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Please Read this Regarding Syria

This is from Michael Rivero at whatreallyhappened.com

1. Why would Syria's Assad invite United Nations chemical weapons inspectors to Syria, then launch a chemical weapons attack against women and children on the very day they arrive, just miles from where they are staying?

2. If Assad were going to use chemical weapons, wouldn't he use them against the hired mercenary army trying to oust him? What does he gain attacking women and children? Nothing! The gain is all on the side of the US Government desperate to get the war agenda going again.

As I type these words, US trained and equipped forces are already across the border into Syria, and US naval forces are sailing into position to launch a massive cruise missile attack into Syria that will surely kill more Syrians than were claimed to have died in the chemical attack.

Obviously, we cannot stop this madness. The US Government is listening to Wall Street and Israel and cares not what the American people think.

But what We The People can do, must do, is send a message to the world that we do not believe the war-starting lies by the US Government. We know this is a repeat of the same lies we were told about Saddam's nuclear weapons.

The US Government is lying, and people are dying.

Send a message to the world that the American people do not support this latest aggression, and we will not stay silent while more innocents are murdered.

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Syrian Government not guilty of chemical attacks

To the people of Syria, We the people of America knows that your government is not guilty of any charges in the use of chemical weapons. Western bloc nations, primarily the United States government and Israel are the suppliers of these chemical weapons to the Syrian rebels. We have and will not forget the lies of 9/11 and the provocations of war on Iraq and other Mideast nations. As Ron Paul, presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012 said : we went to war without a declaration of war from Congress, but most importantly without the consent of the American people. Through the infinite wisdom of God and our eternal prayers, we love you as our brothers and sisters and will never abandon you. Peace and love for all mankind, for He shall set forth His Judgment on us. Love eternally yours, Ralph Gordon Arana.

I agree with this poster so I share it

Assad has been working for a year to get a non-biased UN team in to Syria to investigate chemical weapons allegations. Just as the team arrives in Damascus, we are supposed to believe that Assad, who for 2 years has outsmarted everyone against him and who is winning the war and who has 70% of his people backing him, can't control himself and launches a gas attack - in Damascus? If our government thinks we are this stupid it is time for us to 'walk like the Egyptians'. This is absurd and insulting. Those people who died were martyred for a sick and twisted cause - to replace secular Syria with an Islamist extremist addition to the Wahhabi caliphate. What better clues do you need than that is has been QATAR and SAUDI ARABIA who have been arming these rebels and arm twisting everyone else to do the same. Those two 'twin towers' of democracy and freedom. Give it a rest already. Assad refused to bow down to us and so we've punished him - by helping a phony revolution to put Syria into the hands of 'good, democracy loving, kidnapping, raping, torturing, beheading freedom fighters'. Anyone remember the archbishop and bishop the rebels are still holding - if they haven't killed them? Anyone remember their kidnapping of UN peacekeepers, not once but twice? Anyone remember how they murdered an entire village of Christians then went on to do the same to a Shiite village. From the get go this has been the Islamists framing Assad for atrocities they've carried out. Like in Houla where they hacked families of Assad supporters to death and then blamed it on army tank shelling - then changed their story that a group of SAA guys made their way into Muslim Bro controlled area and hacked to death their own people. STOP LISTENING TO THEM! They lie and have been lying from the beginning.

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"The US Government is lying & people are dying." Yes, it's known

"The US Government is lying & people are dying."

Yes, it's known as "The Broken Window" - just replace "window" with "people's lives".

And here are those who cannot wait to profit from their being handed the task of "repair of the window" :


At some point, one has to come to wonder : "but WHO may have decided to break the window, in the first place, ACTUALLY ?"

Indeed, one of the possible answers to that question is disgusting, infuriating, I agree.

Especially, in the light of this :



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I read it different than you and many here

Here in America, many are very concerned that we are losing our rights. Many don't understand how and why that is happening, and many more believe that it is just bad US government, both parties being bad.

What is happening is that the USA has been signing treaties with the UN. The UN has an Agenda called The UN Agenda for the 21 Century, sustainable development. We are losing our constitution and bill of rights because of UN treaties and that is why you see your communities "going green".

Ron Paul's campaigns did not come out directly, but he employed slogans like, "Restore the Republic", and he talked about constitution and rights, making many like myself believe that his campaign was for the USA to get off the UN Agenda, "stop entangling ourselves". The democratic majority are communist and Islamic nations.

We talk about what the USA is giving to this country or that, but the USA gives tens of billions to the UNAID, so some of these countries actually get gifted twice from the US,

We see YouTubes of foreign nationals training with our military, and here in CA, not only do they have a right to have a driver's license, but they also have the right to sit on jury's. Speaking of jury's, 32 states are in battles for Sharia Law to become the court.

Baring this in mind, when we look at other nations, such as Syria, Assad has joined the UN Agenda, and this is why he is getting help from Russia. The rebels are those who want a sovreign Syria, not a UN Agenda.

Israel refused to give up their sovreignity when they joined the UN and refuse to give it up, so they are attacked by UN Agendists in the name of Palestine, which is not a state, but actually the prototype of the UN Agenda, stateless and subjects to Palestinian AUTHORITY, Islamic AUTHORITY and UN AUTHORITY.

Now many be many here did not understand this and why they are more taken with altrusitic feeling about Syra and Palestine, rather than understand what is actually going on and the root of the fight.

For example.. when you read something like "Israel is a land grabber". That is correct. Israel believe people need land, water, a state with a government that protects Israeli's rights. Nearly everyone is trained, so they have militas that are able to defend their communities and join with others to help them in defense.

What you are seeing in Syria, are the rebels want Syria to be SOVREIGN, with it's own money, resources, laws, rights.. they do not want a UN Agenda. This is why Israel stays out of it, though they will attack any weapons that Russia (who backed Egypt, Jordan and Syria when they attacked Israel in the Yom Kipper war.. and lost.. Israel now has peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan and why they have had relative peace. Their problem is the UN Agendists.. and why so many resolutions are made against them.

The USA has a hard time because it's not completely bought into the UN Agenda.. it is election by election going there. But it has very important trade agreements with Israel, and many knw, if Israel goes down, the USA will become either a Syria as Americans refuse to give up arms, their property, their rights.. or like Egypt, which could become like Palestine, UN install an Authority, so they will have an Egyption AUTHORITY, Islamic AUTHORITY and UN AUTHORITY.

The Palestinian National Authority

The Palestinian National Authority is effectively under Israeli government control somewhat like a utility. I believe in the US you have similar bodies called Authorities set up as federal corporations. One that springs to mind was created by FDR in 1933 called the Tennessee Valley Authority.

There is a cosmetic scheme of political governance for the PNA and in 2013 the PNA changed its name to the State of Palestine after its recognition by the UN General Assembly. However so far as I am aware the Israelis do whatever they wish within the areas ostensibly under PNA control and since they collect tax revenues for the PNA and can withhold them whenever they wish this gives them a fairly effective means of directing affairs. The Israelis are still an occupying power and the Israeli Military I believe calls the shots for the West Bank and everyone there. Gaza is little more than a concentration camp.

What appears on paper is rarely what happens on the ground in Israel/Palestine and the only real guide we have as to what is going on is what has actually happened there. Setting aside the justifications given by the Israelis the fact is that they have taken over more and more of Palestine and Jerusalem so that now they control all that is of strategic importance and will eventually end up with all the rest. That at least is their plan.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

No it's not

Watch some Palestinian movies.. you will see how many Palestinians HATE the PA and why, and wish Palestine was like Israel. I was surprized.. The USA is far more free than Palestine, but Israel, within their wall, is far more free than the USA.

The UN Security Council needs to pass a resolution with 100% vote. Palestine has been unable to get 100% security council,, so it's just another resolutin.

The Legal Case for Israel explains the UN laws and treaties and it's all fact, explains it very clearly 46 mins. Well worth watching.

As I said, Israel's concern right now as for population is the growing pleas for Amnesty by Jews globally who are being attacked in their countries that are going Islamic.

Thirty two states in the US and being challanged to adopt Sharia Law.. if that happen.. or whn that happens.. many Jews will be called into a Sharia court where they will have no chance.

Guatanemo Bay.. thoise prisoners are being held indefinately because they are demanding Sharia Court, which the USA does not have.

Do you want Sharia Courts in the USA? NWO does.

I believe that it is true that many Palestinians hate the PNA.

However that is not what we are discussing. One of the reasons i began to wake up to the actual conditions in Israel/Palestine was the discoveries I made of how the leadership in both groups were collaborating to maintain the status quo for pecuniary reasons. Arafat who was the leader at that time had billions stashed in Swiss bank accounts. The corruption amongst the leaders on both sides is deeply entrenched, as it is elsewhere in the world but especially in the West.

I imagine this is why the Hamas became popular even though it was started as a project of the Shin Beth. It seemed to be more authentic than the PNA and it seemed to be more pure. How true that is is anyone's guess since as I say the entire situation is so corrupt it is hard to know what is true and what is not. This is why I keep to only what I know to be reasonably certain based upon reports from credible sources.

The status of the Palestinians is as an "observer state" which is a level of membership and precedes full membership. It justifies their calling themselves a state nevertheless. Full membership requires Security Council ratification which is being blocked by the US/Israel.

The fact that you believe that Islamic states have any power globally tells me that you have swallowed the globalist line. That is a fear meme that they promote to justify their murder, rape and pillage of Muslim countries and maintain control of the Christian churches. They even use jihadists to do their dirty work for them and use them for suicide missions that they blame on "terrorists". Yes, they promote the influx of Muslims to Western nations in order to destabilise them and it helps to maintain the fear meme. That prisoners demand a trial under Islamic law and that this prevents their release sounds like a plausible narrative to keep the conscience of the nation quiet. It fits in well with the rest of the lie.

The only military power on Earth that has no equal is the NATO/Israel axis. At the moment they are conducting aggressive wars against asymmetric opposition and using proxies to do most of their fighting for them. These are undeniable facts that can be easily verified.

There are Jewish courts in the US and the UK so why not Muslim courts? They deal primarily with civil matters I believe. It is difficult to imagine a sharia court being more unjust that the present court system in the US or the UK. If the Muslims want to be tried by a court of their peers using their own law then why prevent it? If they are willing to fund it why not?

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Would you honestly answer?

Are you Muslim?


If you click on my name you can read my personal statement. I used to be a believer in "Israel" as you are, along with all my fellow Christians in the circles I moved in, but I resigned my membership in a Pentecostal Holiness church in 1998 after 21 years, in no small part because of my doubts in relation to that teaching. It had been my first and only church from the time the LORD apprehended me for His purposes in 1977. I continued to fellowship with other Christian believers in the Vancouver, BC area until 2004 when I left Canada for my native country of Scotland.

The Lord Jesus Christ had called my wife and me out of the organised Christian churches at that time and since then we have continued to grow in Him through our own times of prayer and study in a very peaceful home and community in Perth. We obtain irregular teaching through a couple of ministries in the United States on the internet and through the ministry of the Spirit of Truth.

It occurred just recently that when I discussed "Israel" with a Christian who believes that the Jewish State is the regathering of the ancient people of that nation to the Land, that is written about in scripture, for some reason they came to the same conclusion as you, that I was a Muslim. This must be the effect of their belief in "Israel" which is a heart idol that demands absolute allegiance and distorts everything one hears or thinks in relation to that state. This indicates to me that this delusion is deepening and dividing Christians along that line that so often led to persecution and martyrdoms in the past. Therefore those who do not love (worship) the Jewish State are seen as heretics and "not really Christians". This serves to confirm for me that this belief is rooted in the carnal mind.

This may also indicate that we are approaching the denouement, the final act, of this divinely instigated drama. Here is a vision that was given to a Christian teacher in 1986 that describes the events that have taken place in the Middle East since that time:


I hope you take the time to read it. It is not long and it contains some very important information.

Since I have been where you are I do know that the grip this belief has on one's mind seems to be from the Lord. The narrative that you have described in our short discussion here demonstrates that we actually believe many of the same things with the exception of the belief in the Jewish State. This belief has then led you to divorce the Jewish State, or at least its rulers, from any role in the globalist scheme, and absolves them from culpability for the actions of NATO and the UN. You have even indicated that you believe the leadership of the United States is not fully committed to this scheme.

This is the effect that inevitably comes from believing the things you do about "Israel". It detaches you from the actual history of that State and the recorded machinations of those who brought it into being. It also blinds you to the ongoing deception and malevolent action of the leaders against not only the Muslims but also the Christians in that region.

Ask yourself one question: If God rejected the ancient people of the Northern Kingdom for their idolatrous immoral practices and the people of the Southern Kingdom for similar practices plus their hypocrisy and greed and eventually their rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ, which continues to this day, then why would He bring them back into that land without their first having repented and received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord? This was the stipulation He gave to them in the Law of Tribulation in Deuteronomy chapter 29. Has He then changed His mind? There are even many followers of Judaism who reject the jewish State on that ground.

There is a reason why God has brought these people back to the Land at this time but it is not the reason most Christians believe in. Here is another book to read that may give you more information on this subject from scripture and which prophecies are actually being fulfilled. There is indeed a coherent plan being worked out and it is the plan and purpose of our Father that will succeed when all the efforts of men have failed.


"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

I don't

I don't click on name cards.

I don't find many people who are a believer in Israel as I am, because it has nothing to do with religion. Ron Paul said Israel is our friend. I thought he was out of his mind. So I went to work seeking reason why on God's Earth Israel was our friend. I LOVE Israel.. I am so amazed, awed, it is like the most fantastic treasure chest of genius and humanity I have ever seen, anceint architecture aside.

I had no conclusion about you being Muslim. I asked because reading your post it was unclear to me what would motivate what you said. I did not think you were Muslim, that's why I asked.

I've exploring catholicism since my Mom passed.. No one talks about Israel in Bible Study or Catechism. Less than a year ago we were looking at a map about Jesus path. And it struck me.. I want to see this place. I brought it up but no one was interested. Then the Ron Paul Israel being our friend came up. I recently looked for a YouTube to share with someone.. there were 460 anti-Israel YouTubes and 5 pro-Israel YouTubes before I found the one I was looking for. It's too bloddy easy to be anti-Israel, and since many people seek the easy way.. that sums up many but this is OK too.

Then all of a sudden, a Messianic temple goes up in Main Street.. Big Israeli and US flag flying.. I went there, and I LOVED talking to the rabbi and he shared so many things with me, I can't begin to tell you how so many questions I had were revealed. So much serendipity.. and so many dreams.. It's a remarkable path, and I THANK GOD for this path I am on. I am not alone, I re4ad what people say here, and if I feel bad about anything, it is my inability to express how glorius this path is.

The US is FULLY committed and has US on a slow but sure path to global government. Israel is not on that path. Israel has the right to self defense in any way shape or form. If Christians and Muslims want peace, they will leave Israel alone. The Jews of Israel have had ENOUGH and I'm with them 1000%.. Accept the fact Israel is JEWISH and move on. Israel does not need you. You have no calling for Israel. If you have a calling for Christian or Palestine, by all means send your money, love, and hope and help them with ALL your heart. Do what you want.

Mt relationship with Israel is not Christian based. That is not what WOWED me.. I believe that was your support, and it seems your support was part of a church collective. Nothing wrong with that, mine is a personal calling.

To answer your question, why did God say he would bring them back?

a. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Jeremiah+31&vers...

What God does is beyond my ability to reason, so I do not know. All I know is that God has put Israel on my map, opened my heart, I am being called and it has very little to do with Christianity.. It is not Christianity that draws me to Israel. I wish the USA was more like Israel. I wish every nation was like Israel rather than this UN globalist altrusistic predetor trap so many are falling into.

Be sure your sins will find you out.

An article on the Islamic Invitation Turkey website, reported by the Voice of Russia, claims that the massacre was carried out by the "rebels" and uploaded one day before the announcement that the government forces had carried it out.


For me this is a credible report since the islamists (i.e.NATO/Israeli backed Muslim mercenaries) have used this kind of tactic before. At first I thought it might be a NATO/Israeli false flag since I know that these actors are anxious to widen the conflict. They may still have had a hand in it given that they are the ones providing the "rebels" with munitions and funding.

Here is an intelligent comment by "Alex C" from that article:

"Damascus is genuinely worried that Syria’s enemies could provide chemical weapons to armed groups and then claim they had been used by the Syrian government" (US, UK claim Syria used chemical weapons against militants, Apr 25, 2013). Also consider:

1. Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus – report, (RT, 10/06/2012);

2. Syrian rebels threaten to use chemical weapons against civilians, (FNA, 10/12/2012);

3. Syria pledges no use of chemical weapons - Russia, (RIAN, 06/11/2012).

Despite the seizure of sarin gas cylinders from Syrian rebel militants groups, threats by Syrian rebel groups to use such weapons, strong evidence that Syrian rebel groups have actually employed such weapons and frequent statements by the Syrian government that it has prohibited the use of chemical weapons, Western and aligned governments/media have predetermined who to blame. It is almost certain that intelligence will again be manipulated in efforts to manufacture a casus belli (case for war) and provide a pretext for direct military operations. But significantly, Syria is not the only target."

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Syrian Girl & Family Self Exiled in Australia...

Kevin Rudd et al are TOTAL neocon lapdogs complete with a complicit propaganda pumping media. Australia is NO safe haven... Snowden knew it too... Good luck Syrian girl.. you are NOT safe there.



More ...

bump and bookmarked im glad

bump and bookmarked

im glad to see someones articulated, shared and put these very important points "on paper"

I didnt know the inspectors arrived BEFORE the attack, is there a link for that?

The Syrian Arab Spring began

The Syrian Arab Spring began innocently enough like Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. Syrian rebels really didn't have enough resolve to get rid of Assad. Then the West stepped in to push it over the edge. That didn't happen. Assad and Syria won. Now the west is resorting to back handed moves to start a world war. Too bad the west lost. Eventually Assad will go, but not under current circumstances. That's why I am currently cheering for Bashar Al-Assad along with the Syrian Girl.