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Rand Paul: I will vote for Chris Christie if he is GOP nominee


Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky says he would vote for Chris Christie should the outspoken New Jersey governor win the 2016 Republican nomination for president.

"I've always been a Republican, supported the Republican nominee, and don't plan on changing it anytime soon," Paul told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV when asked if he would back Christie.

"Yeah. Take it exactly how I said it. I've always supported the Republican nominee and don't plan on doing otherwise."


I'm only posting this so certain people don't flip out if he endorses him in 2016 when he said he would three years earlier.

(Kinda like they did when Rand endorsed Romney and he had said he would support whoever the nominee was.)

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Sure...he'll support the

Sure...he'll support the Republican nominee even before he's the nominee. Isn't all this a little premature or is Rand already ruling out other hopefuls as he is wont to do.


is playing the politics game. I trust Rand, but not the system he is trying to be a part of. I understand his strategy, but know that good people are often lost in a corrupt system.



"Support" covers a lot of territory, not necessarily inclusive

of (or limited to) voting.

So I expect everyone will read into this what they expect to hear from Rand.

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Rand really keeps control of the whole interview. He never lets

himself be trapped by "gotcha" questions, he chooses the path his answers will take, and does it smoothly.


Rand Paul won his senate seat

Rand Paul won his senate seat against the establishment machine despite the MSM Aqua Buddha crap power. That shows the power of the Liberty Movement behind him at that time. Go ahead and abandon Rand at this point because of your demand concerns.

It's the same thing as abandoning Alex Jones because he won't call out Zionists verbally.

There are too many children here on Daily Paul that need to grow up and learn how the system actually works. (I don't mean to hurt some peoples feelings here with that statement.) Then come up with good deception moves that actually work for Rand to play.

MOSSAD: By deception we shall wage war. Well two can play at that game.

The "Trick" is to always have

The "Trick" is to always have your ultimate goal firmly implanted in the back of your mind. You refer to that goal within you own thinking skull brain on a regular basis, knowing nobody can hear you referring to it and are thinking about it.

Rand needs to take a stand on Puerto Rico.

Is it not the most beautiful land in the land, or is it?

Take a stand, Rand!

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This is a no brainer!!!!!

This is a no brainer!!!!! What is he going to do, vote for Hillary?????? And don't start talking about 3rd party, Americans are too stupid to think 3rd party. There are only 2 teams in the Super Bowl and World Series and this is as far as Americans can comprehend....

Again establishment 'Newsmax' puts words in a 'Paul's' mouth...

... and tries pulling the rug from under the Paul message of liberty through limited government, non-interventionist foreign policy, and the upcoming candidacy of Rand Paul.... just like they stabbed Ron Paul in the back at every subtle turn they could create!

Never trust Newsmax!

Sen. Rand Paul never actually said he would vote for big gov Christie!! He did not really answer the question! His answer could just as well have have presumed, like many now presume, that a Christie nomination is no more likely than a McCain nomination or a Huckabee nomination!

The first question out of this hucksters mouth in this interview about Assange, was an attempt to paint Rand Paul as radical... of course, the same thing they tried on Ron Paul. Rand, Like his father properly and brilliantly closed their mouths on the attempt instead steering their audience into the correct, but definitely Newsmax unintended, path!

Of note additionally, this macabre sounding host endorsed the idea that we SHOULD be sticking 'terrorists heads into buckets', and bemoans the fact the government reads our privates on the one hand, but does not carry out torture on the other!?! Where is his brain!

He, like News-max, is clearly an establishment globalist rag masquerading as conservative, just like Christie, and not to be trusted to support Rand, just as they did not really support Ron!

The fact is they are already trying to 'shaft' a Rand candidacy with this 'not-as-subtle-as-they-thought' hit piece!

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Two wrongs do not make a right.

It sounds like whoever the nominee is, Rand will blindly support them because Rand is a republican first. What? Principles trump Party every time, so I thought. Putting the Party first before the country is what has gotten us into this mess. Group think and herd mentality is what the republicans accuse democrat voters of manifesting. Now, here is Rand doing the same thing. If the next Hitler wins the nomination, what would Rand do then? The republican party gave us Bush1, Bush2, McCain, and Romney. Blindly supporting the nominee is backward thinking. All that does is potentiate the good-old-boy mentality. I don't and will never buy into this kind of thinking.

your not alone my friend,

your not alone my friend, even if rand did not say these thing in such a way as some members here say, what you wrote still applies, and will ALWAYS APPLY
im glad to hear im not the only one

Rand - Playing the Game...

I believe Rand is brilliant. He's not going to be so dumb as to say that he'd "hold his nose" to vote for Christie. And he's saying that because he knows that he must play the game to win the nomination in 2016.

Ok. So Rand has the intestinal fortitude to hang with these dudes and not vomit. He's a "pretty cool dude" and people like McConnell know that they need him to stay in power. He's taken some stands that many of us know are not his dad's. But then again his Dad didn't win the nomination two elections in a row, and Rand won a U.S. Senate seat having never been even a dog catcher.

Many politicians lie and cheat and say all the "right" things so they can get into office and do the exact opposite of what they ran on. Rand will do the same thing. He'll say the "right" things, those things that will win over the element of the party that he needs to get the nomination. And then if they don't take him out before he wins, he'll do the opposite. In other words, he'll tell white lies and fib a bit to get elected to do right once he's there. That's the opposite of what all these other scumbags do.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

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I hope Crispie will do the same.

: )


Don't You Mean...

Krispy Kreme?

What Rand Is Saying Is He Unlike His Dad Is Committed To GOP

He is trapped into playing party politics in hopes of winning in 2016. He probably believes he must play the GOP two-step to win over those that didn't support his dads anti GOP party political system in favor of strict libertarian positions.

If Christe wins the GOP nomination but losses to the Hillary in the general it only reinforces the fact the republican party nominee is no different than the democrats because they offer no significant alternative in foreign or domestic policy.(Remember Romney?)

The reality is Rand unlike his father has not made it clear that both parties are basically the same. To do that would put him outside the GOP mainstream of voters and marginalize him as his dad was.

Rand must win the GOP nomination in 2016 or else the democrats win the Whitehouse again because only a true conservative can win in 2016.

The way you win is to keep making the argument over and over that Christe's governorship in New Jersey is not indicative of traditional constitutional-conservative principles. He has governed like a gun grabbing democrat and that makes him no different than the democrats.

Christe talks tough, but he can't must walk the walk. So far he has failed miserably. He has exposed himself as a fraud and there in lies his venerability. Christe is just another police state minded politician..

one day or ten...


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I've been anti-Rand, but I'm trying to keep an open mind

I admit it, ever since Rand endorsed Mitt just a day after Mitt treated Ron so shabbily at the convention, I've been anti-Rand, and haven't really given him a fair hearing.

But I see a lot of people arguing that Rand doesn't really mean a lot of what he says and does. That when he endorsed Mitt, it wasn't genuine but just political posturing, pulling the wool over their eyes. Same for endorsing McConnel, that he didn't really mean it but it was just something he had to say for political viability.

And things like endorsing the very sanctions that his father called "literally an act of war" look really, really terrible -- but if he wrote that and voted for the bill not because he believed any of what he wrote at all but just saying what he had to say and voting how he had to vote in order to be politically viable, and perhaps to trick some neocons into supporting him, then I can see how that could be a kind of "fingers crossed" thing done for the sake of the liberty movement. He's got to play the game in order to get into the oval office, right?

My fear though, is this: what if Rand is actually a man of his word? How can I be sure that he's lying about these things, and deep down he really doesn't believe them and would not continue to act that way if he became President?

Or rather, wouldn't continue acting that way during his *second* term, since obviously he'll need to maintain political viability during the first term in order to have a shot at being re-elected. But wow, if we can be sure he's lying now, I mean lying to *them* and not to *us*, that second term could be really awesome when he's no longer got to be so concerned about political viability!

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He NEVER endorsed Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul said, AFTER it was clear that Ron didn't have the delegates to win in a floor vote, that he would endorse THE GOP NOMINEE.

Rand Paul has already earned more TV time in the past 18 months than Ron got in the past 18 YEARS. Because Rand is a BRILLIANT POLITICAL STRATEGIST, who can convey the LIBERTY MESSAGE in ways that don't alienate the rank-and-file GOP voters WE NEED TO WIN to keep a RINO or a Hildabeast out of the White House.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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So you're arguing that Rand didn't endorse Mitt Romney, he only endorsed the GOP nominee (who was Mitt Romney)?

Wow - seriously? in other news...


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Rnad Paul is a jeeenyus

Its called passive aggressiveness

What Rand is saying:

"I would vote for Hitler if he joined the GOP and won the nomination."

Someone please ask Rand, what would it take for you to not support a GOP nominee? How bad would he have to be? Do you have a line that you will not cross?

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus



Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

I would vote FOR

Rand, or Ted Cruz...or even Gary Johnson but I would not under any circumstances vote for Crispie. I am not a "party man".

Why would Rand Paul not

Why would Rand Paul not support the GOP nominee? What? You want him to endorse Gary Johnson in 2016 if it's Christie? Well there goes all the true fiscal conservatives in the GOP, because he's got 'em all behind him right now. Good luck getting a Republican to ever support another bill of his. Good luck on getting any help from the GOP or RNC in terms of donations. Screw the GOP and RNC? Well they're pretty important to be in good standing with those guys as a Republican, or we're never getting out of this 2 party system because that thinking will get you blackballed.

He literally owns Mitch McConnell right now. Mitch has got to do everything Rand says, bring up any bill Rand wants, and vote how Rand tells him to. Just so he can secure that endorsement. Rand Paul is the most powerful Republican Senator in the land.

And the people here complaining about this can't see that?

Pay attention to him. He's slowly rolling out more non-interventionist thinking little by little. And every time he does that, he's pulling the GOP more and more to our side. Don't believe me? Look at MSM. They're talking about the role of foreign aid and the ability of the President to send troops into Syria without Congressional approval. That's because of Rand Paul.

And all of this won't matter anyways because Christie is not going to be elected by Republicans in the primaries. It will be Rand Paul. And if Christie is the nominee, Rand Paul will endorse him. Doesn't mean I will. Some of these comments feel like I'm in summer 2012 again.

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Well said, Vots.

Great comment.


Trolls love pushing this type

Trolls love pushing this type of divide and conker strategy on DP. It won't work.

Exactly. He's doing the right thing at the right time.

Like I said to my brother when he asked me what I thought of Rand's Romney endorsement, "It is political posturing that means nothing and does nothing. It won't help Mitt Ramen Noodle and it won't hurt Ron."

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there is nothing to divide

there is nothing to divide anymore. I was a ron paul delegate for 8 years plus as a republican. I have 0 interest in wasting anymore time in the failed gop or supporting someone who believes in state/fed rights over individual rights.

rand paul is not even an option for me anymore or anyone else in the failed gop.

rand has pandered his butt too much for me. Will be looking elsewhere from now on.

Ron Paul 2016