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I 'really don't like' today's Liberals

I am so sick of trying to discuss any issue with them. I just got called a member of stormfront, that I was nostalgic, emotional and a couple other things.

The thing is.. I wrote out a very long comment. Backed up what I wrote with facts. All they wanted to do was degrade me. No debate. Just ignorant responses and attacks. I asked repeatedly for debate and got one sentence replies.

If a libtard were in front of me calling me those names.. not knowing the sacrifice I have made or person who I am..........

'One of these days Alice... straight to the moon!!!'
Jackie Gleason

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Granger, I think we have both made our points.

I support your right to continue on in your own best self interest.

Thnak you base



Anybody that relies on definitions and information from wiki is a willing partner to destroying American Culture.

Globalists change the meaning of words and invent/use labels all the time.

I might suggest that if you think America was closer to the Constitutional Republic in 1828 than it is now, always go to the Websters 1828 dictionary.

And if looking into legal matters, Blacks Law is invaluable.

And if you have several versions of Blacks Law Dictionaries, you will quickly discover how the legal system deceives today's Government Schooled individuals.

If you are a party in writing bi-laws, you had better be using a Legal Dictionary in your wording. Otherwise you are a major part of the problem.

What do you have

to replace wiki?

You want to take a tool like wiki, then replace it with something better, but to not replace it with anything is savage. I'm going to use the tools available to build a better world. If you want to reject and refuse tools, that is YOUR CHOICE. But don't you take from me, my tools and offer nothing but insults.

American culture morphs, life morphs, change is enevitable.. change or parish. You are not the same as you were when you were created, or one, or five, or twelve, or sixteen.. you changed, we all change, everything changes. That's LIFE. LIVE IT.

As far as globalists.. when you turn on the computer, you've tuned into the globalists.. net is global. Human being use lables. When you were crated your parents labled you, society labeled you, people who see you lable you, man, woman, black, white, etc.

I have a Black's Law Dictionary.. as laws go global Blacks has little relevence..

I think one of the things I like about Catholicism is when it helped me understand, the world is ILLUSION. It always has been, it always will be. If you can be in touch with yourself, know yourself, you know more reality than most ever will.

If the best you've got is savage brutality, God help you.

Granger, Language has been around forever and can only be

a useful tool of communication if the people communicating both have that same definition of the words used. If they don't, ideas aren't effectively exchanged and it becomes misinformation at best.

Wiki is very new and flexible, hardly what I would use as a resource for the definition of words and terms. If the definition of words can change how can you ever read anything written in the past and understand what they meant?

Disguising the truth is a fundamental requirement of communism to succeed. And it's accomplished with the progressive notion that EVERYTHING is constantly in a state of flux.

The principles of freedom in America that were cherished for their purity have become clouded with progressive issues and ILLUSIONS.

Granger, I don't see the truth as brutal, however it isn't flexible.

And you might want to look into the difference between LAWS and STATUTES.

I want language to be a useful tool

not having any tool is no way to fight against someone that has many.

I also like the idea of taking someone's tool they intend to use on you and use it against them, but you have to understand that tool, how it works, so if you don't know what it is, you can't.

I see truth is something so big, we only get bits and peices, so it's important that the bits and peices we get we are honest with ourseves, so we can be flexible, adopting, or discarding as it works for one.

To me, the world is illusion. Many times I think I've seen something and so I know what it is, and I say it as I see it.. but I am aware, that what I thought I saw, isn't what I thought it was, so I am willing to be open and adopt my thinking to remian, first most, honest with myself.

I've never been a good liar. It's not me. It backfires on me.. so I've learned, suffer up front.. my relationship with DP.. great example.. I have gone from being one of the best liked to the most downvoted.. but because I am honest with myself, it's not a metter of feeling, but what is truth.. and today I feel I'm a little ahead of some, and there is a new element of "friendlies" who target me.. but this too shall pass.. life is peaks, valleys and plateaus, so if I was to appease people, rather than be honest, then I would be in trouble.. lying to myself is the worst thing for me.

progressive have clouded things, but so do those who practice plurality and have an agenda, don't believe lying is wrong, believe being friendly is a good tool to get people to do what they want them to do. I do what I want and encourge everone to do what they want. The GOP is NOT for everyone..for example.. but for me, this is a good tool where I live to resist a NEW locally and have a voice in the state.

Granger seriously…..is there something wrong with you?

You had a thread on here before on this exact topic……Is Ron Paul a NeoLiberal?


I responded with this:
"Classical liberalism" is the term used to designate the ideology advocating private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and international peace based on free trade. Up until around 1900, this ideology was generally known simply as liberalism. The qualifying "classical" is now usually necessary, in English-speaking countries at least (but not, for instance, in France), because liberalism has come to be associated with wide-ranging interferences with private property and the market on behalf of egalitarian goals. This version of liberalism — if such it can still be called — is sometimes designated as "social," or (erroneously) "modern" or the "new," liberalism.

And then you responded:
I sometimes wonder where I've been. Seems I'm on DP nearly everyday learning something new, and it's amazes me how much I don't know.

The Ron Paul Wikipedia page does not us the words “NeoLiberal” anywhere on it. It uses the term “Classical Liberal” and I explained the difference and you said you got it.

So I have to ask……Do you suffer from short term memory loss or are you just trying to be a “Tool”?...... and yes I meant to use the word “Tool”…..not “Troll”.

Stop being a tool and get with the program, some of us would actually like to help you, so stop being a “dick”.

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No, Ron Paul is NOT a Neo-Liberal

This ridiculous 'Ron Paul is a Neo-Liberal' came from an attempted smear article by neo-con Ron Paul hater Jeffery Lord.

Here is an article about it:

Jeffrey Lord makes an unusual claim:

Ron Paul is what might be called a “Neo-Liberal.”

This is a silly argument in many, many ways, and by the end Lord’s article has devolved into the most baseless and despicable smearing. That’s not surprising. This is what Lord does: he imputes vicious attitudes to those he criticizes, and he never has the evidence to support it. It is best just to stop reading after the first two pages.

Let’s start with the term neoliberal itself. The word neoliberal means a few different things, and there is only one definition that could conceivably apply in any way to Ron Paul. In the domestic political context, American neoliberals have been those on the left or center-left concerned to criticize and change the existing agenda of the 1980s Democratic Party on crime, welfare, trade, and foreign policy. Neoliberalism was a main part of the American “third way” represented by the Clinton administration, which entailed a more activist foreign policy, support for expanded free trade, and the adoption of relatively pro-business and pro-finance positions compared to where the party had been in the past. Because there was some overlap between neoliberals and Democratic “centrist” hawks, progressive critics of the Iraq war began using neoliberal as something of a curse word to refer to liberal interventionists specifically and pro-war Democrats in general.

Finally, neoliberal can refer more broadly to policies designed to promote economic globalization and the word can also fairly be used to describe supporters of multilateral trade talks and organizations. Properly speaking, none of these definitions fits Paul, and it is only in his support for free trade that he has anything in common with neoliberals, and that similarity is not all that meaningful. While Paul favors commerce and trade, he is also wary of any agreement or multilateral organization that infringes U.S. sovereignty, and he has typically opposed most privileged trade agreements as barriers to free trade (which, in fact, they are).


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

It's not ridiculous

I spent years calling Bill Clinton a Neoliberal. A Neoliberal to me was the foundation of the American move into global government. The Neocons were Neoliberals who assumed power in the GOP under the Bush W administration.

So, when I went to wiki to show this theory.. it was gone. I saw, as I show in the post below, how and where wiki listed Ron Paul as a Neoliberal. Bill Clinton is not mentioned.

Many here tell me, "forget about wiki". If I lived on an island and did not have to deal with people politically, that would be fine. But because I am politically involved, it is important for me to be able to communicate ideas, in common terms, with a common source. I know of no other site besides wiki to refer people. So for me to say to a ubra liberal who is for a NWO global government, "WEll Ron Paul is not a Neoliberal".. they can tell the audience, "He is listed on wiki". I lose all crediability because they have a wiki backup, the majority believe as fact, and I have NOTHING but my wacko idea.

The "third way" is MSM.

The article you linked was created before wiki re-defined their terms. If you look at the history, wiki has been working very hard this year, since March in redefining their political terms.

It's why I had to say, "I'm a Neocon". Who the hell wants to be a Neocon? I didn't support Bush, or vote for Bush. I don't agree with Bush or Rove or their globalist agenda or how they operate.. YET, according to wiki to be a Neocon all it takes is being a Republican and supporting Israel. Well, I'm a Republican (Thanks Ron Paul) and I support Israel (which Ron and Rand helped me go there).. but now I see.. The UN Agenda attacks, and scapegoats Israel, because Israel refuses to join the UN Agenda.. and that why Ron and Rand support Israel.. why those who believe a sovreign USA is better than a UN USA should support Israel.

Bottom line.. unless there is something better than wiki to share with the world on line for reference of political definitions.. wiki is it, and wiki says Ron Paul is a Neoliberal, based on his monetary policy. If monetary policy is the bottom line, then Ron Paul is a Neo-Liberal to the majority of the world that uses wiki as a reference, and unless you have something better than wiki... you've got nothing.. so it's better to adapt the wiki terms, and continue the good fight.

There's plenty wrong with me

To err is human.

But that is besides my point that Ron Paul is named on the wiki page of Neoliberalism he's mention in section 4.1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoliberalism

exerpt from the link provided above:

Republican U.S. congressman Ron Paul states that he adheres to Austrian School economics and has authored six books which refer to the subject.[49][50] Paul's former economic adviser, investment dealer Peter Schiff,[51] also calls himself an adherent of the Austrian School.

Granger there is something wrong with you

A complete lack of a cognitive thought process and logic……you should seek help. Sorry if you can't see the errors of your ways then you are too far gone for me to help.


I did not ask for your help, nor do I accept your insults as good advice, only an expression of hate for those who do not agree with you. I don't agree with you, and if I felt that I needed help, you would not be someone I would begin to consider to ask.

oh....you got your feelings hurt

sorry Granger.....

No, not at all

No need for an apology. You didn't hurt me at all. To hurt me, you have to earn my respect and trust, and then prove I was wrong to respect and trust you. That's hurts. You never earned my respect or trust to begin with, so don't worry about hurting me. You can't.

Thanks Granger

I was really feeling bad......because i do like you and it made me feel bad for hurting you.....I know you are smart and you make it too easy for these guys to pick on you......so i thought i would take it over the limit to get you to come to the party with your best stuff, hope you took it the way it was meant.

Well I hope we win soon!!!

I dont hate.. I should rename the post. Just so frustrated with these idiots.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


is a normal part of life.

if you label them idiots you are saying that they are never right about anything,ever.

Ron Paul has pointed out time and time again that the two major parties agree on the big issues: foreign policy, personal freedom and economics that is: (both big spending keynesians, and both in bed with banksters and wall street). he has gone so far to say that it's really a one party system; the establishment.

i'm for a peace candidate like Ron Paul was. that would be a huge step in the right direction and effect all the other issues.

Why would you have a debate

Why would you have a debate with someone who is mentally retarded?

I know...

can't blame me for trying to have a decent debate with the other side.

Just drives me nuts. Blind and willfully ignorant. Childish.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

It takes a lot of time with a

It takes a lot of time with a consistent message to break the cycle of social programming that is instilled by our education system and media. A LOT of time. But, you get through to some of them. Even if it's only on a subconscious level today, they hear you and one day what you said will mesh with something else, then they "get it".

Look at how long it took people to hear the voice in the wilderness of Dr. Ron Paul.

Call them retarded to their

Call them retarded to their face to identify them. They can't use that word back because of their political correctness.

my comment

Welfare. Department of Education. Medicare and Medicaid. Drug war.

Look at photos of black neighborhoods before welfare. They were clean. Kids grew up with their parents. Welfare destroyed black families and neighborhoods.

Look at education since the DOE took over. Steady decline.

Look at healthcare since the Fed got its nose in it. Quality continues to go down and prices continue to rise.

The drug war is a complete failure. It has filled up our prisons and destroyed more lives than it intended to protect. Drugs are more available and cheaper now than ever before... after spending a TRILLION on it. Its created havoc in Mexico and destroyed our inner cities.

In my summation, the more the government tries to help... the more the fat cats connected to it pilfer us. You must be a fool not to see the connections. Nearly every institution is corrupt. The AG, SOS and head of the NSA all lied to us....

None of them were held accountable.

Don't get me started on the Fed handing out trillions to their buddies... furthering the fleecing of our nation by devaluing the purchasing power of our currency.

Hope that shed a little light....

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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Ready to strike at the roots of evil?

Ready to strike at the roots of evil of all the "genius" programs and plans, and their ever repeating, unsurprising failures and injustice, that you recalled?

Surprise GIFT time!

Help yourself, then:


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Cyril I respect that you are well studied. Thank you.

I also think you have an advantage many Americans today don't realize. You accomplished English as a second language and that formed and developed a part of your brain many American brains haven't even approached. You endeavor to exchange your ideas using the meaning of words you have researched and thought about.

Change is made through culture, not politics. Thats why the trolls have decended on DP.

You might find this talk interesting.


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Thank you for the compliment.

Thank you for the compliment. Not sure if I deserve all of it, but it's truly appreciated anyway.

Thank you for the link, too. Bookmarked.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius