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Fatal False Flag - The Oklahoma City Bombing

Thu Mar 11 18:46:54 2004

by Pat Shannan

"All the evidence and expert opinion point to a conspiracy extending far beyond the involvement of McVeigh and Nichols; involvement that strongly suggests overt or covert actions on the part of federal agents without the knowledge of either McVeigh or Nichols," says Carl Worden, Liaison & Intelligence Officer of the Southern Oregon Militia. To at least a few million people, this is certainly not any hot news, but his revelation of a very suppressed news story prior to the 1995 Oklahoma City disaster may be. (See related story)

There were enough clandestine characters hanging around Oklahoma City during those days to fill a James Bond movie. ATF's paid informant Carol Howe had provided information that the Murrah Building was one of three potential targets. On April 6th, Cary Gagan gave U. S. Marshals in Denver the information that "a federal building would be blown up in either Denver or Oklahoma City within two weeks." Then, thirty-eight minutes before the blasts on April 19th, the Department of Justice in Washington received a telephone call pinpointing the Murrah Building.


The prosecution built its whole case around a bomb allegedly made from a mixture of ammonium nitrate fertilizer and diesel fuel oil (ANFO). For a year or more prior to the Murrah blasts, BATF had been blowing up car bombs at the White Sands (New Mexico) Proving Grounds. According to Newsweek magazine (June 5, 1995), "This project, code-named `Dipole Might,' is designed to create a computer model to unravel terrorist car and truck-bomb attacks. By coincidence, an ATF agent assigned to `Dipole Might' happened to be in Oklahoma City on April 19th, working at the federal courthouse, which stands across the street from the Murrah Building." That agent, Harry Eberhart, called his Dallas office moments after the explosions to report an eruption of several thousand pounds of ANFO.

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