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The Real Purpose Of Nsa Spying? Ultimate Insider Trading, and total financial MONOPOLY.

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That one quote really summed it up

We know what the problem is, we know how to fix it, but we don't know how to get reelected if we do.

NSA paid millions to cover

NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies

• Top-secret files show first evidence of financial relationship
• Prism companies include Google and Yahoo, says NSA
• Costs were incurred after 2011 Fisa court ruling


So, is it really this easy to take over a country and get it's people to work to enslave their neighbors, all the while putting themselves into slavery? LOL

Of course it is with a funny money system that puts everybody out of a PRODUCTIVE job, and a media that tells them ONLY what the money interests want.

What if "you" could beat any market trader to any buy or sell.

In the Sting the mark doesn't know his bets are being watched.

Free includes debt-free!


I admit to not having watched either video yet but my first instinct says blackmail.

Things like congressman, "we know who you are sleeping with when you aren't with your wife", Senator, "we know what you are watching on the internet"., Judge "we know what movies you watched on cable last month".

Now we expect that you will vote this way or rule in favor of our position.

This is the real reason that they hated Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul. Couldn't ever blackmail him because he is a man of giant integrity!


and blackmail.
The REAL reasons.
We are talking MONEY and POWER.. not terrorism.
Militant Corporatism via espionage.
Fascism on steroids...
This IS the NSA.

In addition

to stealing and controlling emerging science, technology, etc., by stealing it before companies can get them to market. Total domination over any competitor in any market.

The ENTIRE Financial Complex

The ENTIRE Financial Complex depends on the NSA dragnet
Master Card
All online banking systems
Payment processors
Mega Banks (Fed Shareholders)
The list is almost infinite

The truth is if the NSA dragnet went away many of us would be severely inconvenienced. Fraud would be overwhelming to the point that doing business over the web would be almost impossible.

You Make A Great Point

The NSA is probably also behind every case of identity theft and e-fraud. So if congress threatened to cut their funding, the NSA would likely retaliate against US citizens. It's another way for the elites to punish and coerce the population.

Are we not,

already, severely inconvenienced?

Is fraud not currently overwhelming?

Is the web our only option?

hold on tiger

I'm just stating true facts.

I'm not pro 1984.

There are vast numbers of businesses and individuals who depend on the web being highly trace-able otherwise the 'authorities' would not be able to track down global scam networks.

It's not about terror. It's about keeping corporate losses down and protecting confidence in web commerce.

I guess you could invent the Daily Paul using Morse code...


How would we survive, otherwise? ;D~

Did you answer any of the questions, Tiger?

You're a new comer (less than 5 yrs...) But I'll answer anyway

Q: Are we not already, severely inconvenienced?
A: Amazon ships my dog's food to my house automatically cheaper than I can buy it at the store who raises prices aggressively because it's a hot item. I don't run out. I don't have to deal with going to the store and finding it out of stock. I don't have to feel like I'm being screwed on price. Apply this to at least two dozen goods and services I buy each month. i.e. monthly utility bills etc.

Q: Is fraud not currently overwhelming?
My experience has been fraud free. I have reputable companies (Pay Pal, Click Bank etc) between me and online merchants. They protect me against fraud because they bring a presence of public accountability to the transactions.

Q:: Is the web our only option?
1. In MY case I would not be able to run my trading business without the web.
2. I would not have access to real time price data and breaking news.
3. I would not be able to execute trades @ sub-second speed.
4. I would not be able to earn the kind of living that allows me to;

a) Stay off the roads at rush hour and/or travel for business
b) Make a very significant income
c) Stay off the cell phone (I went from 3,000 min/mo to 150)
d) Start at 5am and be done by 10:30am.
e) Send money from my brokerage account - request a wire by noon and have it in my bank before 3pm

So yes, as a 62 y.o. who wants to live life the web gives me tremendous freedom that I could not otherwise experience.

As a regional bankster I used to travel 5,000 miles a month, constantly on the phone, subject to ground and air travel delays (stress).
I had to deal with a wardrobe, meals on the road, parking tickets, idiot drivers and chauffeurs, tarmac torture and imprisonment and cash flow issues.

I'm sure that post is interesting

But, the condescension in the opening line compels me to move on to other reading.

good luck


I was joking...

I didn't watch either video,

I didn't watch either video, maybe I will later. But just wanted to comment about this topic. NSA spying and insider trading makes a lot of sense. Same as how the military industrial complex uses wars to make people rich, with insider trading they can make people rich without the need to deal with all the negatives of war. It's done in secret, nobody knows about it and people do not end up getting killed in wars... but the perpetrators still get rich. Seems like the perfect scam with the technology available to spy on everyone everywhere.


Even though I posted the article.

I didn't need to watch them as well. Thanks for the bump.


I just bookmarked Nefarium, thanks. I've been a Keiser regular for years and have probably blogged there more than here actually, but I've been away from Max for months and watching him today here interviewing Catherine♥ (my all time favorite) is quite a spike in the arm...

Thanks for the bump John

I ran across Fitts in the mid-2000's. Keiser sometime later, and only in the last year Joseph Farrell. What is so cool is they all have expertise in certain areas and they are all talking together now and sharing what they know.

I'd heard Catherine talking about break away civilizations for some time and the term seems to have come from Farrell who has been researching the subject in earnest for years.

And they all know the role of the funny money game. And they all agree that the game can only survive by deception.

Bump for the

afternoon crowd