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Liberty Crier: Feds Force Armored Car Companies To Stop Servicing The Cannabis Industry

Feds Force Security And Armored Car Companies To Stop Servicing The Cannabis Industry

Oakland, Calif. – On the heels of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s endorsement of medical cannabis, and Eric Holder’s speech advocating reform of the War on Drugs, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency has informed security and armored car services that they can no longer render services to state-legal cannabis providers, including the country’s largest model cannabis dispensary, Harborside Health Center in Oakland and San Jose, California. This desperate and reckless attempt to stem the tide of change poses grave risks to medical cannabis patients and the general public alike. According to the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), dispensaries in Colorado have also been targeted. However, they have decided not to release their individual identities, due to security concerns. Other California dispensaries have also been affected.


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Why are the feds casing MMJ dispensaries

Feds Order Armored Car Co’s Not to Deal With Legal Marijuana Money
Posted on September 2, 2013

Coming right on the heels of assitang AG Jame’s Cole letter claiming the feds would not interfere in states legal marijuana. It now appears that the feds have ordered armored car companies to not handle cash for legal marijuana businesses in these states.

This is on top of previously ordering banks not to allow legal medical marijuana businesses to have bank accounts, ordering credit card companies to deny them credit or the ability to accept credit in their businesses, and the IRS insisting that normal business expenses are not tax deductible because the business in federally illegal (but of course, in so doing, demanding an even greater cut of the profits they concider illicit).

But hey- maybe that IS the Feds intention- to force the creation of oppurtunities for violence and crime surrounding cannabis so they can point to the crime they helped create as why it is abad idea.


Legal Pot Sellers Say Armored-Car Companies Halt Service

“In Colorado, one of our larger members told us that the DEA told their armored-car provider they couldn’t provide services,” he said. “As you can imagine, no one who is being put in a situation where they have to have large amounts of cash unsecured is going to want their name in the paper.”

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libertycrier.com isn't

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Feds are smart they need more crime to survive!

now the risk for transportation of legal money and drugs just blew out the roof.

The Feds cant stop legal armed car carriers but they can make their life easier by stopping individuals.

imagine that legal pot dealers have their own security...the feds don't like competition!

abolish the DEA?


nope, rand believes in

nope, rand believes in state/fed over individual rights, business as usual.

Ron Paul 2016

That bridge was built

out of what, exactly?