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FIVE minutes to fix the Constitution, what do you change?

Where would it be different?

What would you 100% keep?

Anything brand new to add?

Anything 100% need to go?

Please write as long a response as you want. They will be read..

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Not the ONLY 3.

Those were the case under the constitution in 1783.

Under various assumed and emergency powers they exceeded those limits anyway.

Example here:

Great Topic

As others have also said, excellent forum topic. This thread is fun fun fun!!!

Institute criminal penalties for violating the Constitution

including prison terms for any Senator or Representative or any President who votes for or signs a bill that is found by the Supreme Court to violate any provision of the Constitution. Supreme Court justices randomly selected in lotteries to serve 6 year terms; no lawyer qualified to serve on Supreme Court.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.


Add language that negates Marbury vs. Madison. The Supreme Court is to interpret laws made by Congress, but is to have no authority to interpret the Constitution. The Constitution is written in plain language and needs no "interpretation" as it says what it means.

Repeal the 14th and 17th amendments.

Repeal the 16th amendment.
Remove authority from government to declare a currency legal tender.
Explicitly ban central banking.
Constitutionally separate different types of banking (i.e. commercial, investment).

Got to get rid of the lifers. One term max for representatives and senators.

Merge executive branch into legislative and turn president into a prime minister, elected by congress. No prime minister may serve more than 2 years in the capacity.

Every individual running for office will do so without any reference to party or faction. Political parties to lose all special abilities to monopolize the the electoral process. Move nominations out of the party structure and open them to every eligible elector. Circus presidential elections a thing of the past with end of executive branch.

Muster most of the current federal military out of active service by returning control of various units to the state governments. Limit the size of the active US military to a skeleton crew unless a formal declaration of war including the exact definition of victory is provided by Congress.

I'd go even further, but this is fantasy. A man can dream though...

As I have said before,

I would insert an amendment between the 10th and 11th:

Article 10a: And we mean it.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

How about...

I would require anything not enumerated to be a power of the federal government would be up to the states.

That the fed could help make commerce between the states more regular (like not putting tariffs on each other), and nothing else.

I would forbid anything else but gold and silver being money.

I would only allow congress to declare war.

I would forbid the infringement of the people's right to bear arms.

I would not allow an income tax.

I would not allow the government to limit the press or speech or religion.

Oh, I think I see...

How about we just follow the Constitution we have?

This is a fantastic post!

I'd make it stupid simple.

Rule #1 This constitution is supreme law and cannot be altered in any way, ever!

Rule #2 See Rule#1

Include the non-aggression principle as a basic fundamental rule of law.

I'd incorporate 1st through 5th Amendments into original document and throw the rest out.

There would be zero centralized Federal Power and no Federal Government.

Each State is responsible for financing its own activities, but may not tax income on individuals or businesses.

Each State is encouraged to make and enforce its own laws, however, these should be kept to a minimum.

State congresses may not meet for an aggregate period of more than 4 weeks per year and may not create laws in excess of one single page.

State congresses may not create more than 3 new laws in any calendar year.

States are encouraged to request donations from citizens to fund public works projects, including funds from citizens of other States, if an national interest can be established.

If a Territory, potential Territory, State or potential State wishes to join (OR REMAIN) the Union, it must include the Republic Union Constitution (in full) into its own State Constitution and these laws/rights may not be reduced, infringed nor altered in any way.

States are free to secede from the Union at any time, however, may not rejoin, for a period of 50 years from secession date.

I would keep the 3 branches of government, as a requirement on the State level with strict term limits of 5 years.

Each State (assuming 50) would have 49 representatives (1 for each other member State) for each of the following national concerns:

National Defense
National Border Management
Judicial Magistrates for State Dispute Arbitration
Corruption and Malfeasance

They would all meet for conference in rotating State Capitols, once every 6 months for a 2 week convention, except in times of national emergency, as determined by a super-majority of Governors at the behest of their congresses and peoples.

Maximum term for any Judge, Congressman and Governor and all other elected officials is 5 years.

Everything else is State level, including Banks, money and industry.

State members would also be required to minimize their footprint and empower local governments with as much municipal authority as possible.

The spirit of this constitution encourages a rifle behind every blade of grass.

That about covers my dream constitution.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul


They would all meet for conference in rotating State Capitols, once every 6 months for a 2 week convention, except in times of national emergency, as determined by a super-majority of Governors at the behest of their congresses and peoples.

That is totally great!!!

Ill add my two cents If we

Ill add my two cents

If we reverted back to the articles of confederation we would be better off, but here is my take on the constitution.

1) The bill of rights; instead of amendments that can be voted away, transfer them into a new article that cannot be touched.

2) replace the clause that says 'the validity if the debt shall not be questioned' to 'there shall not be debt and the budget shall be balanced'

3) Create a section in the pre-amble to enforce a common man interpretation of the constitution, no demagogue loopholes.

4) Make it a contract that must be signed by everyone whom is working for the government, with strings and punishments attached for those that breech the contract.

5) stricter restrictions on war and emergency powers. No standing armies, and no war unless directly under threat of invasion.

6) No income tax. Period

You had me at

If we reverted back to the articles of confederation we would be better off...

A bunch of '76 patriots rolling in their graves at what has happened here just paused moving for a moment to smile when you said that!

Article One Section Eight

I would clarify the wording to make it clear the federal government was only responsible for the enumerated powers. All laws previously enacted as implied powers would become null and void. Let the individual states take care of the rest. Next a clarification of the commerce clause would be in order followed by the due process clause and birthright citizenship wording in the 14th Amendment.

I vote to strike "necessary and proper"

For what may be necessary and proper to you, most assuredly may NOT be necessary and proper to me.

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

That Alone

would improve things a lot. Good idea!

The Ron Paul Amendment

"Government should NEVER be able to do anything YOU can't do." (from his speech at CPAC, 2011)

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Can you imagine?

What a world that would be!

Abolishing all forms of

Abolishing all forms of coercion and force by government against free people.

Abolishing all taxes/theft by government against free people.

Abolishing Federal Government.

Non-aggression principle.

Oh and a pre-entry form when you are old enough to read that states you must voluntarily join the collective government or be without government completely.

And definitely an opt out clause if you decide you want out(guessing no one will voluntarily join it anyway lol).

Basically make it a club or organization that can't affect people that don't want any part of it.

Here goes

1. no more than 100,000 citizens per representative
2. supreme court and federal judges appoint by governors and confirm by state legislatures by region. 9 judicial regions
3. senators appointed by governors and confirmed by legislatures, can be recalled by same
4. repeal 16 and 17th amendments
5. national guard can not be deployed outside the national borders
6. close dept. of education, energy, HHS,
7. US govenment can't own more than 5% of land in a state
8. federal territories must be admitted as states or given independence within 10 years of aquisition.
9. no permanent military bases outside the united states
10. ..... so many more things

I agree with all 10

But #5 national guard can not be deployed outside the national borders. That one is just extra super special in my own view. Fantastic idea!

Wouldn't it be great to have

Wouldn't it be great to have a State stand up to the Feds and pull back their national guard because we are not in a declared war?

Moral Crisis

That would trigger an immediate personal moral crisis where I'd feel compelled to move to that state. Especially since I know the state to do something like that would never be New York.


These are a great start.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.


The commerce clause

Escape Clause

Add Article to Constitution. If the States vote to leave the Union, let them peacefully leave.

Gerrmandering---get rid of it.

If politicians break the law by violating the Constitution, then the people have the right to arrest (with force, if necessary) said politicians.

Militias are NOT under ANY type of Federal regulations.

All weapons that the feds have are fair game to be owned by the people an the States.

I yield the balance of my time.

I second that



I like this.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

It's not the document that we

It's not the document that we must change, but our own nature.
No document can save us from ourselves.
We must change -- evolve and adapt or die.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Here you go...

1) Emergency powers. Any delegation of powers from Congress to the Executive branch may not exceed 6 months in duration and is non-renewable, unless a Congressionally Declared state or war exists and must be renewed legislatively every 6 months. Emergency powers (i.e. the ability to declare an emergency) shall not be delegated under any circumstances.

2) War powers. War powers cannot be delegated from Congress to any other branch of government under any circumstances ever.

3) Interpretation. The literal word of the constitution is not subject to interpretation and must be read and interpreted per the black and white word of the document using "Everyman's" (8th grade) level of understanding.

4) Remuneration of US Senators and US Representatives must be paid directly out of the coffers of their home states' budgets and shall not be paid or administered through any federal agency, department or federal entity.

5) General Welfare SHALL in all circumstances be interpreted to mean "private property rights" and nothing else - ever.

6) Anyone representing any federal entity who is found in violation of the black and white word, using Everyman's (8th grade level understanding,) of the constitution shall be denied due process and shall be incarcerated for the rest of their natural born lives without opportunity for review for parole.

7) the 6 items above cannot be changed through any amendment.

(These 6 items represent the loopholes left by the founders through which every usurpation of the constitution has occurred.)

Dang it. Forgot one!

7) The right of a state to this union to secede is INVIOLABLE. Any request formally transmitted to the Secretary of the United State, the Senate and Congress to withdraw from the union will be honored without question, objection or exception. The Secretary of State, Congress and the Senate disposition with regards to the seceeded State shall be recognition of that State as a separate and sovereign Nation, on amicable terms with the United States.


3) Interpretation. The literal word of the constitution is not subject to interpretation and must be read and interpreted per the black and white word of the document using "Everyman's" (8th grade) level of understanding.

This is HUGE!!!!! I couldn't agree more.

We just passed this

what do you think? Add?