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Does the DP have members who are Islamic or Muslim?

I have been around the DP for years now, and have wondered are there any people, brothers or sisters of this faith or culture, that believe in principals of Ron Paul? Who believes in peace and liberty?

I am by far, not ignorant, but am curious if we have people among us, that see these problems from their culture that they do not believe?

I am curious as to wonder if there is another side to it that we have not heard. Speak up please, as I would love to know and understand your points of view.

In my personal belief I know there are people all over the world with that faith and culture, who do not support the radical version of the culture.

This post is made with the ut most respect to fellow humans, and getting views that I don't know first hand.

edit ( by the way I am a 40 year old American, who is in a state of mind, knowing there is something way more powerful than humans in the spiritual sense, but just not sure exactly what it is)

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The devil is in the details

According to Islam, Jesus came to save the Jews, and Muhammed came to save the Gentiles. According to Judaism, the Messiah will be born from the House of David. The House (aka tribe) is passed down by the father's side. Unless Joseph impregnated Mary out of wedlock, Jesus is not from the House of David. If Jesus was Jewish, then he would believe in reincarnation.

That would be incorrect

Jesus came to say that ALL MEN BY FAITH are chosen. Gentiole or Jew, slave ot free, all in the name of the lord.


The interesting thing regarding the quran that I have learned is that it hasn't been corrupted,but instead, the religionists/paganists, corrupted the system through another book called the hadiths( traditions of the prophet written some 200 years after the quran. And from there hijacked certain quranic terms and filtered them through their hadithic understanding.

When all outside filters are removed the message of the quran is actually very simple and libertarian, in that it is the system of peace and those who follow it are called "peacemakers" (muslims) whose only agenda should be to do good through understanding and charity, and never through compulsion.

I dont remember Ron Paul

I dont remember Ron Paul saying that every muslim is bad because of faith, I believe he says that a lot of radical Islam is blowback for USA actions, but that does not encompass every muslim, doing awful things. there are people who believe as we do, to live and co exist with others, respect others, who would not want to see someone taking a life of another over their governments abuse of bombs and missles.

Can we remember the middle ages, knights killing people, just because they didnt believe in being Catholic. some have stated that it was just Muslims that were targeted, but the question remains, did any of those muslims, or all of those muslims do anything to anyone other than being born in a certain faith?

If your a christian, God gives clear commands not murder, abuse, hurt anyone. He dont single out many people, but when he does, he says (send the offenders to me) but he does not say kill all muslims, or anything like that. He says try and spread his good word in good faith, and that even means talking politely to them.

I mean they are his children as well, and logic says if you treat them bad, for no reason other than them being of a diff culture or religion, hes not going to be happy with that at all and will face that judgment yourself one day.

Not all christians are good, not all anyone is good, but there are some good in all faiths and cultures, and unless they do harm to others, theres no reason for going atomic on them just because you have been fed bs for infinity and beyond.

For Liberty!!!

I am!

I last responded to The Granger. I don't normally have time to post articles these days, but I always try to answer comments!


I am a proud libertarian Muslim.

Here are some awesome Islamic Libertarian links:




thanks for responding, i

thanks for responding, i appreciate it.

I know you cannot represent everyone who is Muslim as I cannot represent everyone stuck in the middle of faith as I am, but to have it known that its unjust and unfair to take everyone of a certain religion and demonize them for doing nothing wrong because others who say they are Muslim, who do harm others are then the representation of that faith/culture of everyone affiliated with that same faith.
Because under that way of thinking that man who was catholic and killed all them people on that Island would then represent every catholic person on earth.

Ron Paul says judge people on their merits/actions, not what color their skin, religion they follow or image they call God.

For Liberty!!!

there have been some--

intelligent, articulate, enthusiastic people--

I haven't seen them for a while. I think that they may have been chased off. There is some virulent anti-Muslim sentiment in a few people on here--

*waiting for someone to show up and blast me on that*

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The only anti-muslim sentiment I'm aware of is from The Granger,

but it's mostly just a lack of knowledge of my faith is all. I know she's not a hateful person!

I am a proud libertarian Muslim.

Here are some awesome Islamic Libertarian links:




Its Refreshing

On occasion I have ventured over to other sites where people are purportedly gathered to discuss our loss of liberties or violations of the Constitution by the federal government, and there is virulent anti-Muslim sentiment. It is so bad. It makes me seriously very embarrassed to see people who supposedly are in favor of American ideals to hate on a whole demographic group so intensely with no regard for the individual. They just HATE the Islamic faith and I see absolutely no reason for that type of thinking whatsoever. It is just pure ignorance and really unhelpful as it further erodes what America means, only from a populist angle rather than an elite one.

I am not anti-Muslim

When I was touring with the dead, many people asked me if I was Sufi. So many people asked me, I had to find out what it was, and I admit, it was uncanny how I did appear to be a Sufi, but this was quite by accident, or unplanned.. it was natural.. though some of what I did was un natural, I guess.. It was natural for me.

I had been a vegetarian 20 years, didn't drink, smoke, do drugs, so I really didn't fit with the Dead crowd, but what I loved about the dead was the Music, as it enabled me to twirl/spin, which I could do for hours and I was so good, I took American sign language so I could sign the words to the songs. I wore hemp clothing, pants under my long skirts, and my dance was my connection with God. I practiced this for 7 years.. I also fed the poor, it has always been a big issue for me.. even at shows, I could have vended my food, but instead, I made big organic veggie sandwiches and passed them out to kids who looked like they needed to eat something healthy. I was abundantly gifted by dead heads, with hand made jewely, half soles for dancing, beautiful hand made dresses, drums, tams, flutes, arts.. some I still have, many I have given to others as gifts that seems to suit them because I prefer to be plain, though what I do have is well made. I am not materialistic, thought I do wind up with things and then gift people, or charities rather than sell. I know God LOVES me very very much.

I have met many Muslims of different sects in my life. All of these have been nice people, even the ones who told me that they hate America and why. Over a decade ago I was told that every black person in America knows a Muslim and probably had a relative that was one, but few crackers knew a Muslim. I know them of many races.. and since I live to cook, of course I have tanjine, know how to use it and my curries, red, green and yellow are hand made. My curries are awesome..

As I told you, I have a great appreciation for the arts of Islam.

So I am not against Islam, I am opposed to Islam's interest in global politics, the UN Agenda, being a dominate global religion, even by force (according to the 1.2 million Jews seeking Amnety in Israel for the threats by the new Islamic majority in their home countries. And I stand with Israel believing that the sovreign state is the key to global peace, as people need land, water, the right to protect themselves, find their God and have a family.

I believe the UN Agenda is the greatest threat to manhind and it saddens me that Islamic nations have teamed up with communist nations in this henious quest.. with help from the Christian MIC of America, who I am in the GOP to confront, which I am.

I understand if because of

I understand if because of the severe actions going on in the world, you may not want to respond publicly on here, and I respect that, so if you would like just send me a msg, I can post replies for you, without your usernames etc, and keep your privacy from trolls. I am just really curious if there are people that believe what most of us believe, from a different faith, thats always demonized.

For Liberty!!!