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Syrian government claims it found chemical weapons in rebel tunnels

If true, this could make it quite inconvenient for the US to wage war against Syria.


The Syrian government has said it has discovered chemical agents in tunnels in Damascus after the killing of hundreds of Syrians in a suspected chemical weapons attack on Wednesday.

Syrian state television said government soldiers found chemical agents in rebel tunnels in the Damascus suburb of Jobar on Saturday and some of the troops were suffocating.

"Army heroes are entering the tunnels of the terrorists and saw chemical agents," state television quoted a source as saying. "In some cases, soldiers are suffocating while entering Jobar."

"Ambulances came to rescue the people who were suffocating in Jobar," the broadcaster said, adding that an army unit was preparing to storm the suburb where rebels fighting to oust the president, Bashar al-Assad, are based.


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I hope Syria gets those bastards.

1080p or it didn't happen. HQ video cameras are so cheep these days, everyone should have one in their pocket.

You find the source of things like a chemical weapons attack, you HQ video it and upload it to the internet quickly.

It's funny how this article's headline

It's funny how this article's headline and focus at the Guardian has drifted from the Syrians finding evidence of rebel gas weapons, to the march of war.

The last thing I would trust,

is a report from a UN inspector.

It's not the UN making the claim

It's not the UN making the claim, it's the Syrian government.

The UN hasn't inspected the site where the attacks took place yet.

I of course was refering to the quotes in the article you posted

"The UN high representative for disarmament affairs, Angela Kane, arrives in Damascus, Syria, to press for access to the site of Wednesday’s suspected chemical weapons attack. Photograph: Hassan Ammar/AP"

or their estimation of the

or their estimation of the truth, sorry, but thats how much trust they get, if they cant ractify or even acknowledge the harm they caused by claiming wmd's in iraq, how can we expect them to learn from their mistakes, how can we expect that it wont happen again.......the truth is failed regardless of what side the coin lands

And then there is the thought that their was no mistake, that they saw nothing wrong, that, that is one of the few things that would actually explain their completely utter lack of attempt to RACTIFY things......as in, "the puzzle seems to fit"