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Deputy Kills Veteran Mistaking Him for Burglar - Becoming Too Common


Just noticed this browsing around. A 22 year old sheriff deputy shot and killed a 20 year veteran in his garage doing a property check after some burglaries had been reported. The way it's reported is the typical "no big deal" here attitude. The poor victim, age 68, was also into ham radios, helping the Boy Scouts, and a retiree of the postal service. You know the type, all American. As always, the assailant is on a paid vacation. This happened in Blount County

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Paid vacation is the consequence for committing murder

People ask 'when will it end,' but sadly it will end only when there's no one left for the cops to murder. I don't see one iota of pushback against this terrifying trend coming from anyone but victims' families.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Cops are not responsible gun owners

..at least not when they're on duty. Why? because they know they won't be held accountable for their actions. So quick to point a firearm at everything and everybody.

The gun club in my town is frequented by lots of off-duty cops. They're mostly good, personable people who handle their firearms safely, but as soon as they put on their spiffy little uniforms? They all turn into animals who care zero about anyone who isn't dressed like them. Even saying "hi" to one of them once they have the uniform on is met with a cold stare and a "go fuck yourself" look.

The worst part? This 'change' seems to happen very quickly. A neighbor's kid started being a cop about 2 months ago, and he's already turning into your average cocky, power hungry thug who waves his gun around like it were his pecker.

Also came across this...interesting read.

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It's funny but if the

It's funny but if the homeowner shot and killed a burglar in his home, he/she would be charged with murder or manslaughter,but if a trespasser kills the homeowner, he/she is on paid leave.

Well police are a lot more

Well police are a lot more important then regular people so they shouldn't have to worry about being held accountable for murding people in their own homes. What's most important for police is being able to make it home after a shift of hurting people and to keep collecting that fat tax payer cheese.

Any investigation certainly

Any investigation certainly needs to center around the alleged handgun found at the scene. This country has far too many trigger-happy cops. Maybe, this cop should have informed residents in the area about his presence BEFORE snooping around private property.