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WE have arrived ( or at least I have )

I'll make this short

You all know the problems they seem to be endless.
The once great people of this land now stare into a box that tells them what to drink wear eat and how to feel about anything and everything. Our representatives seem to think they are our leaders instead of our servants and act accordingly without giving it a second thought and WE THE SHEEPLE seem to go along with it. Rights are turned into privileges and striped from us at the drop of a hat.

Now, if your principles dictate independence, then war is the only way. It has come to that

I am now on a 48 hour pass to get the lay of the land as it were
Let's hope all hope is not lost. I seem to think the peoples of these unites states seem to prefer the calm sea of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty

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War is the wrong answer-until

War is the wrong answer-until you are attacked violently using violence is the wrong answer.


Liberty = Responsibility