happened.)

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