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Urgent! Possible Emergency Alert for Fema Region 3

Just saw this on facebook. Don't know what to make of it--I get tired of the warnings. It's interesting though and seems to be coming through a credible source.

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Who gives a Fukushima about Fema and CDC

Look at any death notices in any paper across America .Death notices. Most are dying between 45 and 70. Due to cancer. In our town of Columbia Tn. has a waiting line for cancer treatments daily . I don't even want to talk about all the children with cancer. Screw Fema.

Money talks and dogs bark

Syria is invading! With a

Syria is invading! With a massive ground force of 1 million troops and landing vehicles. This is why we must launch missiles in their country's interior.

Southern Agrarian

Let them come.

LOL.I am to old to run. Will stand my ground.

Money talks and dogs bark

This seems worth

further investigation. The number of alarming claims being made on the video, if accurate, point to something major.

Anybody else have a take on this?

Thanks for the bump. I was hoping to get more coverage...

and opinions or facts from DPers.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

It's hard to know what to say

Is it only section 3?

Are the provisions for the training?

This issue with US and Syria.. it's not going through congress because it's part of NATO.. as the global government advances..

And it seems to me, the fight in Syria has more to do between the superpowers fight for oil..

Will Russia take out Washington DC, is that what FEMA region three is preparing for ?

Is Russia doing any preperations?

Will there be a media blackout?