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It's War! US & UK Plan Retaliation for Syrian False Flag Gas Attack

The US has a long history of disasters that conveniently fit into an existing US plan to start a war.

In 1898, the battleship Maine conveniently exploded in Havana harbor, allowing the Spanish American War to begin.

In 1915, the passenger ship Lusitania, despite many warnings of German U-Boats in the area, set sail for the US and was promptly sunk. After the 1916 election, Woodrow Wilson, who ran on the platform of "he kept us out of the war," took us to war.

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In The Past

In the past, our government was better able to control the narrative. Even just a few years ago this was the case. I'm more than a little embarrassed to admit that I originally supported the invasion of Iraq (and voted for Bush twice). But can the elites keep doing this when absolutely nobody believes their depiction of events?

Would it have worked to burn the Reichstag if the German population knew that the Nazis had done it? I think not. I'm not sure what the elites will do when they realize they've been caught. Will they declare war on the American people? Will the military, or the police carry out orders to kill and imprison the American people?

I used to wonder what it might have been like for people living in Germany prior to WWII. But I no longer have to imagine, we are now fully there. I think we are witnessing events planned by the elites to bring about WWIII. God help us all.

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See also:

See also:

Obama and Cameron agree on Syrian Military Strike


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It will be

interesting to see how Russia, China and Iran respond. Could get mighty sporty.

Someone once said that "Government is like sausage. If you saw

what really went in to making it, you wouldn't want it."

I am beginning to wonder when government has EVER been honest with us.

It certainly seems that government is made up of am elite club the makes up "reality" in order to make us sheep do whatever suits them. And it seems that like an old sausage recipe that works every time, so does this.

THREADS (Nuclear War)

I hope it goes nuclear and looks like this movie. At least the banksters and their families would be killed too.

I'd really prefer it went tax

I'd really prefer it went tax refund.

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America will deserve freedom when the people are willing

to once again understand it and die for it.

Asking for a tax refund is pretty lame.

And I'm no advocating violence.