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Jesus was crucified on a chestnut tree

Jesus was crucified on a chestnut tree

It was the hardest wood found in the area of the Roman Empire

Why I say this truth to you?

So just you know for many seasons
I was selling hot roasted chestnuts in Vancouver
Food prepared with Love
Food blessed with Love

One man told me

You can't change the world you can only change yourself

I told him
I can change the world

They called me the Polish Prince
I am the Prince of Peace
All wars will stop because of my aflamed fingertips
My aflamed hands


I dedicate this poem to Barack Obama.
Peace Brother!

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Material proof

I really get a good laugh out of these individuals on here that say they don't believe in God or Jesus Christ because there is no physical proof. Hmmmm how exactly can we as humans in a physical world prove the exsistance of a spiritual being? That is the real question. Anybody using 10% of their brain should understand that science and physics is limited. Who ignited the Big Bang, who created the laws of physics? Until DP takes away anonymous post their will always be trolls on here and other sites doing their best to ignite emotional responses.

-Leon Warrior

Mark of the Beast?....
Oh, theres an app for that.

Fairytale, period.

zero, zero, zero stories in the catholic bible are literal. And if you think you don't read a catholic are retarded.


If you could go ahead and learn some history that would be great, there are enough stupid people in the world we don't need any more.

"I was born under a wandering star."

-- Ben Rumson
also: "You don't have to love thy neighbor, just leave the bastard alone."

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued

For you LL, "God's Own Fool"

So come lose your life for a carpenter's son,
for a madman Who died for a dream.
Then you'll have the faith His first followers had,
and you'll feel the weight of the beam.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

My Neighbors Grandma

told me she use to wipe her butt with a corncob.

all bears do that. those

all bears do that. those charmin ultra commercials are full of sh1t.

Bear goes up to a rabbit

And says hey does shit stick to your fur. Rabbit says yea. Bear wipes ass with rabbit

Not true, but some of us here have heads full of sh*t

My neighbor is the pig who built his house out of straw. Howdy, neighbor :)

and then Jesus DIED and was BURIED

and YOU have brainwashed yourself into actually believing that a man that was buried underground for 3 days, magically arose from the dead and came back to life.

Any who continue to promote this abominable deception upon the young and simple minded, have little more excuse for their conduct than any other class of swindler or cheat. The entire story is an absurdity.

A talking snake, a virgin giving birth and remaining a virgin? What is it that allows so many people to believe such utter nonsense?

Because of fools like Tertullian

..and that general mindset: Credo quia absurdum (i.e. "I believe because it is absurd")

"The Son of God was crucified: there is no shame, because it is shameful.
And the Son of God died: it is wholly credible, because it is unsuitable.
And, buried, He rose again: it is certain, because impossible."

The phrase is sometimes associated[3] with the doctrine of fideism, that is, "a system of philosophy or an attitude of mind, which, denying the power of unaided human reason to reach certitude, affirms that the fundamental act of human knowledge consists in an act of faith, and the supreme criterion of certitude is authority."


i am no fan of tertullian,

i am no fan of tertullian, but this applies equally well to the big bang and quantum physics, bear in mind.

Of course if there are any "scientists"

that try to justify the big bang or quantum physics because they think the theories are absurd (not because they are trying to explain observations), then of course they are not practicing science, and then would be similar to Tertullian.

whatever the case may be,

whatever the case may be, they are still affirming logical absurdities. it may not be strictly science, but it is definitely an ideology closely aligned with modern science, which puts forward absurdities as necessary. pretty much all the popular spokesmen for materialism put forward the claim that existence and the laws of physics emerged uncaused from nothing, and do so with all the solemnity of a high priest, without even letting slip a smirk to indicate that this actually explains nothing and answers no fundamental questions, any more than tertulians trinity.

and the deeper they dig, the less their findings accord in any way with the logical structure of the mind that is doing the digging. scientific investigation ends up with absurdities no less striking in their logical impossibility than any tenets of a Mystery cult.

and that solemn pretense that there is no mystery there, that Progress of Science will square the circle, is as much a faith as the faith of Tertullian, if reached in a more roundabout way.

excellent comment

the deeper they dig, the more of a hole they find themselves in.

Big Bang, may be

Not quantum physics, brother. That is the most verified theory in the history of mankind.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu

whether or not what you say

whether or not what you say is true, it is no less absurd.

I thought gravity was the most

verified theory of mankind. I mean even 6 month old kids test that theory :D

what you are talking about is not the theory of gravity

I seriously doubt a 6 month old could verify the inverse square law.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu

when they are learning to walk

they definitly discover something is making them fall down. They cant do the math. But that is irrelevint for the discovery of a theory.

people believe it cause its true.

and I plan on teaching about a hundred young people about this tomorrow. I hope several come to the saving knowledge of Christ and learn to love their Bibles as much as I love mine.

Prepare to explain yourself

when some of those young people learn to judge truth from falsehoods.

Destroying young minds with false stories of talking snakes

and other ludacris superstitutions is child abuse. If religion was real you would NOT have to TEACH anyone about it...people would experience the holy spirit on their own. What you will be doing tomorrow is indocrinating young minds with a bunch of nonesense. You should THINK before you do things that harm children. Religion, JUST LIKE THE STATE, is a dangerous superstitution that was created by man to CONTROL man. There is now so much information available at our fingertips that figuring out the truth about religion is not very hard anymore. Its hard to deal with the fact we have been scammed for so long but it only takes a couple months before that pain goes away...and boy looking back you feel so stupid to have ever bought into it in the first place. I got a similar feeling in the pit of my stomach when I learned 9/11 was not what we were told. I used to trust our government but now its clear that they lie about damn near everything. So too do the religous scammers.

Phxarcher87's picture

Ben Swann

Tells it like it is!

James Madison

You are right.

I've said it more than once. If you are a popular/mainstream christian and think you are for freedom, you are blind. More likely a fraud. Most likely a very shallow thinker.

The Bath Water May Be Dirty

But don't toss the infant with the bath water. You must also realize there is a free market for lies and people adept at lie marketing are only giving people what they asked for.

A carrot may be healthier than chocolate, but sometimes people just want candy. What would happen if an old lady shoved a carrot in the face of a child attempting to buy a candy bar at the local store?

You know who agrees with you

The catholic church during the dark ages. They used to burn people at the stake for teaching their children the ten commandments and the Lord's prayer.

Communist Russia. They used to imprison people who taught their children about the Bible and then put their kids in an orphanage.

Communist Romania. They imprisoned anyone who taught any children about the Bible. They would arrest parents and throw kids out on the street and if anyone helped out the children of Christians they would loose their job. One arrest of note was when they found out a young woman was teaching children the Bible, they new she was getting married in a few weeks so they waited to her wedding day and once she said I do they burst in and arrested her. She was in prison for three years, and they told her family she was dead trying to get her husband to marry someone else. The book tortured for Christ has a lot of other stories about those who suffered teaching Children the truth about God's Word.

Communist china still does not allow kids to learn about the Bible even in state run churches.

Why dont you ask yourself why none of these institutions want any children to hear about the Bible.

"The catholic church during

"The catholic church during the dark ages. They used to burn people at the stake for teaching their children the ten commandments and the Lord's prayer."

can you back that up with a citation? if you do so, i will not consider you a fool. thnx.


I don't know of the church directly burning anyone, though state actors eliminated all kinds of people using religion as a cover.

If John Kerry says we're bombing Syria for Christ, does that statement reflect back on the church or just John Kerry?