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I 'really don't like' today's Liberals

I am so sick of trying to discuss any issue with them. I just got called a member of stormfront, that I was nostalgic, emotional and a couple other things.

The thing is.. I wrote out a very long comment. Backed up what I wrote with facts. All they wanted to do was degrade me. No debate. Just ignorant responses and attacks. I asked repeatedly for debate and got one sentence replies.

If a libtard were in front of me calling me those names.. not knowing the sacrifice I have made or person who I am..........

'One of these days Alice... straight to the moon!!!'
Jackie Gleason

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"I learned long ago, never to

"I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."
-George Bernard Shaw

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

why alice, why?

if you're so sick of trying to discuss issues with them, then why continue?

why are you disturbed by labels? i'd venture to guess that most people are emotional and nostalgic at some time or another.

why are you demanding they they use more than one sentence replies?

"litard"? so you calling them a name is okay but them labeling you is not?

"This is an intellectual revolution"
-Ron Paul

if you can't find any liberals who want to have a fair, intelligent discussion or debate in a civil manner, then keep looking or put your energy elsewhere. write an article or something?

I take it you bravely

I take it you bravely ventured onto Daily Kos.

Real Liberals Don't Exist Anymore...

Real Liberals simply do not exist anymore.

Today we have just a pro-Party worship going on. People support Obama just because he isn't Romney or McCain, but ignore the fact that his Foreign Policy is identical and his record on Human Rights is identical, and also that he is surrounded (by choice) by Wall-Street Fat cats who seek to accelerate wealth into the hands of the rich ..... just like Republicans.

They cannot recognize the fact that Obama is to the right of Reagan, Nixon, Ford, and Bush Sr. ... because the U.S. News Media conceals that information.

Real Liberals were people like Martin L. King, Robert Kennedy, George McGovern, Dennis Kucinich, .... but principled politicians and principled constituents like this do not exist at large anymore.

When you're only reference point and decision point is "not a Republican", that logic doesn't work anymore. For decades, both Parties have sucked, and are essentially identical.

Anyone know about the block feature?

I got really tired of someone poo pooing my threads. Being aggressive and divisive. Arguing instead of debating. I stood up for this person over and over until.... I was done. *block*

Ah....... not to be a jerk but man.. sometimes silence is golden even though duct tape is silver!!!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

try not to get angry. You are working against many years of

Indoctrination. It's the same with the slightly less statists on the "right". I think we all learned that after dr pauls last run if you hadnt learned that already.

This is how I handle liberals (and statists in general). Or fake liberals as I like to call them (to me a true liberal is someone like Hyek). They all like to talk about civil liberties and saving the environment, but we all know the vast majority of the self proclaimed liberals are just blowing wind and praying to their darling leaders in DC to fix their perceived problems. Not a whole lot of them are actually spending the coin for renewable energy on their homes, they want daddy obama to fix it for them. And we all know most of them are complete hypocrites when it comes to civil liberties. After Obama, that argument is easy to make. But I Just keep presenting the non agression principal to all aspects of life. There is no good argument against it. I don't get angry any more. I just put those ideas out there in discussion calmly and I try to treat the people I am talking to with some respect (respect as a human being not for their beliefs). More often then not these days, people come seek me out to find out more and to debate more. Which I like. And to be honest, I get more socialist minded people to open up to the ideas of complete non intervention and voluntary cooperation to come our way then say teabaggers and supposed conservative.

I understand what you mean.

The first comment accused me of 'being the second shift of stormfront.'

That was what got me fired up. How dare someone call me a vile racist. I relaxed and realized sometimes no matter how well intended... some people are just going to be jerks.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

yeah, they will say the darndest things won't they

I've been called all the names in the book. Unfortunately in the format presented, people don't have to face you personally so they feel less inclined to use their brain to mouth filter.

Live liberty, in the satisfaction of knowing that you define

yourself. While overpraised and sudsy, the movie "42" really displays the best qualities that make us human; i.e. respect each other for who we ARE, not what we BELIEVE, as hearts and minds can be changed.

Most won't talk that way in

Most won't talk that way in person. From my experience, most spout off MSNBC talking points, but when you start talking logically they shut up and agree after a while, just like all the "conservatives" that watch FOX news.

I despise both the Left and the Right, but most just don't realize they are closet Libertarians.

This. The internet and media

This. The internet and media is one thing, but I've never spoken to someone personally about politics and not had them agreeing with individual liberty, non-aggression, and personal responsibility.

I 100% agree that most people are libertarians and they just don't know enough/are too indoctrinated to realize it.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


I do not lump them together

We have some of the most active local liberals helping our local patriots on police state, fed and fluoride issues.

I am brown and a full blown liberty warrior so I have liberals spinning in circles. I will be honest, there are full blown racists in the Republican Party. We work with them on some 2nd amendment issues and anti-tax stuff. But our group is based on the philosophy of volunteerism so all ideas are welcome that do not use force.


You are more tolerant than I in that regard. I can't deal with a racist mentality at all.

I have some awesome liberal friends that agree with me on issues of personal Liberty but still believe healthcare should be free. Or all regulations are a good thing.

I keep hoping we have our 'landing on the moon' moment that unites the country in a positive way.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

most people have good intentions

They should realize the can do good things without the force of government.

What we've got here is...

a failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. :)

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus


What you are dealing with are incentive and emotionally driven people.

They aren't there to debate or listen but to merely force their view.

Since they don't have the power of force and you could probably fight back they do the next best thing - Attack you verbally and mentally.

They are, like most people in that state of thinking, the neanderthal. And that is not throwing an insult, it's giving a measure.


is an insult to Neanderthals.

You are dealing with RNC and DNC hacks

Both parties have had hacks on their payrolls since the 70s. This is well documented. To think this would not be the case today would be rather naive. (See how I closed off the top potential argument against my statement?)

They will always attack the other side, some RNC will also attack Ron/Rand Paul and Tea Party activists.

Don't beat yourself up over it or get stressed out. It is what it is.

It's more effective to be the first to post on major newsgroups. Beat them at their own game. Eliminate their top attacks as per the example I gave.

When you are the first post on a major newsgroup on a news item, it is read A LOT.

Don't be discouraged Nick, keep at 'em!

They are not Liberals

Liberals like Ron Paul... well a majority of them. Liberals and Neo-Cons turned into Fascists.

It works both ways

When liberals are stumped they scream racist. When the neo-cons get stumped they scream socialist or commie. The problem is most people identify themselves as one of these two and have no idea what they are talking about so they go to the old favorites of flinging out the buzz words against you.

metalhed19's picture

Neo-Liberals (as I like to

Neo-Liberals (as I like to call them) are the biggest hypocrites and demogagues on the planet. If you disagree with them, you are "lacking compassion" But they are awful quick to spend other peoples money on programs that fail year after year after year. And if you kill a baby one minute before it's born, that's okay, but one minute after and it's murder. Everything a progressive touches, they destroy. We're going to win the intellectual argument in the end...

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

I used to too

If you check out wiki.. Ron Paul is named as a Neo-Liberal. Wiki has been re-writing the terms.

You might find the wiki def of progressive interesting because it shows right underneathe in a section called "liberalism", how wiki themselves are confusing and muddying the defination..

To me, this is because the global government does not want the useful idiots "progressives" to wake up.

I understood Ron Paul as a "classical" liberal

The so called liberals of today are really just socialists, they hijacked the term liberal as they would get little support if they identified themselves as such. As Base outlined below, the definition of words can change over time.

I thought he was a conservative

Wiki has changed the terms this year.. I think it's important to know that.

I thought I was a conservative too

until I listened to Ron Paul. In fact I don't know what conservationism is anymore.

I thought I was a libertarian

then when I found out Noam Chomsky was, I knew I wasn't.

I think it is much more important to just understand wiki,

It's a great place to get a thumbnail to start research but unreliable as a single source. A quick easy way to be lead astray.


When I was in college I prefered the American Heritage Heritage Dictionary to Webster, and I used the AH as my reference and would explain how and why..

What's the wiki competition?

What is wrong with what you used in college?

I have one on my desk and nobody has ever tried to change it. What good is convenience if somebody can change the meanings.

And personally I think the whole use of LABELS is a huge example of people allowing themselves to be divided because the meaning of the labels are different for many people. Liberty can't be built upon confusion.

Dictionarys are updated

Today many people use the net and most reference wiki because there is not an alternative.

So people allow themselves to be divided. That's human nature. Men, women, adult child, male female.. what good are these lables?