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Young Americans For Liberty and Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments

<<<"I checked out the www.YALiberty.org website and found that Young Americans For Liberty claims 125,000 student activists on over 400 campuses! That far exceeds the number of activists at SFL which only needs 3 people to start a campus affiliate and has 930 such affiliates or chapters.

Those who know me from my posts here realize that when I see a number like 125K, especially young intelligent college kids who are reading about the Constitution, free market economics, the moral basis for Capitalism, i start to calculate the potential exponential growth. 250K, 500K 1Million. That is so utterly achievable in a matter of a few weeks or months. Then 2M, 4M, 8M, 16M in a few more months! Then 32M, 64M, 128M, 250M. Then imagine them asking those who are running for office at the state legislative level where they stand on the Liberty Amendments?

This is so utterly plausible in your lifetime within the next few years, maybe a year or two! Do ask anyone running for office at the State Legislative level where he or she stands on The Liberty Amendments! Ask young high school or college kids you meet if they have heard of Young Americans for Liberty!

We don't have to reach those who are collecting a check from the government to accomplish this. Just college kids generation after generation with new young people entering each year all across the country, and remember, the world.

This kind of movement might empower the younger generation from every culture who might be able to influence those cultures to give up their superstitions.

It is here now, The books exist. The philosophy exists. THe movement exists. It will grow with or without you. You will have opportunities to tell people you meet just as I do.
Each day. I found Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments in Walmart for just $14.

IT is very good news to those I make aware of this happening. I was thanked by a co worker today for making him aware of the existence of both the YAL numbers and The Liberty Amendments book and the ideas behind it. That the second process for amending the Constitution was placed there by founders who wanted an option in the event that the central government they were creating over themselves ever became oppressive. I believe that George Mason of Virginia advocated for it to be included so the states would have recourse in case of an oppressive central government such as we now have.

Just as our own government has become oppressive. We are not ignorant frogs in water that is being warmed up to a boil. We are aware of the violations of the oath of office of the politicians in Congress, the Senate, The White House and in the Supreme Court. We know the direction the country is heading in. We sense it is unstoppable but now we know how it can be stopped and the Founders vision restored. The process has begun.

Ayn Rand's books are part of the process as are those of von Mises, Tom Woods, Andrew Napolitano, George Reisman, Lysander Spooner, Jacob Hornberger, Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard and so many others being read by the youngsters already in the movement. Not to mention Mark Levin and his The Liberty Amendments and G. Edward Griffin's The Creature From Jekyll island.">>>

Go to www.YALiberty.org whose latest numbers are 125,000 young college activists. Imagine how relatively easy it is to go from that many activists to one million and then for them to go on as they recruit others from those college youngsters who share our concerns about the growth of government beyond the limits envisioned by the founders.

This is happening now and will continue until we succeed.

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if you value your freedom and hope to live in a free country...

then it becomes obvious that certain conditions must prevail.

Try as they did to secure our individual liberty the Founders were not explicit enough. The power lusters managed to exploit the weaknesses by using sophistry. A clause meant to prevent barriers to trade became justification to impose regulations on all business and agriculture whether involved in interstate trade or not.

That is why it is necessary to have an enlightened populace before it would be possible to have The Liberty Amendments proposed and passed by three quarters of the State legislatures.

After all most of the legislators at the state level are advocates of intervention and in favor of the programs of New Deal which enables them to ignore the Constitution now.

It doesn't make any sense to push for a convention to propose Constitutional amendments until the ideas of Mises, Rothbard, Hazlitt, Bastiat, Reisman, Paul, Ayn Rand and others, are widely known and understood.

If those chosen to be representatives of the state legislatures are advocates of the status quo it would not succeed. If they are advocates of more statist ideas it would just make matters worse. In order for such an endeavor to be consistent with the vision of the Founders and in keeping with individual freedom and limited government that would require widespread awareness and understanding of the morality of Capitalism and the efficacy of the free market.

The existence of Young Americans For Liberty and Students For Liberty and Campaign For Liberty and their growth with the potential for exponential growth might just create that basis for success in a few years, if we even have that much time.

It is an enormous job but could be done with the help of the internet and the efforts of these student activists in the colleges and high schools.

I keep mentioning the potential for exponential growth because it is such a powerful tool. Check out the Crash Course video on the subject at www.peakprosperity.com


No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

Mark Levine

Will always be what he is. A slimmy bottom sucking liar traitor to the USA. He thinks some may forget but I will never forget.

Big mouth Levine threw this country under the bus now has the evil boldness to come out with a book for liberty and the constitution. Shilled his life playing for his masters the tune of the left right 2 party lie. Now he and his masters are perplexed to get on the liberty boat but trust this the only reason Levine wants on is to please his masters when he puts holes in the boat.

THeif and liar.


It is inspiring to know that there is a way to become a limited

Constitutional Republic again in the near future.

I appreciate all the responses to my initial post. Most had nasty things to say about Mark Levin. I was unaware that he was one who opposed Ron Paul which is disturbing to me because I wanted Ron Paul to be treated with the respect he deserves. I supported the endeavor to send delegates to Tampa here in MA in what was Romney's district where we won. After becoming aware of the way the GOP leadership dealt with Ron Paul's delegates I lost respect for the GOP. Their fear of Ron Paul and his message, which they would not allow him to voice at the Tampa convention, not even for the fifteen minutes to which he was entitled, ultimately cost them the election. The GOP alienated Ron Paul supporters in numbers sufficient to make the difference in the outcome. It would be fair to say that I hate them.

WHatever role Mark Levin may have played in all that is not entirely irrelevant. But his book The Liberty Amendments is on the Best Seller Lists in first or second place yesterday. I have a copy I bought at Walmart which I have read. He does show that there is a way to amend the Constitution through the State legislatures which does not involve the Congress or the President at all. Levin does consider that all three branches of the federal government are engaging in supporting unconstitutional actions and have become oppressive as anticipated by the Anti-Federalists when the country was founded.

Fortunately George Mason advocated to have this was of amending the Constitution included in Article V so there is a way open to freedom loving advocates of individual liberty to restore the Republic. That is the important point regardless of Mark Levin being the one who drew this to our attention. He sounds serious to me in his advocacy of this being accomplished and sounds sincere in wanting it to happen.

The crucial question is how can this be accomplished. There are so many people who get a check from the government that it is unlikely many would support this endeavor. Many are government employees and members of the union of such employees. Keep in mind that the US Post office is authorized in Article 1 Section 8 explicitly.

The Liberty Amendments book deals with eleven proposed amendments but they are only his opinions and are subject to alteration as the process matures. There is a long way to go before any agreement would be reached among the state legislatures.

Now I also was thrilled to know that the YAL numbers 125,000 student activists. I don't know any of them and I am not sure what they are all reading and learning about. I assume it is a mix of economics of the Austrian school, von Mises and Murray Rothbard... see www.mises.org then under literature where all their books are online for free!

I know that the atlas society has allied with students for liberty SFL and there is a network of organizations. We know that SFL has regional conventions each year in growing numbers 18 last year with speakers. With the internet it is possible to enlighten the populace quickly.

The trick will be to see if people from this movement can be elected to state legislatures in enough states to call for a convention to propose amendments. It would require two thirds of the states to make that happen and then three quarters of the state legislatures to adopt and ratify amendments.

Worth doing.

Read the best selling book and see for yourself despite your aversion to Mark Levin for his role in derailing Ron Paul. Take it our of the library.

Let is restore the limited constitutional republic for our children and grandchildren.


No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

Levin wouldn't know what libery is if it smacked him in the

face. I hate it when statists use the word liberty. This is how the meaning of words can get twisted.

Get back to me when Levin adds Smedley Butler's Peace

Amendment to his list.


I won't be holding my breath.

Thanks for the link!

Thanks for the link!

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

Who elects the

Who elects the representatives for a Con Con? This question isn't necessarily for me, since I already know the answer but it is a question everybody who is suggesting a Con Con should know the answer to. The answer is why a Con Con is a very bad idea; that, and the fact that the first order of business is to vote on Rules which means that the Con Con participants could throw out the current Constitution in its entirety and I highly doubt that, if they did throw out the Constitution, it would be because they are a bunch of Voluntaryists.

You act as if...

You act as if the constitution grants us our rights...

First I would like to suggest

First I would like to suggest that you answer the question which I have posed in my comment which you responded to. Your comment is of no particular intellectual justification; you are grasping at straws.

The Constitution doesn't grant us our rights, the Constitution affords us the ability to identify and point out the transgressions of the government to those who would otherwise just give the government a pass on all of its actions; not that the vast majority of people really want to see and or accept the transgressions of their government, but by having Rules in place which the government consistently breaks does give us -the liberty initiative- the greater argument and therefore it is better than having a room full of statists voting to take away the written justification for people's complaints against the government.

Bunch of ignorant cry babies.

Bunch of ignorant cry babies. I don't like Levin, but I'm not going to throw the baby out with the bath water. If someone has a good idea we should at least embrace them on that issue. I don't like Kucinich, he is a socialist douche, but there are some issues I agree with him on. It appears many of you people are more concerned about maintaining enemies as opposed to creating and establishing alliances - maybe you're just more comfortable that way.

I don't know Levin or his motives, but there was a time that I had not awoken to the truth as well. I'm not saying he has but if he is bringing other people to question the establishment, well I'm ok with that.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."


This is not an exclusive club that black balls people forever. Levin can be wrong 1000 times. When he is right, is is crazy not to listen. He does not seem the type to ever acknowledge past mistakes, and i despise his role in undermining the liberty movement in the past. But we need a plan of action, not just witty back and forth on websites, Anyone who brings fresh ideas, I will listen to.

People like Paul and Levin should be talking and seeking common ground. The enemy are many, and very adept at manipulating the ignorant masses. If those who can agree on 75% of what confronts us don't come together and seek understanding and union, we all go down.

It seems to me Mark Levin

is starting to realize that he won't be taken into the underground bunkers with the powers that be when the chit hits the fan. Him and Hannity got a little bit heated at eachother the other day. Mark Levin was riding the gravy train this whole time throwing us under the bus and may be starting to realize he is gonna be under the bus with us all. Look at all the republicans now showing their true democratic colors these days. I don't trust Mark Levin, now will I ever but then again the vice is tightening and we are going further down the spiral to total fascism. The cockroaches are scattering cause the light has been turned on. Fake republicans are becoming more openly democrat, so there is definitely some kind of shift going on. Chris Christie and Marco Rubio are very good examples of this.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

galtgulch you should know better


You've been a member of the forum for almost 6 years. Weren't you paying attention to how the "Grate One" (as Tom DiLorenzo calls him) did everything he could to disparage Dr. Paul. How can a so-called originalist or strict contructionist denigrate the man with the hands down best Constitutional voting record in the past 100 yrs, if not ever?

The guy's a joke. He worked in the Reagan Justice Department under Ed Meese. Not only is he pro-war, he is wrong on Presidential War Powers. See Tom Woods' and Kevin Gutzman's takedown of him on the Mike Church show.

He's your typical establishment conservative who pretends he's not because he criticizes Republicans who are even more establishment that he is.

He boycotted CPAC because the Birch Society had a table there. As a libertarian, I have my disagreements with the Birch Society but nobody can claim that they are not a solid pro-Constitution organization.

Mark Levin = Liberty Co-Op

If you really care about the future of the liberty movement then you will stop aligning it with crypto neocon dbags like mark levin who did everything in his power to derail the momentum of the Paul campaign in favor of the establishment and their big govt constitutionally adverse candidate mittens romney. He should plug his book on newsmax or some other establishment whorehouse. Levin is a friend of liberty in rhetoric only. Let him peddle his dirty smut elsewhere.

...not to mention his ideas on a constitutional convention are asinine and dangerous.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Mark Levin will always be a

Mark Levin will always be a schill, his new book can go to hell

Hey Watch It Buddy :)

....think you mean Shill.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb