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The One Thing I Hate About Daily Paul

The obsession with new news.

What's wrong with old news?

Seriously, we freak out about whatever's happened in the last day or so, but things that happened 60, 80, 300 years ago, that really impact and inform our current legal system, get no:



So anyway - what's with the lack of appreciation for history? Why the lack of appreciation for 'old news?'

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This is an American obsession, not just DP

Americans like new things. Hell, it is probably an obsession with humans in general. Everything has to be new, including music.

Here's a song that is old, but is still good.


But speaking of events that happened hundreds, even thousands of years ago, here's one for you.

Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today

It is part of the Uncle Eric book series, which are quite educational.

But also, not new. So you'd probably like them.


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I would disagree....

We talk lots of history here...in a slow news cycle especially. However we are at this moment in time NOT in a slow news cycle. But feel free to bring up some old history...I love history!

Perhaps it is because a lot

Perhaps it is because a lot of people are using the DailyPaul front page as a 'libertarian drudge report', and are looking for news about current events as opposed to a history lesson.

Also, it could be that the old news, while still being 'new' to some, is literally 'old news' to others.

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I don't like when people post old news

and don't refer to the date. I click on the link, and there is some article from 2008 with the OP acting like it is some new piece of information.

IMHO, feel free to post as old as you want, but label it properly to provide context. Otherwise, you are just another layer of the disinformation media pretending to care about liberty.

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2014 Liberty Candidate Webpage:

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread:

Sometimes the age of a story IS the story...

I.e. discovering that egregious affront to the constitution X has been happening since year y.

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What, only ONE thing you hate?

Haha just having fun. There are many things that I find annoying here on the DP. But it is just such a great place full of great people, I have found no other place like it, ever.

To your comment about history; I disagree.

While there are usually not specific threads started based on historic events, I learn relevant history throughout the threads from great posts. Almost every time I visit, I end up stumbling on some important history, even though the discussion did not START with history.

So many of the posters here are knowledgeable about relevant history, they make sure to insert and share videos and articles that teach us that history when it makes sense. So rather than SHOW UP for a history lesson, you END UP getting a history lesson. I think it is kind of a cool process of learning history.

I do support your idea of starting history specific threads, or getting those types of threads on the front page; I support that.

Things that I find annoying on the DP :)

1. Arrogant posters that say "this is old news, everybody already knew about this..."
2. "Conspiracy minded posters" seem to think that every twist and turn MUST be in a plot against us haha.
3. That is all I can think of right now. Shows how cool this place is, only two things that annoy me?

I'm annoyed by cult of personality


Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

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The Nothing I hate about Daily Paul.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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Now, the ONE thing I (absolutely) hate about our time:


(Starts after the first comma and ends with the period)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

3 things I hate about Daily Paul





What I hate most:

1. People that post Onion news - I really hate Onion "News"

2. People that downvote or try to disqualify conspiracy theory. Most conspiracy theories are facts not theories.

3. People that discredit Rand Paul - if you don't like Rand then hit the road fukkstix!

I agree with number 3

Rand is a politician and by definition needs to be strategic to be effective and accepted. He has to play the game sometimes.... At least until elected prez...can you imagine a 2nd Paul administration.

I disagree with no. 3.. This

I disagree with no. 3..

This isn't a site dedicated to Rand Paul, so tell me why the people that don't follow behind him like cattle should leave??

I agree with 2 of your three.

I disagree with number two on your list - theorizing is for the philosophy forums - give me facts.

And those damn Onion videos - they're usually old news that happened so many months ago it doesn't matter anymore. Sheesh! Give me something new already!

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

The thing I hate about the DP

is that all are not treated equal, surely not a level playing field.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

caring about old news is sooo

caring about old news is sooo 2012.

I consider this

site pro Founding Fathers.... that is history.

History is repeating right now

It's newstainment /

It's newstainment / conspiratainment. If it were about learning, it would heavily involve old material. It isn't. The site has become about attention-grabbing headlines and time-wasting.

It's part of the illusion we operate under that whatever happened most recently is the most important. The media, even alternative media, encourage this illusion because they have to pump out headline after headline and convince you to be engaged.

"old news?"

Isn't that kinda conceptually equivalent to "military intelligence" or "jumbo shrimp?"

There are probably thousands, if not millions of places where you can look up old facts; I want to know what threats to our Liberty are being foisted on us TODAY.

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Thats not Daily Paul

thats just the culture we live in. But we don't have to succumb to it.

I love history!

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

hmmm . . .


maybe it's futile to know what is going on in the world today, or to TRY to know, since knowing may also be impossible--

I'm really positive today--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Recently, ...

Not too long ago, in some discussion group (maybe on DP - I wasn't paying that much attention) some guy was whining about a live broadcast of some sports game, where the announcer was reading off the ticker tape that was being sent from the booth in the stadium.

Some people are such whiners that if there's nothing to whine about, they'll make something up.

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I agree

but guess it is that cutting edge thrill thing(?)
Even a week or month ago, no one wants to partake even if there is a new revelation to a story.

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

I agree Chris, I think it

THREADS (Nuclear War)

Here's a movie I saw for the first time tonight. Has something to do with history. Very disturbing.

Um, it's an online news

Um, it's an online news paper, thus the "Daily" in the name of this website?

o yeah, your rite.

pleze disregard.

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I didn't mean to hurt your

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

You didn't, senior weisnick...

you hurt my sneblitch. It feels gerflunderfel.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.